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Hi I have purchase this item. However the Add to cart is not working.

1) I turn on Add to cart 2) Set custom text 3) Set add to cart link to “Link to Product Details”

But at the front end still not display the link.

here is the URL:

Login info: Username: izik Password: 5u875556uF

I think the author is awol or I would purchase. The other Display Product looks like it may be no longer supported or I would have purchased that as well.

Please fix these small bugs, really would like to buy. Demo – Table shows twice on page. Descriptions causing PHP error.

Can I also add variations to table ?

Hello, like to purchase this plugin, but first need to know if you have RTL support. i need to create a table list for my products, and like it to be displayed right to left. all columns should be align to right.

thanks ilan

When will this be fixed? There is a duplicate header in the footer, and it messes up the footer of my theme. And is there any way to add a third party plugin like “Product Documents” to be able to work with your plugin?

Zero support, too bad could work nice

I like the idea of the plugin. I would use 4 columns: Product, Price, “Quantity” Add to Cart I need to know before I buy it, if I have the ability to add the “Quantity” field. From this moment I thank you for your answer.

pre-purchase question will this plugin works on gravity form woocommerce add on plugin??? For coditional Logic Dropdown ??

Thank you

Too select city based on country


I make a comments last week and now is deleted I think.

I buy your widget Display product variations in table for WooCommerce but in my download files i dont have the last version… and nothing worked. I have the version in main files and in the old version folder is the version so….

In the readme files you talk about: unzip the

Where is this version?

Thanks to help me quickly!

It’s a shame. The demo is so nice and interesting, there’s just few bugs and the developper seems to have… disappear !?

And one feature would be amazing, if the developer comes back : an option to display each variations of the variable products on their own line (1 line for each variation).

Can this plugin be used to display all products in a shop or in a category in table format rather than just product variations?

Is it compatible with product filters? Please assist. Thank you.

Your demo goes to xhamster lol.. Might wanna fix that.

Where is your frontpage demo buddy? And your backend demo page is warning a malware. Tks.