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From the comments I see people are complaining about bad OCR. Will you update it to Tesseract OCR iOS 4.0.0?

Last version is 4.0.0. You said “docscan implemented 3.0.3”.

There is some mistake. https://github.com/gali8/Tesseract-OCR-iOS this implemented Tesseract 3.03-rc1.

Install Tesseract through pod . Use specification for TesseractOCRiOS (= 4.0.0) https://cocoapods.org/?q=Tesseract%20OCR

Hi, I recently purchased this item. Application is crashed if has no rectangle detected. Why? Please fix this error… And camera working very slow, big calibration.

This is your source code, not completely. https://github.com/nfscan/ios-receipt-scan-example

hi ronysteel, this is similar to docscan but not same from source code. You can implement on your project openCV. Thanks


I am interested in purchasing this project. But i would like to check the latest version of the app running on my iphone. How can i do that? Do you have any latest version uploaded to the app store? Or how can i check it on my phone?

Regards, imran

Hello. Is it possible you can send me an ipa file that i can install on my device and test it? my skype is: imran019

Okay. We will notify you when it’s done

ok shall wait

hello is there a version for android??

hi ddrpa, sorry we only have iOS developer

Hi there, I’m considering this product. I just have a couple of questions. Does this support iOS 10? Also, if I wanted to use it as a receipt scanner, does it have capability to read the information on receipt and output into data fields? Thanks!

Hi Slamashizz,

Thanks for leaving a comment. Actually DocScan supports iOS 10. When you scan that read the information on receipt, It can’t get results exactly. But you should improve your results within white words.


Thanks for the reply! Sorry just a question, what do you mean by ‘within white words’?

Hi kanton3

Thanks for your reporting. We’ve already sent an e-mail to Envato Security Team.

Regards! CoDesign2015


Document Scanner requires a provisioning profile. Select a provisioning profile for the “Release” build configuration in the project editor.

Code signing is required for product type ‘Application’ in SDK ‘iOS 10.2’

Unable to acheive the app

could you send me screenshot? this basically with your developer account. Check it first.

Does this have any Android solution as well ?

Hi rightnowloads,

Sorry we only have iOS developer

Hi, Multiple pages scanning is available? Do you have an android version?

Hi nrodrz,

1.We have no idea for multiple pages scanning. 2. Sorry, we are only iOS team.

Thanks! CoDesign2015