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DivvyT Purchased

Plug-in works great. Any plans to integrate support for a Syntax Highlighter so that one could easy show code?

For example, I use a plug-in and it works great on other pages and in preview for Documentation but shows the default [yuck] code/pre tags with Documentation when published.

Hello, which syntax highlighter plugin do you use?


DivvyT Purchased

Crayon Syntax Highlighter

Will this plugin convert entire page into PDF does it provide individual hyper link per post?

Also is there search?

Hello, the answer to both queries is no.

hi, i can generate a pdf file for doc? if have a button ‘download pdf’ for the all content created… other question: its possible to have search inside documentation? thanks.

Hello, PDF creation is not a plugin feature so you would have to build this. No there is no search function.

Just two quick suggestion:

First: A search feature that allows to search through all documents and outputs the names of documents found.

Second: The ability upload custom icons for category and every single document.

Would be awesome if you can add those.

Thank you for the suggestions. A is now on the to do list, B currently not planned.

Feature request:

1) Make the anchors with a better descriptive links. Links like #document-7 will change when the order changes.

2) These anchors cannot be called from outside the webpage. Because the anchors are rendered after the page is laoded..

Thank you, 1. will have this reviewed, 2 anchors can be called externaly ie

1. It would be nice/handy to have the Document’s permalink as the #text

2. Sorry, you are right. I only tested with my own anchor-link in one of the DocumentPages


I would like to purchase this plugin, but I need it to be compatible with WPML. Is it?


jodamo5 Purchased

Hi. I agree with previous comments about the anchor links – if I add a new document part way down the page, or change the order of the documents, then the anchor tags change for that section. This is quite frustrating. Would be great if the anchor tags could be based off the slug of the post. That way it would stay the same, even when we changed the order or added new documents in. To make the upgrade path smooth for current users, perhaps an anchor tag for the current “document-x” structure could be inserted as well as an anchor tag with the new slug method. That way previous anchor tags people have created will still work. Could this be done?


jodamo5 Purchased

Further to this, I have investigated the code and found a way that it could be adjusted while allowing full backwards compatibility. In the file /public/partials/pressapps-document-default.php on line 107 change

<a href="#document-<?php echo $p; ?></code> to <code><a href=" echo="">post_name; ?>"</a>

that will mean the “Links to this page section” will be based on the post’s slug.

And then at the end of that same line change

<a name="<?php the_ID(); ?>"></a>


<a name="<?php the_ID(); ?>" id="document-<?php echo $post->post_name; ?>"></a>

That will keep the current name anchor, but also add in the ID to scroll to. Or just add in another anchor tag with the new anchor tag.

The same changes will need to be made to line 147.

This will make it easy for us to build links to the different sections, and will also mean that you don’t need to reconfigure any code for the sidebar navigation.


Aosoth Purchased

Hi, is it possible to make this plugin not publish pages on front end and categories? that stuff not good for me would like to keep it all hidden. Please let me know

Hi, a question before you buy the plugin. Does the system work by linking item posts between them to form a guide? If so, can you use the native search feature of WordPress to search within the guides? Thanks so much.

How can i generate a pdf or Print out from this ?

Purchased plugin and requested to install. They did installation but plugin is not working. Plugin: PressApps Document when I access test page: it say page not found. Installation guy reply: Sir you need to address that with the plugin’s developer.

Please help, Oleg

Has been this plugin discontinued? No updates from over a year…

Any news will a new version appear? I think a good idea if this plugin added social sharing feature that allows us to share documentation to social network or via shortcode? Maybe put beside like and dislike icons?

Thank you for the suggestion. Anybody else interested in this feature?

hi, work with wp 4.8.x?