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Arttemtping to send message to patient = A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Trying to get property of non-object

Filename: controllers/message.php

Line Number: 68

Hello, The error is resolved now.

Is this a multi-doctor appointment which can be used by many doctors.

Yes, this is multi doctor appointment system

Access at demo admin and doctor are not working

Hello, I’ve updated the demo credentials now all those are working.

Both logins doesn’t work…

Hello, I’ve updated the demo credentials now all those are working.

both login not working

Hello, I’ve updated the demo credentials now all those are working.

I have just bought this item and am having trouble with the installation. I’ve followed all instructions but am not able to go beyond the “Register New Admin” screen. After I entered registration details and clicked the “Register” button, it took me to a blank page, and every page is blank now, even when I try to go back to the “Register New Admin” screen.


There may be some server configuration or version issue you can message me on for more personal support.


Adil 111111 and admin 123456 , do not work

Hello, I’ve updated the demo credentials now all those are working.

demo admin and doctor are not working.. Pleaseeee

Hello, I’ve updated the demo credentials now all those are working.

you don’t have a french version

No its not multilingual system

We will try to provide multilingual feature in coming update


Is it posible to translate the words to dutch by my self

yes you can do it by modifying some code, if you want we can help you in that. for detail mail us at

hi, 1. can i integrate this to an existing website e.g, joomla site?

2. can some functions be disabled through the admin panel?

3. are you free for custom work and how much will you charge per hour?

regards, Abisoye

Hello Abisoye,

1 and 2. Yes you can integrate site with your existing website and customize code also, but that requires programming knowledge.

3.Yes I am available for customization, for more details kindly mail me at


Please fix your access credentials. Thank you.

I have fixed the credentials


I have download this app but look like many file is missing here, for ex..

book_appointment Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)..

Can you please help me on this..

Thanks, DTL


I’ve checked and there are book appointment files available in folder. for more support kindly mail us at


I need an app for doctor and patient…

In patient account, while booking an appointment of doctor, no option to pick the doctor.

Hello, we are not working on mobile app. and for patient login: each patient is registered under a doctor and so patient can only make appointment to his/her doctor.


can you add SMS notification + agenda in you next update and thanks

Best Regards


sure we will try to implement SMS feature in future update, and what is agenda and which feature you want in that?


yeah thanks with sms notification that will be great thanks

Can you provide a short guide how the system works? Now when the assistant create patient the doctor not able to see the patient int the list.

Hello, There is user guide available for doctor scrip in package folder. and yes doctor can view patient which are created by assistant of that doctor.


Hi, I would like to find out if the application can do the following: 1. Disallow the patient to make if there is an appointment clash 2. Instead of showing just a calendar with with dates and times in the booking section, can it not show dates and ONLY available time slots?


Currently there is no functionality to avoid appointment clash at patient end, instead there is option for doctor/assistant to approve or disapprove the appointment according to available time slot.


Hi, I’ve purchased your nice script Doctor Management System, and I would translate it in italian for my customer. Which step should I follow? Thanks Alessandro

Another question: just installed and configured, but unable to create a new doctor! Please help!

Hello, Thanks for the appreciation. currently there is no feature for multilanguage in scrip, still if you want to translate in italian then you need to do that in code. if you need any further support kindly mail us at we will try to respond your queries as soon as possible.


Thanks, I’ve solved the problem of adding new user. I’ll drop you an email for the translation. Thanks

I’m trying the demo and seems that there is an issue with Greek characters. Can you fix this? Ex. Try generating an invoice with Greek letters and export it to pdf.

Hello, For Greek character issue try changing database table charset to utf-8, if still have issue kindly mail us at we will try to resolve that as soon as possible.

Hi everybody, I’m interested about this plugin. Which are the requirements to install this software? Thank you. Andrea

Hello, You need PHP >5.4, and MySql to install this script