Distance Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

Distance Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

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Distance Rate Shipping for WooCommerce plugin lets you set your shipping rates according to how much time it takes or how far away delivery is. Using the WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping plugin, the store admin can create various rules that will apply different shipping charges to customers based on distance and duration of delivery to customer’s location.

The plugin has ‘Time’ and ‘Distance’ options. You can also change the weight or dimensions of your products and set the shipping price for each item on shipping rates accordingly. Google Distance Matrix API used by the Distance Rate shipping for WooCommerce plugin to calculates distance and duration between two locations.

Features of Distance Rate Shipping for WooCommerce :

Create shipping rules based on distance/duration with rates to be applied.

✔  Shipping rules/Logic are created on height, weight, width, length, and distance.

Google Distance Matrix API is used to calculate accurate Distance/Duration.

✔ Supports Kilometers and Miles. Set a different price for shipping charges per KM or Miles. 

✔ You can create unlimited rules based on different values and ranges.

✔  Send shipments from multiple locations. Compatible with WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management Plugin

Plugin creates new shipping method called Distance Rate Shipping

Option to Autofill Address on Checkout

Shipping rules can be Edit/Enable/Disable/Delete

Easy to Configure & Install.

No Monthly Fees.

Advantages of Distance Rate Shipping for WooCommerce:

The advantages of using the WooCommerce Distance Rate Plugin include:

  • It helps you save money by charging less when items are delivered closer to home.
  • It makes sure that every customer gets their package within a specified period of time.
  • It gives you complete control over travel time in your shipping process.
  • With Distance Rate Shipping for WooCommerce plugin, you don’t need to set up shipping zones—you can just use shipping distance.
  • Multiple Origin Address(es) for Delivery, distance gets calculated from items location. (Need WooCommerce Multi Locations Inventory Management plugin)
  • It provides accurate/predictable delivery time so you’ll always be able to keep track of your packages.
  • Accurate shipping charges keeps customers happy when you deliver your own goods.
  • It offers great flexibility since you can customize the settings to suit your business needs.


Note: WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping plugin uses Google Distance Matrix API to calculate the distance ( Google Maps API ).

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Version 1.1.5
[Fix] Multilocation compatibility

Version 1.1.2
[Add] Added Debug Log
[Fix] Facing Warnings on the checkout page.
[Fix] Rule name not updating after the edit

=Version 1.1.0=
[Add] UI changes on Rules Tab
[Fix] DRS is not working with the multilocation plugin
[Fix] DRS message is not displayed properly on the cart page.

=Version 1.0.10=
[Add] Added Negative cost value
[Add] Edit pop to update the rule

= Version 1.0.9=
[New]- Added filter to hide and show not required columns from the table [Add Rules]
[New]- Added Rule with base price and additional price in single rules
[New]- Added Handling Fee for each rule 
[New]- Added Distance Unit

= Version 1.0.8 =
New: Rule for Min Cart Quantity & Max Cart Quantity

= Version 1.0.6 =
Fix: Calculating shipping address from origin address to destination full address (Address line 1, Address line 2)

= Version 1.0.5 =
New : Settings Enhancement

Version 1.0.4 =
New : Min cart value feature (Enhancement).
Fix : Unable float value for distance
Fix : Update rule text added for edit rule.

= Version 1.0.3 =
New : Apply discount if Max cart amount is less than X
Fix : Warning php 8 fixes

= Version 1.0.2 =
New : New WC Fixes
New : Calculate cost by multiplying distance unit (Cost per unit)

= Version 1.0.0 =
* New : Initial Release.