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Hello , I am traumatologist and I want to attend in my home online I would need:

1- system of shifts with a calendar for the patient to program the day of the chat

2 – a payment gateway (paypal, others like in my country : mercado de pago, todo pago

3- the online chat for 30 minutes with the opening of the ticket system (continues the consultation by this route for 2 weeks)

4 – Spanish language

I had thought about doing the medical consultation online according to these steps

The online chat would be missing the day of the shift and the opening of a ticket and support system

Could you customize your scrip?

Thank you very much

best regards

Hi, sorry for the absence. Yes we do customization. Please make a customization request at rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com


Al-slam Alikom i want to buy this script and re-sell it to a hospital but at first i want to know : 1- did it support arabic language. 2- how much customization cost cause the hospital may want one. 3- can it support RTL.

thanks brother.


I have problems with the calendar, when I create an appointment it shows me the wrong hours in the calendar.

For example if I tell you that the start time is 7:45 am and the deadline is 8:45 am, show it to me on the calendar as well from 3:45 am to 4:45 am.

I require your help


Follows the same problem the hour of the morning puts it pm and the hour of the pm places it am.

problema calendar

Problems in the history option, when it is sent in the form an image does not save it in the database, and in the detail part does not show the files attached to the registry

Solved :-)


Rizvi, add the history button in the dating section but when I click on it it does not bring me the patient id.

You can tell me what I need to do to be able to bring the corresponding id to the patient when I click on the history button in the dating part.


Hello, i install on digitalocean linux server. and go to the site, error 500 :S can i help you. thanks

Hi, Please give me the access to your code at rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com I will go through the issue. Thanks

I wrote several emails, I have a problem with view of medical_history.php, when I try to upload an image this does not save it there is a line in the code that shows the uploaded files but this does not work, can you help me please.


In the detail part of the history does not show the images that are loaded in browsers chrome and firefox, but if I do from safari if they see the images to which this is due,


Sent several emails and put several comments and I get no response I am still entitled to 4 months of support for the purchase I make

Sent several emails and put several comments and I get no response I am still entitled to 4 months of support for the purchase I make

I am extremely sorry for this big absence. This is due to some unavoidable circumstance here. I am getting you back shortly after going through all of your emails you sent during this time. Thanks for your patience.

Please give me your server details. I will go through the issue. Thanks

When sending a payment from the form it presents me this errror form validate noe nai re

Pre sales questions. 1.It’s possible to add Greek languange? 2. Can I change the format for am/pm to 24h format? 3. It’s possible to change the invoice form?

Hi, All those fetaures can be possible. Please purchase the product and send a customization request at rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com

I just installed, but seems it not working, need help

Hi, I am going through the issue. I will let you know soon InshaAllah. Thanks

ok thanks. I will need to be in subdomain, eg. http://dms.primerosoft.com

any updates?

hi there..am interested with your app and i run a diagnostic center for colonoscopy and endoscopy…...can it be customized to fit my requirement and how much will it cost me.email me b148om@gmail.com

Hi, Did you get the email ?

ohh yea..i got it.let me reply via email

Hi, I have just installed the software, created all the database tables… excited to login ..and this is the error I got back when I tried to login…. please help me to resolve thanks.

Error Number: 1146

Table ‘dms_portalventas_com.dms_users’ doesn’t exist

SELECT `email`, `username`, `email`, `id`, `password`, `active`, `last_login` FROM (`dms_users`) WHERE `email` = ‘admin@dms.com’ ORDER BY `id` desc LIMIT 1

Filename: /clientdata/apache-www/p/o/portalventas.com/www/doctors-management-system/models/ion_auth_model.php

Line Number: 991

Oh I fixed it. I was too adventures, I had a prefix added. I removed the prefix and I can login now.

Great :-)


mrlekman Purchased

Hello, is there any way to import and export the clients list? If i have a list of clients to be imported is there any way to do it? I saw there is no option in the demo. It would be a good idea to make built in options an import and export for clients for your next upgrades.

Thank You for your advice. It will be added in the next update InshaAllah.

demo was not working..please solve this issue …

Please check. The issue is fixed now. Thanks.

Hi, good afternoon, we really like the product, we hope that it meets our customers with quality. We have some doubts and if possible I ask for clarifications through the message sent