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Nice work GLWS :)


very good job ! all the best for your sales ;)

Thanks very much!

can you loop the sounds? can the sounds be played at same time while looping?

Yep looping them should be possible – look at adding an observer for when the sound file finishes playing or get in touch and i might be able to do some custom work if you’re interested. Thanks

so it just plays a sound when a button is pressed. Right?

Hi There. Apologies for the slow reply but yes this is correct. When the user taps a button a corresponding sound is played. You can change these sounds etc. as and when you want to.

I would like to buy this, but before I do, do you have any plans to add any advertising integration?

I want edit the size of Stack view and button?

Very nice job ;)

How many sounds can I have in the app and how are the sound files loaded? plist hardcode??

Hello SIr, Send me the live demo of your app at itunes. Did this app have new sound effects and loops or anything new ?

Hi, Is it possible that the played sound would go through the phone when you call someone?