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Could you please provide instructions to insert a counter-cover? I mean a last page styled like i want. I know html/css, i only need the pdf to use a counter-cover.php as last page.


Hi globalser,

Currently only cover is implemented, but maybe you can try to create a page and add the end of the PDF.

Thanks, Emili


The PDF protection features are not working, correct? Because even thought i enable all protections (and individualy), i can copy/print, etc.


Hi globalser,

PDF protection should work, at least in DK PDF (free), I´m going to take a look in Generator to see if it still works there, once I´ve more info I let you know.

Thanks, Emili

Hey guys, we’re needing support with a Google Maps integration issue. We’ve submitted a ticket via #1747758 but haven’t received a response.

We have a map built into our PDF downloads that was generated through an Advanced Custom Field using code taken from this tutorial ( This worked well for almost a full year, but we are now noticing that the maps are not displaying in the PDF even though they’re still loading as expected on the website (so the Google Maps API keys should be valid). Any feedback you could provide as to what we can do to resolve this issue would be appreciated.

Hi gruffygoatllc,

I have just replied in the ticket, I´m copy/pasting the response here just in case:

Looks like a problem with the API key:
Here you have more info about the error and how to fix it:

Also here is more info about static maps and api usage:

pre sale question: I’m currently trying the free version of the plugin and I get the following error in some browsers: It fails when we try to generate a pdf in Chrome or IE. In chrome we get an error that it could not load. In IE, we get this error File does not start with ‘% PDF-‘

Hi co_holm,

DK PDF Generator is an extension of DK PDF (free), Generator uses the PDF library (mPDF) from DK PDF (free) so the issue you are facing comes from DK PDF (free).

Thanks, Emili

Hi dinamiko, we are using the plugin, and it worked like a charm. But unfortunately it stopped working now – clicking on the PDF-Button affects in a an endless loading with finaly showing that the server ended the connection. Rest of the site is working fine. I tried downgrading to 1.9.2 and 1.9.3, but no difference. I tried disabling SSL and stepping down to php 5.6, but no difference… any idea? Thanks!

Hi Adicto,

If everything is the same, maybe the problem comes from the content that you are trying to display in the PDF, can you check if the issue still happens with an empty post?

Also the issue can come from a conflict with another plugin or theme, in that case try to disable all and activate one by one to find the culprit.

Thanks, Emili

Hi Emili – thanks for your reply. We could solve the problem – we changed settings (display PDF instead of download PDF, and then back to download PDF again). And this seemed to reset the settings. Now it works again :-)

I’m writing you because one of my customers bought the DK-pdf plug-in for wordpress and installed it. In the control panel, even if I insert the logo in “PDF Header & Footer” the image is not inserted in the PDF but buy a red X. And then the post date is not included in the exported pdf. is it possible to add it?

Hi uffa1999,

Red X is because the image can not be loaded into the PDF for some reason, adding the date needs to be done by a template customization, it is not include by default in the plugin as an option.

In order the debug the image problem properly, please create a new ticket here:

Thanks, Emili

Hi, I tried the version downloaded from Github. I tried to print a pdf issued from a post with content restriction. When the user is connected, the post is fully displayed in the website, but when he tries to print the pdf via dkpdf, the pdf printed display the content restricted. The plugin is woocommerce membership. Can you tell me if the purchassed version of dkpdf solves this issue. Thank you, Bruno

Hi bbr13,

The version in GitHub is the same as you can find in WordPress repository (DK PDF), I use GitHub for the devleopment of the free version.

Regarding hidding content in the PDF there are some shortcodes ( you can use or add your own code logic in the PDF templates (

Regarding DK PDF Generator, it is an extension of DK PDF that allows you to add multiple posts in the same PDF, also you can add a cover and a table of contents in the PDF, everything else comes from DK PDF.


hi there this plugin allows to create two pdf of page: one with the logo of the website and one without the logo? Best regards

Bom Dia , Estou usando a versão grátis e depois da ultima atualização do wordpress para blocos ,ele não esta mais tabulando ou seja o texto está todo junto sem formatar o espaço. pode ver por favor

The plugin is the closest I’ve found for my needs, but have questions before purchasing. Have tried your demo, but need to know how it will pull posts that use shortcodes – our theme (Avada) and our previous theme (GoodNews) used shortcodes to layout information on a page. I need to archive over 13 years of previous news posts into PDF’s – any other option I’ve tried either shows the actual shortcodes, just doesn’t lay out well, or just doesn’t work. Thanks!

Hi folmar,

You can try DK PDF (free) DK PDF Generator is an extension of DK PDF so it uses the PDF library from DK PDF (free). If it works in DK PDF it should also work in Generator.

Thanks, Emili

Thank you Emili – so I tried the free version and got different results on different sites. One site is currently live to public, some worked, some didn’t, like an article with a bunch of photos as one example. My Dev site, not open to public, it worked like perfectly. My archived site (previous site needing to archive, not open to public) won’t work at all, gives me a 500 error when I click on PDF button to download or view article in PDF.

The PDF Generator demo site pretty much does what I need. But still not sure if it will work with ours. Any thoughts?



We have succeddfully edit the template. Is there a way of having different PDF templates for different post types?


For those looking for something you can actually dig into and customize to your needs, Well this is it. I have used both Dk PDF (free) and I have also purchased the PDF Generator and have been able to completely write my own custom templates for them both fairly easily. If you can write a simple WordPress loop with a query and use basic WordPress php and If you want to have the level of control and be able to include sidebar content, custom loop queries and CPT’s,... well this is it. I have found that actions, hooks and filters work inside the custom templates i write, at least for the most part. I still can not get the google maps to display but once I figure that out, this will be solid gold. I have tried out every free and paid for every premium pdf plugin out there and none gave me freedom to brew my own like this one.

Hi cableman371, I´ve just replied you in the support ticket, just ping me there if you need further assistance, thanks.

Hi! Is it compatible with AVADA theme and fusion builder?Thank you!

Hi lorenzocosta,

You can try DK PDF (free) DK PDF Generator is an extension of DK PDF so it uses the PDF library from DK PDF (free). If it works in DK PDF it should also work in Generator.

Thanks, Emili

Can this plugin carry the background images/colors into the PDF? This is what I need to know before I buy. Thanks!

Hi rauDesign,

You can try DK PDF (free) DK PDF Generator is an extension of DK PDF so it uses the PDF library from DK PDF (free). If it works in DK PDF it should also work in Generator.

Thanks, Emili

Presale question: Can we create advanced template with columns and rows through

and call ACF custom fields inside that template?

Hi figureslibres,

Yes you can create custom templates in the same way as you do in DK PDF (free): DK PDF Generator DK PDF (free):

Thanks, Emili

What do I need to show the featured image of the page in the PDF?

Hi Herrbirk, To add more content to the the PDF you need to do a template customization, more info here: DK PDF Generator DK PDF (free):

Thanks, Emili

Hi, does problem with Trait ‘setasign\\Fpdi\\FpdiTrait’ is solved at paid version of a plugin? I’m wondering if problem that i have with DK PDF applies also to generator? Thanks for Your reply.

HI Lechur,

DK PDF Generator uses mPDF from DK PDF (free), so problem will be the same in both plugins.

Thanks. Emili