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How to update the plugin?

If you use a too old version and see update warning you should:

1. Delete the plugin folder from wp-content/plugins using FTP or your host file manager
2. Upload new version using FTP or WP plugin upload tab (from wp-admin)

For all other updates you can easily do all from wp-admin:
1. Deactivate the plugin
2. Delete the plugin
3. Install new version using WP plugin upload tab (and activate it)

Does it works with other security plugins? (e.g. Better WP Security, Wordfence, BulletProof)

Yes, it does :)

What if I deactivate the plugin. Does it return everything back?

Absolutely ! Just deactivate it from admin panel and everything will revert back. If you use a cache plugin you may need to flush it. If the plugin was deleted or renamed suddenly you need to visit Settings ->Permalink page (just visit nothing more!) and everything will revert back, too!

how to translate wordpress plugin in any language?

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Download “CodeStyling Localization” plugin, Install it on your WordPress website, and activate it.
  2. Go to Localization under Tools. Click on plug-ins to see the plug-ins list.
  3. Go to display product.If you do not see your language there click on “Add New Language”.
  4. Choose your language and click on “create po-file”.
    If you get an access-error message click on ok. Then connect to your server with an FTP-client software and change the permissions for the “language” folder (located inside your theme’s folder) set to 777. This should take care of the error message. Choose your language and click on “create po-file” again to create a pair of language files.
  5. The plugin creates the files for you. Click on “Rescan” to scan all the translatable terms and words inside the theme. It opens a window for you. Click on “scan now”.
  6. After the scan is finished click on “Edit” to translate the words.
  7. Translate the words.
  8. When you are done with translation click the button “generate mo-file”. This step is very important because it is the “mo” file that is read by WordPress.

You are done. Your plugin is localized! :)

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