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Thanks for great plugin.

Any idea why does not the image is not showing up in PDF? It’s woocommerce product page. I wold love to show the image too!


Hi Rantamies,

by default the PDF template only outputs the title and the content but templates are customizable, here is how do to it:

If you are using Featured image, here is a template ready, just unzip and upload dkpdfg folder to the root of your theme:

And here is a tutorial I did for adding more WooCommerce info (price…) to the template:
the example is of DK PDF (free) but the concepts are the same for DK PDF Generator.

If you don’t have the technical knowledge to upload the template I can do it for you, just write to me at


Does this print custom ACF fields?

Hi garykay,

not by default but allows template customization, here is a tutorial how to do it:

the above tutorial is of DK PDF (free) but the concepts are the same for DK PDF Generator, here you’ll find how to do template customizations in DK PDF Generator:


Thank you. I will have a look at these.

Hello, I had already asked how to create pdf with private post and you gave me a code, only then when I create PDF print only public and not private ones post, also the categories that are part of the private post will not appear.

Hi Helessar,

please submit a ticket with the steps to reproduce the issue:


Hi Emili,

I am interested about your plugin. I would like to generate a pdf of selected custom post type (selected by custom taxo in back office). I have read that you are developping this feature. Is that feature ready (or almost) ?

Best regards, Laurence

Hi cogitools31,

I already finished this feature (selecting taxonomy terms), I’ve planed releasing the new version (1.4) at the end of this week, I just need to do some more testing.

Thank you for your reply Emili, it is perfect for me ! I hope my client will sign my quote that I can buy your plugin for this project :-)

Hi cogitools31,

Just to inform you that 1.4 version was approved and it’s ready for download here at CodeCanyon. This version allows selecting taxonomy terms.

Thanks, Emili

Is this plugin allows when we click export PDF from post page and then it generates PDF with cover automatically ??

So how can it will be possible ?? Is there any way to do it ??

Hi roshu123,

create a new ticket here:

explaining what do you need exactly and I’ll try to find a solution.

Thanks, Emili

Ticket system is not working can you please contact me on my email ?

Hi there – PreSale Question. Product looks great. I am very new to creating e-books, and am wondering if this is something I can use to create the ebook to sell and/or if I have to create the ebook as a page on my theme first – then export and sell like a dgital download? Sorry if this seems like a silly question – I really just want to sell pdf ebooks on my site and is this the plug in to do it? I watched the video and everything and still just don’t “get it” (yes I am that new to this) thanks in advance! Angel

Hi empathviews,

DK PDF Generator allows you to select your WordPress posts and pages in order to create a PDF with all of them.

So yes, you need a WordPress website in order to use DK PDF Generator and be able to create the PDF.

Here is the link to the demo where you can play around and see how it works:


Hi. It will be cool to create pdf of any pages and posts by visitors with button on the page or post.

Hi maxtitov,

DK PDF (free) allows adding a PDF button on posts and pages:


I am looking to generate a PDF on custom post types based on a complex meta query. I can us WP Query to identify the posts I’d like to include in the PDF. Is there a way I can feed these IDs to DK PDF Generator in the admin to generate the PDF? Could I call a shortcode, for instance, in a custom coded plugin to generate the file?

Hi dbfcs,

In the admin you can select custom post type posts one by one or by taxonomy term. Also you can do a PDF template customization and add your own logic (the same code that you’ve in your theme template for example). more info here:

About the shortcode, I’m already working on a shortcode that will map the same values as in the admin and will allow site visitor to download the PDF. this feature will come in the next version.


hello I have an pre-sale question. I have the free wp plugin installed, and I am stuggling to make two columns on the PDF. The post I have the PDF button on is showing two columns like I want, but the PDF only make one column. I use sidebar html and css (same classes as on wp single) Are the PDF plugin designed to strip of the sidebar? I have also tryed using the CSS in settings without any luck. The reason I need two column is that the post are an CV and I want personal details in one coloumn and school/work in the other column. I was hoping that the PDF could be exactly like the post and preserving the html/CSS. Is it possible to create PDF like I am descrimbing her with DK PDF or is this not the way it is made to work? If I can make the pdf just like the post, I will gladly go for the premium version. I can send you a link to the website I am working on if you would like to see my setup.

Hi bjjoha,

By default both plugins uses the_content (default WordPress function) to show the content in the PDF. To add more content (that is not in the_content) to the PDF you’ve to do a template customization and add your own code there. More info about how to do a template customization:

Here is how to do it with DK PDF (free):

Buying DK PDF Generator will not solve your problem, you’ll need to do the template customization by yourself anyway.



Any update regarding this comment?

dinamiko Author about 1 year ago Flag Hello dweb, I just did a quick test and not works with Visual Composer. I’m going to need some time for doing more tests and learn more about VC. Feel free to test DK PDF (free) and see if works there, that way you’ll ensure that DK PDF Generator will work too.

I’ve tested your plugin with VC and it doesn’t work. I really need to find a solution and I believe your sales would increase a lot if you add the compatibility with VC.


Hi allspy,

About Visual Composer seems that is possible to make it work with DK PDF (free) but I need to do more testing until I can add it:

So yes, I’m already working on this and I hope that it’s not going to take too long to incorporate to DK PDF Generator.



Thank you it really works, however the result is not exactly what I want.

With this addon is it possible to re-order the fields? Or can you build me a template?


Ok, using template seems good. I was planning on using different styles. Is it possible to have more tan one template and choose te template in some way?

One idea would be to make shortcodes that goes to the different templates. I don’t have the knowledge to make shortcodes, but I guess it should be possible in a way. Having the option to use different templates on the pdfs would make a excellent plugin even more exelent :)

Hi bjjoha,

The thing is that every WordPress site is different (custom post types, custom fields…), the most common piece of code used is the_content, this is because it is implemented in the default PDF template.

But both plugins uses the same template system that allow a complete customization of what will appear in the PDF, this is in my opinion one of the key features of both plugins.

I recommend you to play with the template customization, you can use default WordPress functionallity inside of the template, for example:

if( is_page(‘contact’) ) {
// print this
} else {
// print that


Hello there,

Nice plugin.. it does what i want to do…..choose pages and posts (including custom post types) in order to create a PDF file from them…

I have one pre-sales question. Is it possible to output also comments below each post?

I would like to choose some custom posts in order to to create a pdf file from them…but also each custom post have a number of user comments below (default wordpress commenting system)...

So is it possible to create a pdf file from multiple posts and and include its comments too…?

Best Regards, Yiannis

Hi ipnomonis,

By default the PDF only outputs the_content (the content inside Post editor) but is possible to add more functionallity to the PDF like comments. You have to do a template customization and add your code there, more info here:

DK PDF generator:

DK PDF (free):

If you don’t have the technical knowledge to do it, I can do it for you, just fill this form and I’ll reply to you with a budget:


Hello there, my question has two main parts: The first being is there a way to put several posts to the pdf generator to the field where you have to type in several post names, something like using comma for separating post titles. And the second part if there is any posibility of having an option where you can print out all main pages as separate documents with one click.

Thanks and have a great day! Bálint

Hi barcister,

sorry for the delay, I do not visit this page frequently, I’ve moved plugin support here:

Regarding your questions, the first one is not possible but you can group any number of posts under a post category or tag and just select it in the Categories selector.

About the second one, that’s not currently possible.

Thanks, Emili

Hi, i need to ask one question before to buy. With free version i see is impossibile to print iframe contet. Is possibile with this version? Thanks

Hi pb2008,

That’s not possible with DK PDF Generator either, keep in mind that Generator is an addon of DK PDF and it uses the PDF library from DK PDF (free).

Thanks, Emili


I’m working with this plugin on a family member’s site and am running into an issue where the “Select posts categories and taxonomy terms” filter isn’t working—it fails to autocomplete or allow any category names to be chosen.

I have all the posts on the site included in a category called “Blog”, but typing “blog” or “Blog” or any variation thereof in the plugin doesn’t work. It doesn’t autocomplete, and if I hit enter to try and force it to work, the field just gets cleared again.

The first filter field, “Select posts, pages and custom post types”, works as expected for finding individual posts and pages, but it doesn’t seem to work for post types so I can’t use it to bulk select all the posts on the site for PDF conversion.

This is all happening on a fresh WP install, running the latest version of the plugins and the latest version of WP, all on Flywheel hosting. There are no other plugins installed, and the default theme is in use.

Hi Marius,

I’ve moved DK PDF Generator plugin support, please create a new ticket here:

Thanks, Emili

Thanks Emili, I submitted a ticket over the weekend (#1416866)!

I just installed and I don’t see the plugin admin screen in my wordpress menu anywhere! I installed the free version first and it showed up and worked fine. Any Ideas?

Nevermind, now I see I need to install it as an addon to the free version. Sorry!


Is this plugin compatible with the newer versions of WordPress, as 4.9.1? Or is possibile to make it compatible with this version?

Hi soundofweb,

Yes it is, I forgot to update Software Version value, i’ve just update it now.

Thanks, Emili

dinamiko, A presales question. I have a WP multisite at that uses the Sabai Directory plugin. Sabai has no way to simply print the directory contents to a page. Being that the audiences for this site are often either homeless or supporting the homeless, we want a way to give humanitarian aid agencies a way to print their city directory onto a single 2-sided page and hand it out. I can’t tell for sure, but it seems your plugin MIGHT come close to being able to do that? Really just looking for a way to dynamically produce something like that might just show categories, organization names, and contact details.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Matthew

Hi levaire,

DK PDF (free) and DK PDF Generator allows PDF template customization, it means that you can copy plugin templates in your theme and modify them adding your own logic and design, here you´ll find more info about how to do it in DK PDF (free):

And here for DK PDF Generator:


Thank you, Emili. Next question: Do you offer support or development services? I would rather pay you to produce this than take the time to learn how this all works and fudge my way through it.


I have purchased the plugin and I am very satisfied so far. I have only one problem: the “Enable PDF protection” function is not working correctly. The texts of the created pdf files can still be copied. Do you have any suggestions how can I solve this?

Thanks in advance,


Hi richardhalmay,

PDF protection was added to the latest version of DK PDF (free) but I did not tested and implemented it yet in DK PDF Generator. It should not take much time so I´ll plan to do it during next week.

Please create a new ticket:
so you can follow the progress there, thanks.


Thanks for the quick answer. :-)