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Templines does not currently provide support for this item.

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Do you have any ideea why doesn`t show in Internet Exlorer?


Add this code in global.css you theme
    display:block !important;

Ok! Thank you

Nobody is answering here. I really don`t reccomend this seller.

On your support site I did`t find this product to select, so I cannot bennefit from support ticket, can`t open one.

Repeat comment again ?? , send by e-mail ?? , enter code “free” . ?? Omg

My conscience is clear

is a way i take out the logo and link of Disqus?

Hello. Sorry I do not understand your question

when you see the comment area has the disqus logo can i take it out?

Full settings are on developer’s site


Could you tell me which file zip to install? I download and i found 2:

1. name is codecanyon-5603536-disqus-comments 2. is another file inside these zip file

Your file is very confusing and don’t have install guide.

Hi use this

Can I add this to any HTML page? I don’t have PS but I have a bunch of database driven web pages. I need something like this.

Hi. No it is only Prestashop version .

Hello, Is this module responsive? (prestashop default bootstrap theme here) Thanks.

I have bought and installed on

I had to disable the module on displayProductTab and just let it on displayProductTabContent, else I had a bullet point with “Disqus Comments” mention.

How can I have a “Commentaires” horizontal tab which looks the same as “Fiche Technique”, “En savoir plus”, etc.?

Thanks for this module.

Hi. unfortunately we do not offer additional module settings only disques connect . Thanks

In fact, I’m not asking for another product.

I don’t understand why the module was placed on displayProductTab because this just generates a bullet point “Disqus Comments” and I’m not sure it’s expected.


I have a suggestion to improve the module.

Disqus uses the URL to define which discussion thread to display. But when there is a parameter in the URL, Disqus considers it’s another URL then it loads a new discussion thread.

For instance, on my website those two URLs are the same product and the discussion thread should be the same:

I think you should set an identifier value when calling Disqus. This identifier could be the product number or reference in Prestashop. This way, Disqus would load the correct discussion thread, related to this one product.

Disqus explains that here:

Thank you for the offer but unfortunately I do not plan to improve this module

Thanks for being honest. I’ll do that myself…

Ok thanks

Hello. Could you please tell what tab.tpl is used for? Thanks.

I want to buy the module for my website’s blog.

By any chance will this work on a blog? in place of fb comments.

let me know, thanks.

Hi. Unfortunately not. Here is our blog module with Disqus Comments Thanks

Hello Can I use this module on the RLT website?