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Good luck with selling! :)

Thanks for appreciating us.

hi nice job its is possible to translate in french

Of course.It’s easy & possible. We need couple of hours.Please contract our technical team.Skype: bdtask

Esse sistema tem idioma português Brasil?

O site pode ser alterado a cor?

Sim. Você pode mudar a cor ea língua. Verifique por favor a versão da demonstração.


there are any admin or patient management features.in demo only show doctor and assistant.

Thanks for your Comment. Could you please check our full system. there have patient appointment, prescription and API Support at any CMS and many more…..

Greetings, I want to congratulate the legancia the script, but I have some questions, Does the system work for multiple doctors? Is the main administration also has access to all as agendas? Is the system allows the physician to validate the patient’s resistance to the appointment? and establish you ultimo.hay form a commission to each physician by appointment fulfilled?

Thanks for your comments & interest to our product.It’s a single doctor script.When it multiple doctor,it sense like a hospital or clinic. We are going to introduce that system very soon.Hopefully within this month.

Commission is depends on doctor or hospital. We just added representative option .Doctor can track how many appointment comes throw the representative .

Hello interested in this but let me know when you have for multiple doctors. That is doctors from different hospital can login to access and prescribe for patients.

We actually develop it for personal doctor and prescription.

I’ll be looking forward to that multiple doctor script. additionally, please add patient historical data that includes his previous doctor’s appointment, diagnosis, prescription given etc.,

on the doctors dashboard, please medicine generic, brand etc., in this way once the patient comes in for a checkup , doctor can just assign/add meds to the patient history so the next time the doctor opens his file, all data are there.

and the front-end should have quick add appointment for the patients.

Please keep on check our profile. We already submit multiple doctor managing system with lots of option with another product. Hopefully, it will introduce within 2-3 days.

have a prescription option and calendar (agenda) ?

Yes.Please check the demo version.

Hi I check admin demo version , we are interested in your system , Just we need some customization 1-prescription creation workflow as to show all available medicine filter by group , company then doctor can multiple select , add notes for each then proceed to save 2- add active , inactive level for medicine based on availability 3- Bulk (Import / Export) for medicine

awaiting your kind reply .

thanks for your comment and requirements..what you ask us we may will do it at our next update taking more requiremnts but if you want to do it personally for you we can do it now by customization cost. Can you pls tell us which country you are from…?

waiting for your response.


hi thanks for fast reply , we are in Egypt kindly for customization cost and clarifications contact us at heshamghabbour@gmail.com Thanks

<prescription creation workflow> can add prescription for existing patient automatically? i mean for existing user can auto fill the basic info like name, phone number, age, etc

1. But, age and sex is still need to input manually. 2. can you add prescription history in patient list menu

prescription history already have in our system. please check the prescription list to view then right top of the prescription there have view History. At view history page there will have all previous prescription of patient….but still you need any customization as your demand then you have to pay us customization cost.


If user registered with age, sex then he will not need to write it…if you purchase it and pay customization cost then we can do it for you as requirements. otherwise you have to purchase our current system.


Hi there, Thank you for this amazing script. Q. When are you going to introduce the multiple doctor script?

It’s not possible to login to Admin Panel. Wrong credentials, or sometimes error appears:

I have checked and its working fine. There is no error.If you need any support ,please make us a knock to support@bdtask.com

I have checked and its working fine. There is no error.If you need any support ,please make us a knock to support@bdtask.com

I have checked and its working fine. There is no error.If you need any support ,please make us a knock to support@bdtask.com