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Great work and good idea! :)

i bought the previous version why was it removed, then this one added? its the same script?

Document Viewer is a separate plugin and it’s still available. Please check my portfolio

Hi, nice script. can this be integrated into php to view pdf docs store in MySql database?

Thanks :) It’s Javascript/jQuery plugin, so it can theoretically be integrated into any back end language/framework as long as you know what you’re doing

Will be great if add a few options: 1) Responsive 2) Office Pack reader as word, power point etc. Regards!

Sadly, office documents will not be added.

I bought this version: is this one, a added? its the same script or what is the difference?

Document viewer is for displaying one document and document library is for displaying multiple documents, with built in search, filtering, several display types, etc…

Hello. Does the script support directories and subdirectories for the documents?

You pass an array of file names into the plugin on initialization. You can certainly pass in files from several different directories and sub-directories, but there’s no built in folder navigation in the plugin. It just displays a list of files that you send to it.

anyway to disable the filter options? say if i only want to list pdfs, so no point in filtering the items for video, txt, etc

full screen option need. And more doc file types

Can the “save image as” or download feature be disabled? So pdf can only be viewed

hi, script looks ver interesting… is there also the possibility to implement something like a “delete” button for deleting the entry from my mysql library with php?

is it possible to have a download function so the user is able to download the document once they have viewed it?


Is it possible to see the thumbnails ones the pdf is open? I need this so that the user can directly go to the page he is looking for.

Thanks and best regards,


Hello…I tried to print your doc that is on your site and it only shows I can print the first page and 20% of the second page. I got confused because I can see the entire 14 page doc when I go page by page. THANK YOU Susan

is there any ways to list the youtube videos…

how to add ‘zoom’ and download buttons for Pdfs?