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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you!

This looks great and on my list.

You have a slight error on the demo, with the Word example showing a PDF, but I get the idea.

Thank You! for adding in list and pointing error. Error fixed.

An interesting re-purposing of Google’s free document viewing / embedding solution. I’ll keep an eye on this to see what additional value you add in the future updates above and beyond what they’ve already provided. ;-)

Thanks you for your concern. Its not just Google’s free document viewing, it has other options / features too.

Great Work! GLWS :)

Thank You! for appreciation :)

Very nice solution that i am lokking to purchase. Will it automatically shown as tab? What about conflicts with other custom-tab-plugins?

Thank You! for appreciation! Yes It automatically insert doc tab on product page, it would not conflict with other tab plugins. Plugin is very easy to use all you need is to upload document file and insert in field. Its matter of 2 clicks.

Thank You! for purchase! its strange if its not working, there might be configuration issue. Are you following instruction mentioned in plugin’s documentation? Please open a ticket at http://support.emediaexperts.com/, our staff will instantly help you to resolve the issue.

Can I use this to embed ppts in posts without there actually being a product?

What you wanted to do with registration button? wanted to add new user ?

as i said, i want to display a ppt in the viewer. it never works. i tried to open a support ticket with you but it requires a registration and there is no way to register.

Strange! Here is link to register at our ticket system, http://support.emediaexperts.com/account.php?do=create or you can send us email at emediaexperts@gmail.com

Hello, i am having an issue with the plugin. I get the following message:

Whoops! There was a problem previewing this document.

I have followed the documentation and configured settings but still get the same problem. Please view the page http://hovehearingcare.co.uk/?product=oticon-acto to see what i can see

i look forward to your response

Thanks in advance

just to add to my last message, you need to check under the ‘VIEW PRODUCT BROCHURE’ tab

We are unable to access given url, Please open a ticket a support.emediaexperts.com for a quick support. Thank You!

Made a support request almost a week ago and haven’t heard anything from you guys. Would appreciate some help.

Sorry for this inconvenient, Whats your ticket number?

Hi, I’ve a pre-purchase question. Due our users are located in China, they will have sure problems with themes and plugins which use e.g. Google fonts / Google API etc. Because Google are banned in China. Without VPN to outside China, it’s hardly to use themes/plugins with these calls. My Q: does this plugin use third parties (Google) calls?

Yes! it uses google’s api

Your demo seems to be not working. I am trying to show this to a client before I purchase it for them. The link below is the demo area (from your codecanyon page) is what I am referring to. All that is showing up for me is the simple download link and then a big white area where the iframe is supposed to load the file within. I tested the download link and the PDF loaded that way. Any ideas?


here is direct link http://emediaexperts.com/demo/view-plus/ . Let us know if you still getting any difficulty to access the demo.

Great! It’s working for me now. Is there an issue/update that I/we need to know about that cause that?

Hello, Nice product :-) When we show for example a pdf document there is on top right an icon that send us to google. We can see there the document and we also can print it. is it possible to only show the pdf in the tab and not the icon on top right ? i just want to show docs without giving possibility to print, download, etc. Thanks for your reply. BR Fred

what’s your email address ?

Can you give me an email address where I can send mine ? I don’t want to put it here. BR Fred

http://codecanyon.net/user/eMediaExperts at the right bottom, there will be the contact form for a private message.

pre order question : can i disable download or save docs? i want read-only docs option is it possible?

Yes! Download button can disable.

can the PDF be full page?

Yes! it can be expand to full page.

I purchased this because it said would display dxf files which it does not. See http://www.markhedley.co.uk/view-dxf-file-test/. Have raised a ticket on support,emediaexperts.com but as yet no response.

The description of the plugin states:

Support File Formats:

PDF ( Adobe Acrobat )
 DOC/DOCX ( Microsoft Word )
 PPT/PPTX ( Microsoft PowerPoint )
 XLS/XLSX ( Microsoft Excel )
 TIF, TIFF ( TIFF Images )
 PAGES ( Apple Pages )
 AI ( Adobe Illustrator )
 PSD ( Adobe Photoshop )
DXF ( Autodesk AutoCad )  <-----------------
SVG ( Scalable Vector Graphics )

That was the only reason why I bought it !!!!

I am planning on developing a web site where the visitors can upload a dxf file that is then used to provide a quote to manufacture. The idea was that I could display the picure of the article to produce. I cannot ask the users to save it to another format before loading as there is other information I need from the dxf file. Therefore since this plugin is not fit for my purpose may I please request a refund.

Issue is plugin is depend upon google docs API, they have made changes that’s it stop working, But we are working on it. We will inform you soon the results. Thank you for your patience!

@ MarkHedley We have found a working solution, please send us a private message from our profile contact page. http://codecanyon.net/user/emediaexperts or share your email address so we could contact back.


Hi. No update since 8 September 14. Does it work with latest wordpress and woocommerce? Can I upload swf files ?

Yes, it works with latest WordPress and woo commerce but it didn’t support SWF file.

Is it possible to show previews of the PDFs in the product page where only like a few pages of the PDF is shown?

No! i will display complete PDF

In the list of features it shows DXF Support, however there is no working demo/example of displaying DXF file. Is there DXF support on this plugin?

Please, Can I use ‘Doc File Url ’ to insert 2 files pdf’s together?

Yes! you can insert vial file URL, You can use its short code to include multiple files in a page.

and how is this done? with the comma ? semicolon?

dwg supported ?

I also want to remove option to leave site and follow to Google, print and download document. I want read only on product page. Can you provide me with code to make this work? I’m using Divi with Woocommerce.

Any way to add a watermark to the displayed PDF automatically or have to upload PDF with watermark already?

Can I provide secure link to PDF file for download by purchasers or do I need to secure that file separately?

How can I make it search Australia first. I have Australia as the only country set for this but all the auto addresses come up with US addresses first and the Google map location search gives US addresses first, by default and I have to type most of the AU address to get the Google address suggest.

Sorry for this last message. It was for another plugin author.

Its, Okay. We have replied to your email please check your inbox. Thanks