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Hi Dreampunchboy,

Does the documentation have a print.css so that i can print my documentation as a PDF and include it with my products.

I’m afraid it doesn’t have a print.css, but you can easily add that to your exported template.

Annoying problem with images, the generated html hardcodes the images src with a full file path – can you change it to relative pathing please.

e.g src=”D:\Documentation\Reporter\img\fig.1.png”

should really be


Other than that, it’s good, cheers.


Are you still supporting and updating this project?

Q. is there a code format option? something will allow the user to 1 click select what’s in the box etc?

Hi neuropass,

I’m not doing any more updates at the moment but do provide support where I can.

To answer your question, there is no code format. But you can easily add that to your custom CSS.

why the demo is not working

this app support to convert android?

Android? What do you mean by that?

are you support OEM?