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What script did you use for the auto-suggest search on main page?

We used AJAX

Admin account,Doctor account and patient account are working good. When i login doctor account and write a prescription then i Will submit prescription but Add prescription button doesn’t work. please visit this URL – and please tell me How can solve the issue ?

I commented two days ago but have not received any answer yet. Please give me answer As soon as possible

Dear Sir,

I am very sorry for late. I have checked your screenshot. Please re-check again according my instruction- In prescription menu first select patient and then click generate, after clicking generate you can add the data and add prescription.

Let me know if it will not solve.

Thank you!

I commented two days ago but have not received any answer yet. Please give me answer As soon as possible

Please send us a FTP access at We will fix it.

I have sent this email with Access.

Dear Support,

I am facing lot’s of issues with your script. Details are as mentioned below:


I am facing list of problem below: Admin Account: 1. Don’t work Admin Login feature. 2. Admin user can’t look patient appointment list from admin panel 3. Add/Edit Doctor form don’t work properly. 4. Doctor Appointment visit time slot: a) It should be distributed patient wise. Example: Doctor: Mr. XYZ Visit Time: 4.00PM to 10.00PM Each Patient Time: 10/15/20/30 Min [ This time will come from setup because doctor wise Patient time should be different ] Issues: When Patient will submit appointment from Patient entry form Appointment time should be calculated with already booked Patient. Currently whole time is booked for one patient.

Doctor Account : 1. Doctor should be look previous, current and feature patient appointment list.

Patient Account : 1. Signup section is working but login section don’t work

NOTE: Overall this Tools is not working smoothly in my server. Please you will login and fixed the issues as early as possible.

Many Thanks, Mahi

Sir why you send same thing in email and comment? We already replied your email. Please check

Don’t work your software installation. Please tell how can solve the issue. URL – When i fill up all field Hostname,Database,Username & Password then click next button but i see a black page. Please see URL – This is my high-priority job. If you need any access. please provide me your email. i will send you or via anydesk software

Sir already replied.

Could it work with more than 10 doctors? eg. like if you had a clinic ?

Yes, you can add and manage unlimited doctor account.


my client is a pediatrician one of his basic requirement is to be able to define alerts about future vaccines that children have to do as an age-based program.

can your application meet this requirement?

also, please tell me if your app is tranlation reday and how (.po file, , .php file, etc)

thank you for your answer

Demo does not work correctly and errors – unprofessional.

A message that says – try again 2 ??

This system is just a toy.