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lethduy Purchased

Hi, I want add product category to the post/page. I used code: “product_category per_page=”300” columns=”3” orderby=”data” order=”ASC” category=... But it don’t have “sort by” (menu sort) of woocommerce. I want show it. I used plugin, but i want uset category of woocomnerce, Not of the plugin.

Thanks so much.

There are few questions related to the plugin

A) If we follow the example shortcodes to our product page, it came up as pure wordings such as

B) Once placed in shortcodes, the shopping cart x delete function totally out of work. View cart also seem not functioning.

C) in the tutorial video, it shows product setting can be set in woocommerce but we don’t have that option

We can provide related info for the test out.


TISSBO Purchased

Hello, i have a problem running the plugin. What I’m trying to do is run in the same page placed in diffenrent tabs a different view of my products pointing to a different product category. It returns a message stating that a version fo the plugin is already running in the page. I really appreciate your time for developing such a wonderful tool for woocommerce. I look forward for your assistance.

thansk in advance

Hello, i’ve purchased this plugin, but i have some issue: I want to show two shortcodes in home page, recently added products and sales products, but the second one is not working. The filter seems not to work and i get random products

The website runs: WP: 4.7.5 WC Version: 3.0.8 Display Product for WooCommerce: 2.1.0

Please let me know, thank you

Sorry, i forgot to mention the theme is Avada 5.1.5

No response? After 12 days?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to add a column to add multiple product in one time. Right now, the user have to had each product buy a single button, but if he can add “all the selected product” with a checkbox at the end of all product line.

Do you think it can be a feature that can be add ? If not, do you know if there any other plugin for that, that will work whit your’s ?


I have purchased this plugin…

Is it possible to display multiple embedded shortcodes on the same page? Each time I add a second one, it breaks the page. Thanks, the reason I have to do it this way, is there are complex categories that need organized into unique list templates.

I sent an email 4 days ago and am still waiting for a response

Can I have woocommerce products filtered? Can I open an iframe inside a lightbox? Does it load this through ajax? Does it have load more or infinite scroll feature? Thank you!


IareChaz Purchased

I am unable to override the CSS styling of rendered elements.

Hello – still having issues with the plugin disabling the woocommerce quantity arrows – do you have a fix for this yet – I’ve requested this over a month ago – can you please help