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Is this possible to display images (slide) instead of text for information popup? Thanks

Currently only text is available, but I plan for the upcoming versions.

Geolocation feature is ready to use in this version :)

Hello is it possible to add html5 geolocation to track user’s on map ?

Thanks for your interest. I’ll work on it for the upcoming updates.

Geolocation feature is ready to use in this version :)

Good luck with selling! :)

Thank you :)

Your new demo does not allow to create a new polygon. Do you have a link to the old demo?

Dear mmichals,

It’s possible to play with DML Google Map DEMO by visiting

For DEMO version not only adding polygons, but also other database related actions are restricted.

You can also watch the Live Video for usage of the plugin by visiting the DEMO page or

Hi, I have some problem in https protocoll. It does not show any panels or markers.

Hi, I’ve some questions about the problem. 1) Do you receive any error message? If yes, what kind of message? 2) Please check the console (for Chrome, Settings/more tools/developer tools. or Ctrl+shift+I) whether there is any error message or not. You can also send a screen shot to e-mail address. So, I’ll work on it. Kind regards,

I do not want to disturb you at Christmas. I will be back in the new year! Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year…

nice job..

Thank you :)

hello.. it seems nice apps,

i have some questions 1. it is possible to search a marker? 2. how about distance between markers when adding a markers, does it has an indicator how far the new marker to the existing markers? 3. can i add a line between selected markers?


Hope this will be added in the future. Thanks again.

I’ll plan this feature for the next updates. Regards,

Thanks for that, please let me know if this features is added already. Since this is what i really neede from the start. If it is possble to separate the db base if it’s markers, polyline or polygons.. Thanks again.

hello again.. it is possible to put a descriptions or remarks for each markers, lines or polygons?

Hi, It’s possible to add a title and description for each marker and polygons separately but for lines. You can check the demo by visiting the link attached below.

hello. i couldn’t add descriptions on line. it is possible to customization? Thanks.

Hi, New version was released two days ago. The free version does not include this feature only PRO version. If you need any further information, please let me know.


edlm Purchased

Hi, i just purchased your product, great script by the way!. Just wanted to ask you for an update where you can add pictures to the marker description instead of only text. Thanks again.

Ok, I’m planning for the next update. But I cannot give you an exact time. Instead of uploading, you’ll need to enter picture URL into the marker description area


edlm Purchased

Thank you for the quick response. I also sent you an email because im having trouble with the script running on my site. Thanks ard-soft.

Please see your e-mail. I’m waiting for your reply.

Please give proper installation instructions, Even though I followed the installation steps to the word. all I get is Not found. the database doesn’t seem to be getting created. (I’ve tried it in XAMPP v3.2.1)

First of all I want to thank you for your interest on DML Google Map. Well, it sounds like your page cannot find included PHP in the javascript file. Maybe both of them. To solve that you need to be sure that;

1) “dmlmap” file is located in the root directory of your project,

2) If you want to use the DML Map on a page located in the subfolder please update include and javascript paths according to the location.

If you want to use DML Map on index.php page located in the root directory, your paths to the JS and INCLUDE files in index.php file must be like;

<script src=”dmlmap/dmlmap.js”> </script>

<?php include ‘dmlmap/dmlmap.php’; ?>

But when you want to use DML Map on on a page located in a one-level subfolder, you need to make some update as shown below.

<script src=”../dmlmap/dmlmap.js”> </script> <?php include ’../dmlmap/dmlmap.php’; ?>

It should work like this. If not, please let me know. Also, you can send complete project files so I can check what’s going on…

If it’s possible to inform me in both cases, I’ll appreciate it.

I’ve created the project as per the 2) method given and That does not seem to be the issue. can you please tel me an other way to fix this issue

I received your project file and found two points. First, there is no valid database name and user password. Secondly, You updated the path according to the dmlmap.php and dmlpmap.js file but css.

After fixing these issues it worked.

I’m preparing an private e-mail for the details. If you need any further information, please let me know.

Kind regards,


hburak Purchased

A user friendly plugin. Using and managing is very easy. Also thanka for the good support

Thank you

hello, How the custom shape works? it is possible to have an arc with certain direction and width specified? How the polygons save to database, does it save separately ?

Do you accept customization? Thanks.

Hi, The current version supports just lines, polygons and circles. Each marker, line, polygon and circle are saved in the database as a record, including it’s settings and coordinates separately. You can download the free version to have a deeper look into it. About customization, I do not provide support for customization but you can play with surce-code on your own. If you need any further information, please let me know. Kind regards,

Hi, I have a problem.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'split' of null at initMap (dmlmap.js:257) at dmlLoadMap (dmlmap.js:91) at js?key=AIzaSyCrJokwNwgLsE5QuZBBRFpN5LrubS_lQVM&libraries=drawing&callback=dmlLoadMap:97 at js?key=AIzaSyCrJokwNwgLsE5QuZBBRFpN5LrubS_lQVM&libraries=drawing&callback=dmlLoadMap:56 at js?key=AIzaSyCrJokwNwgLsE5QuZBBRFpN5LrubS_lQVM&libraries=drawing&callback=dmlLoadMap:53 at Array.<anonymous> (js?key=AIzaSyCrJokwNwgLsE5QuZBBRFpN5LrubS_lQVM&libraries=drawing&callback=dmlLoadMap:56) at js?key=AIzaSyCrJokwNwgLsE5QuZBBRFpN5LrubS_lQVM&libraries=drawing&callback=dmlLoadMap:106 at js?key=AIzaSyCrJokwNwgLsE5QuZBBRFpN5LrubS_lQVM&libraries=drawing&callback=dmlLoadMap:53 at js?key=AIzaSyCrJokwNwgLsE5QuZBBRFpN5LrubS_lQVM&libraries=drawing&callback=dmlLoadMap:106 at Sc (js?key=AIzaSyCrJokwNwgLsE5QuZBBRFpN5LrubS_lQVM&libraries=drawing&callback=dmlLoadMap:55) initMap @ dmlmap.js:257 dmlLoadMap @ dmlmap.js:91 (anonymous) @ js?key=AIzaSyCrJokwNwgLsE5QuZBBRFpN5LrubS_lQVM&libraries=drawing&callback=dmlLoadMap:97 (anonymous) @ js?key=AIzaSyCrJokwNwgLsE5QuZBBRFpN5LrubS_lQVM&libraries=drawing&callback=dmlLoadMap:56 (anonymous) @ js?key=AIzaSyCrJokwNwgLsE5QuZBBRFpN5LrubS_lQVM&libraries=drawing&callback=dmlLoadMap:53 (anonymous) @ js?key=AIzaSyCrJokwNwgLsE5QuZBBRFpN5LrubS_lQVM&libraries=drawing&callback=dmlLoadMap:56 (anonymous) @ js?key=AIzaSyCrJokwNwgLsE5QuZBBRFpN5LrubS_lQVM&libraries=drawing&callback=dmlLoadMap:106 (anonymous) @ js?key=AIzaSyCrJokwNwgLsE5QuZBBRFpN5LrubS_lQVM&libraries=drawing&callback=dmlLoadMap:53 (anonymous) @ js?key=AIzaSyCrJokwNwgLsE5QuZBBRFpN5LrubS_lQVM&libraries=drawing&callback=dmlLoadMap:106 Sc @ js?key=AIzaSyCrJokwNwgLsE5QuZBBRFpN5LrubS_lQVM&libraries=drawing&callback=dmlLoadMap:55 Rc.eb @ js?key=AIzaSyCrJokwNwgLsE5QuZBBRFpN5LrubS_lQVM&libraries=drawing&callback=dmlLoadMap:106 (anonymous) @ js?key=AIzaSyCrJokwNwgLsE5QuZBBRFpN5LrubS_lQVM&libraries=drawing&callback=dmlLoadMap:137

I think i need some help here :)

I think the bug is fixed. :)

Totally fixed! I was wrong. Thanks for the help! The script works well. :)

the set up documentation is so very poor, only thing i can understand is STEP (B) updating database,password and username all the rest does not make sense. config.php what am i suppose to do here ~??/

hey thanks for the update??? i have deleted old files from cpanel and i have downloaded the new script i see two folders??? v2.01 and v2.1.0 , which one shall i upload also if i have issues could u help again setting it up if i have issues. thanks

Use V 2.1.0. I’ll be here if yo need support. You can directly send e-mail to Regards,


The “free” version just defaults to a buy now button. Can you provide a working example please?


Firstly, I want to thank you for your interest.

Actually, I’ve just tested the FREE version. It’s working. You can test the FREE features. Please refer to for the features.

If you’ve any trouble with installation, please let me know.


Hi, This is pre-purchase question. I have about 5k data and would like to geocode each of them. Can i put a standard coordinate for each data as they are almost the same location and drag/edit the markers to the exact location on 1 page? Kind of editing function? thanks

Hi, Currently this plugin does not support draggable markers. I plan to add this feature for the next updates. Kind regards,

hi again.

I would like to know if the polylines are added separately on different table? It’s possible to connect the polylines to a existing markers (snap them together)?


Hi, Polylines, polygones, circles and markers work seperately. You have to draw polylines manually and ıt’s not possible to snap a lıne and a marker together. Regards,

Hello Friend,

I have emailed you [ to: ] my queries can you please reply back !
Waiting for your reply ? :)


Hi, It’s working now. Please clear the history of your browser before testing. Also, I’ve sent a detailed e-mail. Regards,


nsteve Purchased

Hello, we have tested its working thanks ! but we cannot load custom icons? How to do that ? i didn’t receive any emails as far now as you said. can you resend !

This plugin does not support custom icons. I plan that feature for the next updates.

I’ll resend the mail which you haven’t received.


Hi, is it possible to draw multiple polygon on a single map? i need to name all the polygon and save them into mysql.

Yes, it’s possible to draw multiple polylines, polygons and circles on a single page.

Tagging each polygon on the same page is possible too right? I saw from your video, double clicking the polygon to enter details

It’s possible to create infoWindow for each polygon on the single map, including title, short description, image, YouTube video and link.

You can check the videos attached below.

Adding image to the infoWindow: Editable polygons: Draw and customize polygons:

If you need further information, please let me know.


P.S. Wordpress version of this plugin is also available. You can reach it here.