Doctor App - Find Best Doctor

Doctor App - Find Best Doctor

Dr. app with full name is Doctor Application which enables you to find the best doctors and book instant appointments. You can read details about the doctor such as qualifications, consultation fees, see feedback from other patients and instantly book appointments right from your smartphone.

So you have the widest range of options while choosing the most suitable doctor.

Download apk

download doctor apk

Admin Panel :

Administrator Login :
Url : 
User Name  :  admin
Password : terminal
Login as : Administrator

Doctor Login :
Url :
User Name  :
Password : terminal
Login as : Doctor

Features :

  • Find the best doctors in major cities.
  • Search for doctor based on your problem. Doctors are listed Classified.
  • Search for doctors based on their Specialty, Clinic or doctor name.
  • Listings based on area, availability and consultation fees
  • Appointment booking with instant confirmation.
  • View previously booked appointments.
  • Save your appointments.
  • View doctor profiles with qualifications, awards and more information
  • See clinic details such as timings, consultation fees, clinic Address and photos
  • Use our in-built navigation feature to find turn by turn directions to the doctor’s clinic.
  • Provide feedback on the doctor and clinic experience post your appointment.
  • Create a patient account with a simple and private FaceBook sign up.

You can find doctors who specialize in Dental Care, Skin Care, Mental Health, Ear Nose Throat Care, Pregnancy, Sexologists, Spas & Wellness centres, Thyroid, Ayurveda, Heart, Eyes/Ophthalmology, Children/Paediatrics, Homeopathy, Hair Transplant, Obesity/Weight Loss, Diabetes and many more.

Doctor Feature

IOS Version of app

Change Log :
Add Multi Language

Change Log 2----
1. Update Code of android Studio
2. Remove facebook login from android studio
3. Remove GCM push notification from android studio
4. Remove bugs and update code

Change Log 3----
1. Added Push Notification for eclips and studio
2. Adde Google Login
3. Remove delvik multidex error from both.