Discussion on Doctor Finder - Appointment Booking With Time-slot app

Discussion on Doctor Finder - Appointment Booking With Time-slot app

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hello, i have checked your demo app aswell as admin panel, i did not see any video call option or setting in admin panel, i want to confirm does this app build in video call module with connectcube? if yes then can any flutter developer will be able to deploy video call setup to run properly? do you have all documentation for that?

yes i confirm this app has connectcube module for video calling, and any developer can setup connectcube easily by following setup documentation included with purchased package
Once you booked appointment with doctor, doctor can chat with patient as well as doctor can video call with patient,

Is there a way to make updates from within the website or application?

“Your experience on this site will be improved by allowing cookies.” ” Allow cookies” When I tried the web version, I found this message appearing when loading any page or moving between pages within the site, and it never goes away, even with approval

i resolved issue, please check again now

Do you intend to add Arabic and other languages to this application?

Demo does not work.

i m just testing app and working fine, can you please share error screen shot or something on my whatsapp so we can resolve issues,

The page admin no open. The app says “something wrong, unable to load data”

still not getting any such issues if you can send me screen shot or video on my whatsapp that would be great help,

Hey there! Nice job on the app. Any chance you’re thinking of adding the Stripe payment gateway? Right now, the payments seem a bit international to me, but with Stripe, I could do local transactions payments.

Thank you for your appreciation, thank for your suggestion, i might included in future but right now you need to use without stripe.

I wanted to let you know that I’ve just sent you an important email regarding our inquiry and questions about your application. Please check your inbox, and I would greatly appreciate it if you could respond at your earliest convenience.

email replied

fresh installation is in demo mode. How do I turn it off?

in setting table set is_demo as 1, this will resolve issue

After installing, changing Logo, name, admin password & anything I am receiving a message “This Action Disable In Demo” can you remove it or guide me on how to remove the demo mode?

i replied on email with solution

I am not able to login as user and doctor and getting “404| NOT FOUND” error. I want to see the features

i just resolve that issue, now its working fine you can check now

Hello, I tried many time to build the app, but not possible many dependecies are in fonflict, i tried to update all of them but still issue, can you please advise here all dependecies versions to use for a build ?

sure i can help you, download fresh code from code canyon and l will connect to your pc and resolve issue (make sure you download fresh code)
also add me on whatsapp +918200438788 so we can do communication quickly

What php framework are you using?

Laravel 8.75

Do you have Documentation?

complete installation documentation is included in purchased package, it is included in purchased zip

Why not share the documentation We’d like to see it, please

And another question, why does the user have to always see the doctor’s login page?

Can’t you put the doctor’s login page in a place that does not disturb the average user?

its a local documentation which is included in purchased package
app is combine for user and doctor both and hence i have showed doctor login page there
its just redirection link which we can set doctor login in another page its not a big issue
you can also whatsapp me for quick discussion or +918200438788

Admin showing error: is currently unable to handle this request.

its working now

It is not possible to enter the application and not see its features. Registration is not working Login is not working There is no demo to log in as a doctor or as a user. For login, there is no way to confirm the email, according to what I saw in the administrator panel And users who abuse the app have no action to deal with

i just checked app, all features are working very fine, login, register, doctor register and doctor login, i m not sure what issue are you getting. send me screen shot on my whatsapp +918200438788 so i can check and help you with demo.

It still doesn’t work. I sent you the pictures

i resolved issue and updated new apk

Connectycube doesn’t work: ======== Exception caught by gesture =============================================================== The following _TypeError was thrown while handling a gesture: Null check operator used on a null value

Also the login is still not stable.

connect cube required to setup api keys on app side i have added in new help documentation about it, if you have any issue in setting up connectycube you can whatsapp me i will setup for you.

Please add bank transfer and midtrans payment gateway

sure i can help you, add me on whatsapp for further discussion

Hello, congratulations on the work you’ve done with the video calling services added to your app. However, I have some concerns regarding the use of the ConnectCube SDK library, especially considering that this is a medical services app where patient information is private and confidential. ConnectCube may have complete access to this data, which raises security and privacy issues.

Instead, I suggest exploring other options like introducing or configuring the Jitsi platform. By hosting Jitsi on a self-hosted server, the medical services providing company can ensure that all patient information remains private and confidential. This approach could also be cost-effective for the company.

Overall, it is crucial to prioritize the security and confidentiality of patient information, and opting for a self-hosted solution like Jitsi could be a more appropriate choice for your app.

Regards, Alex

Thank you for your kind consideration and valuable suggestions.

ConnectCube is a highly secure and reputable platform designed for video calling. We understand the importance of data security, which is why ConnectCube offer private hosting plans to cater to your specific needs. While it may be slightly higher in cost, rest assured that ConnectCube surpasses Jitsi in terms of performance, offering immediate call response, uninterrupted video streaming, crystal-clear audio, and no connectivity issues.

When developing applications for medical professionals, we firmly believe that prioritizing quality is of utmost importance. As such, we can also provide customized Jitsi solutions tailored to your specific requirements. For further discussions and to explore how we can meet your unique needs, feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp.

Thank you once again for your consideration, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you better.

ConnectCube use WebRTC Platform. Why you are not using WebRTC and which is open sorce. and one can host in own dedicated server.

demo apk is unavailable

Which video service your are using agora or jitsi….

we are using connectcube SDK library

is this avil for web or mobile both or just for mobile?

website and mobile both are included there

After installing, upon changing admin password I receive a message “This Action Disable In Demo” can you remove it or guide me on how to remove the demo mode?

replied with solution on whatsapp,


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