Discussion on Doctor Plus - For Doctor React Native App Template

Discussion on Doctor Plus - For Doctor React Native App Template

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This is frontend app, not full application, don’t have admin

It is not working many dependencies outdated. please refund me.

Sure, first of all the Expo version is outdated, I can’t render on my cellphone, even expo already deprecated that version, I tried to update and many dependencies broke.

dependencies getting error: react-native-datepicker, react-native-maps and so on…

Yess. We have update. Please re download and check it

You promess 130+ Mobile Screen JPG Preview.

How can we access them?

It’s not working.

It is front-end template

I know its a front-end template. Template does not work. yarn && yarn start gives an error about dependencies.

Please chat with us via: Share us screenshot, dev team will be support for you

Hi, I do not mean to be rude but : – removing dependencies from package.json – notr properly infering types – Intentionnally breaking the navigation by supplying wrong arguments to the navigate method – Intentionnally breaking interfaces contracts when extending them – Intentionnally introducing typos (i.e semibold should be -> Semibold) – Gross compile errors (missing backets, wrong usage of components etc) – Gross compile errors : missing optional chaining (?.) operators if objects can be null – Intentionnally removed imports – Wrong imports -Wrong signatures I find it really unprofessional.

Oh, Really thank you for feedback. We will improve it.

Could you at least please provide a working version (expo | react native ) ?

We don’t have version full application right now.

Hi, do you have fullly functional website/app (not only UI Template) ?

Not yet version fully functional

Hi is this and the patient template available for flutter? and will it be fully coded?

No, this is react native app, not full application just front-end template

may i know are this a complete app? do you provide installation service? how much?

No. This is template front-end not full application.

Hello , the package i downloaded and ran it on simulator

it says (For patient) and should be (For Doctor)

Have you uploaded the wrong package ?

Oh yep! Thank you feedback, let us check it and resubmit.

Okay , how can i get a direct link download to the correct product

updates on Codecanyon can take a while that i don’t have

Yep. We have update it

I just realized that this theme uses typescript and not javascript. I want a refund, can you please help me?

We can’t refund like this. We recommend using typescript better than javascript.

we can’t and won’t change our tech stack just for one wrongly purchased theme. it was a wrong purchase, if it is revenue for you, so be it.

Good day can you send me a quote for a backend and a full solution

Hi, We don’t have plan for backend project this time.

I am really intrested to buy, just want to know if it’s made with react native CLI and doesn’t have dependency tree issues

Yes. This template have bot verrsion CLI and Expo

Can I get package.json for CLI so I can verify dependency issues

yes, can you contact us via facebook official page we will send you package.json file

Good luck with your sales

Thank you :D

hello , i m facing problems with npm install.”unable to solve dependency tree”

Is the react native version available? i Need it

yes folder rn-doctor-plus


When will you update the Plain react native version? As you said, will launch march 15, we are waiting for that, update the plain version

aw i missing, please chat with us via: I will send you first. I submit it today



When will you update the Plain react native version?

aw i missing, please chat with us via: I will send you first. I submit it today


Pre-purchase question, I am a traumatologist and I am in a country that speaks Spanish and I want to attend patients with videoconference, previously I would need a medical agenda and a payment gateway such as Mercadopago and PayPal, is this possible with your product? does this script have a web app?

Hi Thank for your question. Now, It just frontend template, can’t payment gateway such as Mercadopago and PayPal. Anh don’t have web app version

Hello, can u make doctor plus for doctor and patient (Flutter version).

funciona en español?

not yet, Now just English


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