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Hello I think there is a problem wth the mpdf library : when the layout is multi columns pr a table, it is not pushing data to a new page but overlapping the first page. Thank you for your help

Hi dweb, write to me at and attach the pdf with the problem (if sending pdf is not possible, some screenshots with the proble are fine), right now is difficult for me figure out what you are trying to do, thanks.

Hello, How to set the ebook cover as a full image ? Thank you

Hi dweb, I replied to you via email. short answer: Upload image to Media and copy the file url, then add img HTML tag in Cover / Description field:

Hello, How to use the plugin to generate a pdf from any page, example : taxinomy page … Thank you

Hi dweb, you mean an archive page? right now you can only select pages, posts, custom post types and post categories, but you can create a normal page that lists the same as an archive page (using WP_Query in the template), I can help you with this, you can write to me at

Hello, i see that there was somebody else that asked this question 2 month’s ago. did you added styling the page with Visual composer, and export DK PDF Generator ? searching for an pdf export for visual composer Thanks.

Hi N3RDS, DK PDF Generator is not compatible with Visual Composer, right now the only page builder that works with DK PDF Generator is

Hello, can you also implement a pagination that shows the last page? Like this: “Page 1 of 5”.

And I need some more information for header and footer, like the authors name or the date of the last modification. It’s possible to use php code to get this information (e.g. <?php the_modified_author(); ?> ), though, this codes are not working with your theme. Can you add this functionality?

Hi Crille,

I don’t see your purchase and supported labels here so please send me your purchase code (sidebar Email dinamiko):

information on how to get your purchase code:

This is a PRE Sale Question

Pre purchase question: Does this plugin support pagination?

I tried DK PDF (free version) but it would only show the first page.


Problem solved.

Hi tharekali, I don’t understand what you mean about DK PDF (free) showing only the first page, can you elaborate the question a bit more? thanks.

The main difference between DK PDF (free) and DK PDF Generator is that DK PDF Generator allows you select multiple post/pages from the admin (also allows creating the cover and bookmarks). The free version only allows generating a PDF of the post/page you are viewing.


Hi dinamiko!

I get this error when I click on the button “Create PDF” : mPDF error: Text contains invalid UTF-8 character(s).

It’s appear with some posts categories.

Can you help me? Thanks


There is an other big problem, when I generate a PDF, the generation stops to the « Read more » tag (

How to include the content after the read more tag inside of the PDF ?

Best regards, Thanks,

Hi Guillaume97, I’m going to need more info about your site, please write to me at, thanks.

Okay ! Thank you


How to display the cover images for each posts such as your example:

Thank you!

In the example above I uploaded the image using Media Library and then I added this code to Cover / Description field:

Thanks for your response! I’m not speaking about the image that you included on the first cover page. I wanted to speak about the featured images included after each post title (on the page 1 or 7 for example)

Hello, I need to know if this plugin is supported with Visual Composer. I’ve tried with others but the exported pdf shows de vc shortcodes. Please help!!

Hi CodoEstudio, DK PDF Generator is not compatible with Visual Composer, one page builder that works out of the box with DK PDF Generator is Beaver Builder

Will this plugin generate a PDF from a form filled out on a web page?

Hi jpw94, sure, if you just need generate a single form from one single page you can try DK PDF (free):

Otherwise if you need generate a PDF with multiple pages you can use DK PDF Generator that also allows you to add a cover and a table of contents.

Thanks, Emili

Hi, this plugin supports the latin extended font?

Hi pproszowski,

Try DK PDF (free): If works in DK PDF will work in DK PDF Generator as well.


Presale question: Still incopatible with VisualComposer?

Hi blacklynx, not compatible with VisualComposer.


When am trying to create pdf getting an following error:

The page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

please advise.


Please let us know why pdf generator not work on my domain.

is there any SETTING or file permission we need to set.

Hi infotech, sorry for the delay, I’m going to need more info, please write to me at Thanks.

Hi rackinfotech, did you solve the problem?

feel free to write to me, I can look deeper at the problem, 500 error is a generic server error, normally is due to memory limit in the server. if you have access to the server error logs, there will appear the concrete error.


Hi dinamiko: 1) I tryed to show posts in 2 columns via css using “column-count:2;” without results. Do you know the right way? 2) Where can I customize the Table of Contents? 3) In the future you might consider to add an option to reduce the pdf file size. Thank you.

Hi Lamar_Comunicaciones:

1) Maybe this is because mPDF (the PDF library ) doesn’t understand ‘column-count:2’ css style. can you send me a link to the page? you can write to me at

2) What do you need to customize? Table of contents can be dificult to customize because is automatically generated by mPDF.

3) PDF file size is based on the content you’ve added (more content = more PDF size), images are the first thing to look at when you need to reduce the size of the PDF. I always recommend saving images in Photoshop using ‘Save for web’ jpg at 70% before upload to WordPress.

Thanks :)


I would like to add a PDF-button to generate a PDF from a selection of custom posts in a templated page.

Is it enough to add my own WP_Query to the dkpdfg-index.php and then add a shortcode on my templated page?

Best regards, Reidar

Hi Konsulenten,

PDF button shortcode is only available in DK PDF (free) but it only prints the content of the page you are in.

There are various ways to accomplish what you’re try to do, I recommend do it in DK PDF (free) if you’re planning to add the PDF button in the front-end (public part of the site):

1 – using dkpdf-button shortcode and then doing a template customization in DK PDF (adding your own WP_Query and logic to dkpdf-index.php):

2 – using dkpdf_query_args filter in your theme functions.php: In this example I’m using ‘p’ and ‘post_type’, but you can use any of the WP_Query params:

Also, feel free to write to me at and I’ll try to help you.


I purchased DK Pdf generator and using on my wordpress website. this is very useful tool.

By the way If you want to convert pdf to word, word to pdf, image to text documents online for free, you can try this free online tool I found this very useful too!

Pre-Sale Question – does your plugin create a table of contents that is more than one level deep? For example, will it follow the menu order?

Hi scasady,

By default has only one level, but it’s not difficult to add more levels, we need to add more headings (h2, h3… right now only has h1, for one single level). This is how mPDF (the PDF library used by DK PDF Generator) works, creates the table of contents based on the headings in the content.

Are you using headings (h1, h2, h3…) in your content? If so, there is not dificult to implement it, I can help you.


Yes, each page is using a h1 heading for each page title. I am building an online manual so some of the parent pages will have child pages under them (menu order). I need the table of contents to display something like this:

Parent Page (H1 Heading) • Child page (H1 Heading) • Child page (H1 Heading) o Child page (H1 Heading) o Child page (H1 Heading)

So this is possible?

The editor removed my menu indention. Please let me know if I need to clarify, thanks!

Pre-Sale Question – I installed your free dk pdf to test if it works with formidable (most formidable users say this dk pdf plugin works well with the form) but as I try it, it only prints the page where the button is displayed, not the form entry which was supposed to be printed.

I reached onto formidable support and they said you have issues with your free plugin and this is the error that they got:

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; mPDF has a deprecated constructor in /Users/Jamie/Sites/features/wp-content/plugins/dk-pdf/includes/mpdf60/mpdf.php on line 89

I am planning to purchase this plugin, but not sure if I have the issue on my server or websites, or its the free plugin itself.

Hope you can help. thanks.

Hi RainClouDesigns,

DK PDF Generator uses mPDF library that comes in DK PDF, so if you’re getting a mPDF error in DK PDF, you’re going to have the same error in DK PDF Generator as well.

Seems that it’s an error with the version of PHP and mPDF, so feel free to open a ticket in DK PDF support and I’ll try to reply as soon as I can: