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Where is the SQL file?

Hi, Good work. I’m happy if it helps you. All the best for you

Now I just have to geocode a customer address and allow or disallow delivery to them based on the polygon.

Currently, the plugin does not support this feature. But as far as I understand you can customize it according to your needs.

Where I can see demo?

Hi, Firstly, I strongly recommend you to watch the YouTube videos. Also, you can download and play with the FREE version. For additional info please refer to:

If you need any further information, please let me know.


need help in uploading the script again pls

i have sent u an email : subject uploading dml map script sherah420

I’ve sent u an email.

Hello I want to know how to show a map for end user, I mean without controls for editing, but no login requiered

And no API KEY required (I already have API KEY, but i dont like share with each user) and when API KEY is entered new records are generated!


First of all, I want to thank you for your interest.

The map is read-only as default. But, you need a login for editing as admin.

Currently, API KEY is required for each map on your website. You can use one API CODE for more than one map on the website. But it’s mandatory.

If you need any further information, please let me know.



I am trying to create a web app that would include a google map that is dynamically generated from a database. The longitude and latitude for each map are in the record along with the name of the location. Will this script be able to create a map if given the above?


The plugin does not have auto-export or import feature. But it’s possible to add your data to the database after installing it.

If it’s possible to send me your data, I can have a look the format and give you a hand.

After adding your data, you can decide to buy or not.

Can I see an actual demo, there is none on: Just links to other links to other links… no actual demo.

Hi dessibob,

I’ve just moved the demo to a new page and updated the link to the page. You’ll find the valid link attached below.

This map contains 2 markers and one polyline, polygon and circle with custom Info Windows as samples. Since it’s DEMO, you can not play with the admin settings.

I created a sample page with full-featured and sent the link to your PM. So, you can play with the map. It will be valid until the morning.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Ty, appreciate.

Welcome. I’m waiting for your feedback Regards,

Hi. I have a problem with Your demo. First can You tell me please if i can customize it to any of my data base with are including adresses of course? Well i try to install it step by step. but its stops me on copy bits to index as my scipt seems to not have a specific file to copy it into. Can You help me . Im looking for wood to buy you plugin cheers

Actually, Import/export feature is not available yet. I’m planning to add this feature to the next update. You have to import the data into the database manually or using mySql database tool.

well i try to do it by when i used my store locations db i wont get it as there are wrong tables etc. can i custumize with db and table its have to look for address? thanks

If you customize the database, you have to customize also all the database connections within PHP and JS files.



ThrqSytr Purchased

Hi, No line thickness option?

I’ll try to release soon. Thank you for your interest to my plugin.


ThrqSytr Purchased

Hello, Is there any possibility to save (into the database) the distance between to point or more?

And also I want to confirm that you haven’t responded yet my email about “small error” shown at browser console Thank you

Hi, There is no option to save the distance between points.

About the “small error”: I checked the firefox console. Firefox says the some variables does not declared in the JS file. But the variables mentioned on the console are not actually variables. These kind of messages is generally occurring due to the differences in the interpretation of the browsers. That error message does not affect the plugin, but I will check it deeply.