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Very useful item! Good job! :)

Hi diank123, thanks!

good work ! :) i wish you all the best for your sale ;)

Hi EricProchnow, thanks!

Hola Emili, abans t’he contectat per twitter. És possible que em diguis si pot funcionar bé per tema de Inmmobiliaria el Plugin? Et deixo l’enllaç on tinc el free. Gràcies.

Hi joanisern, sure, you can write to me at

Great plugin. It just saved the day. I wish I could choose from just posts or pages instead of all of them being populated in the list. But I’ll wade through the headlines to find what I need versus a copy/paste option any day.

I may have figured out the shortcut…

Hi lizardjam,

Thank you so much for using DK PDF Generator :)

I tested many ways for selecting the content, actually this was the prefered way after doing some usability and performance tests.

What I’ve planned to do in next versions of the plugin is adding more ways to select content, for example I’ve planned adding another select that allows selecting categories.

Feel free to add here any thing related to DK PDF Generator, feedback, improvements, bugs… I’m here to listening to you :)


This is a great idea that I want to support, and so I purchased. Thanks for your work.

However, I thought I would be able to set up a few complied PDFs, with saved title page information and contents. As you know, your product is more about creating a certain PDF once, or only one PDF multiple times.

I would love to see an ability to select from multiple saved setups, for example, all posts in Series 1 would have different text on the title page compared to another PDF of all posts in Series 2 with unique text on title page and different posts in the contents.

I have about 4-5 different PDFs I would like to generate every few weeks to capture changes on my website.

Also, I don’t see any instructions about how to use modified templates in this plugin. Where should I copy the dkpdf-generator templates?

Thanks again!

Hi westrex,

About template customization, sorry for that, I forgot to create the doc, I’m going to create this right now. Meanwhile you can follow the DK PDF documentation but keeping in mind that the folder in your theme has to be named dkpdfg, instead of dkpdf.

Content creators are the primary target of DK PDF Generator, so all of your feedback is gold for me.

If I understood you, you need the ability to save various PDFs, instead of just one like now, correct?

Best Regards.

Yes, that is correct, Emili. Gracias.

Great plugin, congratulations. Please add the ability to create a PDF of all post belonging to a specific category!

Hi thinkamap, thanks for using DK PDF Generator :)

I started working on this, another select that searchs for categories (and child categories), once finished and tested, this is going to be in the next version (1.2).

Also, I’m working on adding the ability to save and load posts selections (@westrex), so maybe I’m going to apply the same for categories, the ability to save and load selected categories.

Best Regards.


Thank you for your prompt response. Great to know that you take action based on customer suggestions.

I’ll be waiting for the upcoming updates. Good luck with sales!

Hi thinkamap,

sorry for the delay. I’ve planned work on this at the end of this week. will be good if I can send it to you for testing before I’ll upload here at cc. you can write to me at



I have just bought your plugin which we need working really fast and accurate, but we could not activate it. Our licence number is e0f8a417-659e-4707-b379-5da53500dacf.

The error message is:

“Installing Plugin from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugins page”

What should we do?

Thank you very much and happy new year!

Hi Mirada360,

are you uploading the .zip downloaded from codecanyon? inside this .zip there is another .zip ( with the plugin. This is the .zip you’ve to upload.

please follow installation steps and video here:

if you’re in trouble, you can write to me at

p.d. can you edit your previous message?, I recommend you removing the text with the license number, keep in mind that everyone can view the comments here. I see the Purchased label, so I know that you already bought the plugin.

Best Regards.

Great work mate! GLWS!

Hello, I just installed the plugin but when I want to generate a PDF (avec2 test or 10 items) I have a blank page with /admin.php?page=dkpdf-gtool

Hi taholu, I’m sorry for that, I’m going to need more information, please write to me at and I’ll try to solve the problem.

Hello! In my web don’t work rightly, it looks like have not got link in the “button” generate pdf.

Hello Mirada360, write to me at I’m going to need more information about the problem, thanks.


it is a very good plugin! Is it possible to have a smaller pdf now i have with two sites 1,8 MB and that is to much. I try it with change the dpi to 72 but nothing change. Have you a solution for this?

thanks greetings Leonid Buckowitz

Hello Leonid-Design, thanks :)

I’m going to need to see the generated PDF, by default the plugin template is getting the content (the_content) ‘as is’ so maybe is because of the image preset. Please write to me at and send me the PDF, thanks.

Best Regards

Hi, When activate mey plugin, i see this message…Please help me;

“Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tgmpa() (previously declared in /home/rara1907/public_html/ in /home/rara1907/public_html/ on line 1985”

Thank you…

Hi RARA1907, my apologizes for that, It’s a conflict with tgm library being declared twice (dkpdf gen. + julia theme).

please do this quick fix, I’m going to fix this in the next version of dkpdf generator:

In dk-pdf-generator.php comment or delete the line 58: require_once DKPDFG_PLUGIN_DIR . ‘includes/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php’;

Do this and tell me if the error dissapeared, thanks.

Keep in mind that what tgm library does is remember you to install DK PDF (free) plugin for DK PDF Generator work correctly. more info on install both plugins here:

Best Regards.

Also, if you don’t want to tweak code, please write to me at and I’ll send you the plugin with the above fix.

I forgot to mention that you’ve to comment or delete the last line of code in the same file dk-pdf-generator.php

add_action( ‘tgmpa_register’, ‘dkpdfg_register_required_plugins’ );

Hi dinamiko, I don’t get tablepress tables generated before the ouput. Is there already a solution for this?

Hi thaflo, I didn’t test yet the plugin with tablepress. I can help you doing a template customization, maybe that way we can get tablepress data from WordPress database. Write to me at and send me all the info for me to replicate in my local dev, thanks. Meanwhile I’m going to install tablepress and start doing tests in my local.

Hi thaflo, I just did a quick test and tablepress only works in dkpdf, in dkpdf generator is getting tablepress shortcode in raw, like this [table id=1 /]. Give me some time for solving this, once I’ve more info I’ll tell you here.

Hi thaflo, I created a ticket in tablepress support forum, you can see the ticket here:

and the solution here (add this to your theme functions.php):

function run_tablepress_shortcodes_in_admin() { if ( is_admin() ) { TablePress::$model_options = TablePress::load_model( ‘options’ ); TablePress::$model_table = TablePress::load_model( ‘table’ ); $GLOBALS[‘tablepress_frontend_controller’] = TablePress::load_controller( ‘frontend’ ); } }

add_action( ‘tablepress_run’, ‘run_tablepress_shortcodes_in_admin’ );

Hello, If we stylise the page with Visual composer, layout will be taken into account by DK PDF Generator ? Thank you

Hello dweb, I just did a quick test and not works with Visual Composer. I’m going to need some time for doing more tests and learn more about VC. Feel free to test DK PDF (free) and see if works there, that way you’ll ensure that DK PDF Generator will work too.

Thanks for your support for your free plugin and also for this great plugin. a.k.a/amamule

I would like to get in pdf a series of properties of a template of Real Estate. you can choose which parts of the post appear, ie the outstanding image (choose the size), then the content. and is posibble to add a logo? Thk’s

Hi davidpapis,

by default PDF template gets only the content, if you’ll need to add more information (custom fields for example) you’ll need to do a template customization. I did several paid customizations for DK PDF, you can see one of them here (click download PDF red button):

In that case was for a single property but DK PDF Generator allows you selecting multiple properties and create a PDF with all of them, also uses a template system that allows override plugin themplates in your theme, more info here: finally here is a step by step example of a DK PDF customization, all concepts are the same for both plugins DK PDF and DK PDF Generator:

Feel free to write to me at if you’ll need more info and examples about PDF customizations, thanks.

Hello, nice plugin but I have a doubt. I’de like to know if I can pass to this plugin a complete custom content (coming from a dynamic page) and make it a pdf document. This way I should control de position, size and color of things. Is this possible? Thank you!

Hi renatolinsdigital,

sure, DK PDF Generator allows template customizations, more info here: and here is a customization tutorial, its for DK DKF but the concepts are the same:

If you don’t want to tweak code I’ve a paid customization service, you can write to me at, thanks.

Best Regards

Hi. I want to create a .pdf of all the posts and pages on my site (to print a hardcopy). Is there a shortcode to do this (or something similar) instead of manually searching and choosing each post in DK pdf generator?

thanks, sarrita

Hi sarritahunn, I’m already working on this feature but it’s not finished yet, I’m going to need testing and feedback from users like you, for example: how posts and pages will be ordered in the PDF? by creation date? by title?... pages and posts together or pages first and then posts… as you can see I’m trying to create some kind of control for the user beyond creating a button ‘create a PDF with all the content’, so your feedback will be gold for me, you can write to me at and we can work together finishing and testing this feature, thanks in advance.

Hi dinamiko, What an excellent plugin. Thank you! I would like to use it to generate a collection of pages (as academic book chapters) which are individually endnoted (using code like: [1] and so on). But if try it with my website pages, then click on an endnote reference in the first page contents in the corresponding PDF, it takes me straight to the corresponding endnote in the final page content’s endnotes (these override the earlier endnotes, in other words). If I could do this it would be a wonderful way of producing an academic ebook. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

Hi cg222, thanks to you for using DK PDF Generator :)

I’m going to need more info to figure out what you are trying to accomplish, please write to me at and send me the generated PDF also all the information you consider useful for me to reproduce it, thanks.


How to control header height I added this :

but on the second page title is overlapping with content !

Thank you

Hello dweb, thanks for using dk pdf generator, Go to DK PDF / PDF Setup and increase Margin top value (margin top of content), also you can increase Margin header (margin bottom of header). Try it and tell me, thanks.


Thank you for your help

Just a last question, i try to make a 2 columns presentation as in your woocommerce post :

<div class="product-container"> <div class="product-left">xx</div> <div class="product-right">yy</div> <div> product-container { width:100%; float:left; } .product-left { width:50%; float:left; } .product-right { width:50%; float:right; margin:0; padding:0; line-height: 130%; } but the page break is not happen correctly ! Thank you</div></div>