Discussion on DMSS - Bootstrap jQuery Style Switcher

Discussion on DMSS - Bootstrap jQuery Style Switcher

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Hello i have HTML own template i need to integrate style switcher as like your concept is match what i want but when i change color style is only change tech and background can i add in button color change option if yes so how ? or is there any other plugin option for that give all function in style switcher. Thank you

Yes you can but you have to change it according to your theme.

Hi, how do you save the changes to a css file?

or to a database even? Is this possible?

Hello designingmedia! I am trying to see your demo on a mobile phone, just as per showing to the customers on the fly, BUT I cannot see the spinning will on my smartphone. Is it because your demo settings or is it not possible on a smartphone? Thanks a lot!

Yes we have hide it for smartphones but in next version we will give responisve support too.

Thanks for answering! So I will wait for the next release (do you have any kind of newsletter somewhere to sign up for the announcement?). BTW, is there also the possibility to change, in the UI of the switcher, the header image of the website? Thanks again!

I see there was one release in 2014 and I don’t assume any upgrades will be made, but wanted to ask a couple of questions about either bugs or limitations I have found on the demo before I make a purchase.

The dropdowns for Selecting a layout do not seem to do anything. Are these stylesheets that are not setup? Is there documentation on how to get this to work?

I have also noticed that when selecting the dark style, when selecting a color skin the page switches back to the light style. Is there a way to have these work together? Patters work with either light or dark, so I assume colors can as well.

Also the Background Picker and Body Font Color Picker do not work together.

There are other smaller quirky things, but these seem to stick out the most right now.


We are working on the latest version of DMSS, Hopefully it will be release in a month or so. Thanks for your feedback.

Great to hear! Will it be a separate release from this one? I don’t want to purchase this only to have to purchase another in a month or so. Thanks!

Need a refund, product was listed in the wrong category. I thought this was a WP plugin but it’s not.

Please contact with themeforest as we can’t issue refund of any individual item.

can you install this for me on multiple wordpress sites and other sites? i make a lot of websites and thought it would have been a simple upload and away i go thing,.. this looks a bit too complicated.. if you cant can i just get a refund please

Since we are busy in other jobs we can’t install it for you. Do you want me to refund it anyway?

yes thats ok thanks anyways and sorry for my confusion.. still looks like it would be decent but would take a while to get it going on all my sites.

Please issue the refund request and i will refund it.

I have purchased your previous switcher – FSwit – jQuery Style Switcher. But you have taken it down. Do I have to purchase another one, is there a way to download my purchase ? Is there any guarantee that if I buy your switcher again you wont take it down. And can I have a free copy of this or at least can you send me my previous purchase? :/

Flatista, We have some issues with that plugin so we developed this from scratch. There’s no plan at all to take down this plugin. We will continue with this.

Very disappointing that you have taken your previous style switcher offline and now offer a new one. Now I have to buy another one..

Could you please share link of switcher you are talking about? We only own licensed of this script.

its a nice extension however the documentation is a disaster for colorblind people yellow on yellow who has brought that idea its not followable or readable proper for colorblind people, maybe add next time a styleswitcher to the documentation so people can set their own color match (wink) further i am gonna work on it tommorrow trying to make it into a phpbb extension will update if i progress in it, first i need to switch out the horrific yellow out of it

i am srry i said yellow on yellow, mine wife told me its yellow on white (thats the bad part about being colorblind, i see yellow on yellow.) however still yellow on white is still a real bad choice, i hope you fix it for future customers who are like me colorblind

let me explain a bit further the main reason i went for this switcher is cause it has loads of oppertunities for people who are colorblind, you can make several colorblind mode style sheets its something thats often a forgotten corner in the www, i really would like to encourage people who design to think about colorblind people more, 95% of sites created are problematic for people like us, we have side software to solve issues though it doesnt solve all, its impossible to do cause there aint a standard where people should follow the guidelines, all is as it now is an advice to use stuff but nowhere to be seen why, the w3c actually takes colorblindness in considaration though most people dont realise it or have something like hey 150 happy users and 2 who are colorblind.. erm what did you say 150 happy people, so i am doing fine aint i.

Hi Sprinklestar, Thank you for your suggestions i have pass this to developers so they consider it into next version.

I like the idea of this but I have a question. If I’m using this to develop a theme, can I save the changes made with your plugin to a CSS file?

Yes you can save setting into CSS but you have make script for that.

I want to purchase this plugin. Does it still work? Because I don’t see any changes when I try to pick fullwidth layout our select other variations of header/footer etc.

This is just a static page link. We didn’t add any functionality for this. But if you are interested we can do this for you.

Hi, i really like your plugin. Can you make customize font-size, line height and load google font. If you support that, i will buy. Thanks.

Hi, We are using bootstrap for this plugin so you can make those changes easily into “bootstrap.css”.

Let me know if you still need my help?

I have two header styles in my html. When I add one additional class then it changes its layout from one layout to another header layout. similarly for boxed version. How can I achieve this? In short: change header style by adding addition class.

Hmm did you tried documentation because i am not ware as its for color combination only

Great switcher friend, i have only one issue. I use the .container in my main style and when i activate the switcher style it throws my entire site way off as far as layout. Also i am missing the colorpicker_background.png for some reason friend.

Can you send me email with your ftp and link.


I am interested in buying this but I had a presale question first. To be very clear as this is the reason I like it so much, does this product allow me to use ids, class’s, elements, etc from the bootstrap framework? In other words the minor changes I have to make are not about setting up everything right considering you followed the bootstrap framework? I hope you understand I am eager to buy it soon but I wanted to be clear that this can be used like that.

Or for example do I have to say tell the name of page-header or something. Or is that already setup due to the beauty of Bootstrap frameworking?

The site I plan to do it on is using bootstrap for css and html. If I am correct then with this tool I could actually install some different bootstrap skins and link them up using the style switcher? Say for example I just add a new field to switch an entire .css from a new skin and apply to the same/ current page.

-Isaac K.

I didn;t get your answer

Is there any problem with your live version of the demo? When i try to see the live demo everything looks broken…Please check

Its fixed now :)

When I test your example, I see no difference when selecting “Boxed Layout” or “Fullwidth Layout”. Is that not working?

Aah because i haven;t added layout in it :)

I’m thinking of purchasing this, haven’t quite decided yet. But just wanted to alert you, it appears to me that your example site completely opens you to code theft as everything is visible if you look at the page source! You might want to change that somehow, I think.

Actually its JS so i don’t think it needed to be hidden you can encode it if you want.


Can this work with LESS? In particular, can this be used with less.js running in the browser.

I have several versions of Bootstrap variable.less. I want to use a switcher to let the client try them and pick one.

Thanks. - Arnold

Its compatible with bootstrap.css we don’t support .less for now.

I have purchased this and am pleased with the purchase, is it possible to have 2 different “Color Skins” areas, I want to have 2 different ones that do not reset each other when one is clicked.

It will be customization work . If you want you can email us from our profile.


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