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Hi. The pagination is no longer working. When you click the page button it changes the address to the page but doesn’t actually go to the page. Your help would be greatly appreciated, cheers.

Hello, Firstly I really enjoy this plug in and very happy of purchase.

is there a way for product to say “out of stock” when has sold out rather than no notice at all? I have stock setting on so when in stock it says “in stock 2” but would like to tell customer “temporary out of stock” how can I make this happen please.

Thank you

Hello. I just bought the plugin 2 days ago. But in Settings, my shop page of woocommerce is no showing… (it shows me other pages but NOT my shop page) I have Wordpress 4.9.4 and I don’t know if this plugin is compatible with this version…? My woocommerce version is the 3.3.3 Thank you!!

hi in mobile version and in any product page it dosent show price i tested in android and ios but in desktop version evrey thing is good … smone one please help me

hi i buy the display product plugin its work good on desktop version but in mobile version it dosent show the price in product page ( in shop page evrey thing is good ) in you demo version evrey thing woks well but in our mobile version it dosent work

Hello There, The drag and drop feature doesn’t work therefore I am unable to use this. Please respond asap as otherwise there’s no point in purchasing this. Thanks

Hi there,

your plugin seems to be what i’m looking for. But since I had bad experience with my last listview plugin, I want you to ask, if there is any way to test your plugin.

The reason is, that i’m not sure if your plugin works well together with my template (topshop from Kaira) and as well with woocommerce germanized plugin.

So I’d like to buy your plugin but need to test it. Would be glad to hear from you!

Have a nice day!

Regards from Berlin!


Can your Display Product 2.1.0 provide the Chinese version of the backstage control panel? Thanks

Can your Display Product 2.1.0 support batch selection to add a shopping cart? Thanks


NXS Purchased

Hello I was buy the Product Category List for WooCommerce and i realize that the plugin is old and not working, just now i was fount the multilayout for woocommerce and i need to buy it , can you refund the money for the first extension ? I need to show the products in a list and i think your plugin can do this.

thank you