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is the script php7 ready?

HTTP ERROR 500, too many redirection

Hi, sorry for the absence. The is solved or not? Please let me know.

Please help I installed but its a blank screen

Hi I replace msql for msqli and worked

hi help please it’s a blank screen

Hello, the “Add medicine tab” is not working. can you please help?

Also need some custom work

Hi, please send your server details and custom requirements at rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com I will fix the bug InshaAllah and let you know about the price for the customization. Thanks.

hello i wanna know why is the idea of pharmacist is posible to attach a medicine to a patient on bill?

we had this error http://prntscr.com/epk2ao

it allows the doctor had 2 appointments on same day same hour … should be validated?

How To install

i don,t can install

this Show

This site can’t be reached

clinic.ametise.com’s server DNS address could not be found. Go to http://ametise.com/ Search Google for clinic ametise ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

Hi, Please send your server details at rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com I will go through the issue InshaAllah. Thanks.

Hi, like your script. I dint saw possibility for TAX in invoice. Have this possibility or not? And one more: Is there possibility for customization of Invoice template? I have another lang, can i translate alone? Answer me if you can asap, i want to purchase this item. Thanks

Hi, Yes ,TAX can be added. Also invoice template can be customized. If you know codeigniter you can do it by yourself because through the purchase you will get the full source code. Otherwise i can do that for you as a customization service. Thanks.

Hi, Uploading files is limited to 5 and text history length is way to short.

I Want a refund.

Refunded :-)

support google calendar?

Sorry, No.

Hello, I just purchased your system today. Like comments before… we need the patients to be able to Register themselves and to Book their own Appointments (you said you did this). There also needs to be a way to prevent double-booking the same time. Thank you!

Hi, Could you please send me the screenshot of our previous conversation? Email: rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com

Not Found

The requested URL /ssjmedic/auth/login was not found on this server.

Hi, please follow the documentation during installation. May be you forgot to upload the .httaccess file in your root directory. Please upload it. Or you can send your server details at rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com I will go trough the issue. Thanks

Hi there, I have recently purchased your software and really liked it, but I have some small issues and wondering if you could help me. First of all, on my website in using “Bookly” appointment booking plugin can I connect it to the calendar? Second, i need an automatic patient prescription module that can help doctor to choose medicines automatically like a payment and then print it to the patient.

Hi, please make a list of your requirements and send at rizvi.mahmud.plabon@gmail.com


ppeno Purchased

1) Whenever I try to add a Doctor I get a 404 page not found.

2) The emails get registered even when there is an error during submission so I cannot add the same email with the correct information.

Petri Peno

Hi, Please send me the details of your server. I will go through the issue. Thanks

hi, have Portuguese/brasil Language ? if so, it is included or have to buy separately?

Hi, this is my purchase code: 60ab2e6d-47d4-4406-b4fc-d626b53a870d – 25 May 2017 REGULAR LICENSE

System does not let me write a password when creating a new doctor profile