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Any free version?

Not yet

Its crazy app i check it on appstore its like your first app on appstore ~~ Kinda game

No Its not first app we have just released initial version

So i understand that this is iPhone only app. No iPad support right? Does it support 64 bit and iPhone 6S screen resolution. Waiting for reply.

Yes its iPhone only and support 64bit, 6S

i just released my app and on the iphone 6s there is no result for the document scan..can you please check and provide a fix?.

I mean after saving the document its not appearing in the home screen to send it as email

on iphone 5s it is working fine

You can see cover icon from there you can send it.

Hello, 1) When deleting the document, it still shows the document and doesn’t take user to home screen. If user again tries to delete the document then app crashes. The solution should be that user is shown the home screen and the List of document doesnt show the deleted document..

2) After clicking the Finish button the user is shown document screen, there is same processing in the background and admob full screen ad is shown, in the meantime if user tries to click save button, then either it doesn’t respond or the app crashes. The solution should be to show a loader/busy icon so that user has to wait till processing is not complete.

Please fix these 2, I am already looking to purchase this code now but concerned about above two issues.

Please contact via message from profile page and send me screenshot as well.

hi, will you be updating the app for iOS 10?

Yes very soon

can you do for android too? thanks

good luck with sales bro

Thank you

Hello I run in iOS 11 Xcode 9. when I tap finish Button after the scan. Home screen no data show. how I solve this issue.

We will update soon

Hey Andriod test version please??

Android not available now

No probs kindly notify me when its done thanks alot

Congrats, I wish you all the best of luck with sales ;)

Thank you!