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I understand but I need to know how it works and how it is the mail that you send to the mail. To be able to make the purchase.

you can set the email system from the admin panel. first when user will create registration and appointment he will get an confirmation email and if you want to send the sms you also can send sms after taking registration. and even you can send the email to the customer from your admin panel.I hope it make you sense.


can the id be the the current id of the person (instead of a generated id)? and the appointment can be a calendar i saw that you already had that plugin for wp..

do this allows multiple doctors? the user can login and saw their appointments?

If you need these all features you have to do customization by us. we do customization at very reliable price.if you need just inform us. Thanks

Hello the website is down ?

No.admin is ok and website ban be inactive from the admin panel.

No.admin is ok and website ban be inactive from the admin panel.

It sound nice but,

Functioning of some features not clear enough. Advisable to avoid obfuscation.

1. How SMS system works?

2. Can a visitor check the appointments from front panel in web? whether it is possible to make an appointment or whether already made etc….


Kind Regards

How to update? Should I replace the files via ftp? which file connect the database, so I can keep its backup?

We added lots of features at this update.It’s better if possible to update whole.If you are unable to update,please contract with our technical team.

I have contacted on Skype, but I have not received a reply there. Should I contact through email?

Skype: bdtask

Hello, First off all i am really like your app. I would like to ask before i buy your app. Can i use it for multi doctors appointment system? It is easy to customize it if i need something more?

Thank you in advace

why show this error Fatal error: Can’t use method return value in write context in C:\xampp\htdocs\doc\application\controllers\admin\Prescription_controller.php on line 292 A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Compile Error

Message: Can’t use method return value in write context

Filename: admin/Prescription_controller.php

Line Number: 292



Can you please install it at server and then show us the links.

Its Work Thank You

Your user log in link is broken , it says not correct credentials .

sent you a request again

What is your skype id?

is that your skype ID : Triple Cube Solutions

can i get a stand aloe system.i guess this is web based

You can use it as web based and local machine. Thanks


I want just to ask befor to buy it , is the Dachbord of the Patient in Doctor like the PHP Hospital or not !!

No…doctor panel is for DOctor and prescription and hospital is for managing full hospital. THanks


gurugrv Purchased

Can this be customized ? Is any part of the code encrypted ?


gurugrv Purchased

Is there an option to add a custom SMS gateway ?

we already added two SMS gateway.if you need extra SMS gateway we can do customization for you. just contact with our support team. skype : bdtask


gurugrv Purchased

sent you a request on skype.

I couldn’t connect mysql , it says ‘Host Name only alphabet, numbers and underscores may have ’ but I must have numbers in Host Name

Thankyou , immediate support good service

Hello, nice script Bro, 1-is there any account for admin,hospital,clinic,patient ? 2-is there any mobile apps ( android and IOS ) for this script? 3-if i ask for customization before buying, is there any additional charge ? 4-is there any blog for doctors,hospitals,clinics ? 5-is there a map for addresses ? can any doctor or hospital move the patient to another date with SMS and E-mail with the reason ? thanks a lot…. nice script but will be better after answered on those questions

Of Course that possible. Please contract with our technical team regarding customization Skype: bdtask