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When using ‘product descriptions’ if your character limit happens to cut off on text that is styled; bold,italic – The styling will continue to the rest of your page… There needs to be a closing/cap on the parsing of html within these text blocks…

So close to great… Almost there! THANKS!

I want to buy the plugin could you confirm before is it possible ajax add to cart ?

Hi there,

I purchased this plugin to work with my current wordpress site and theme. When I attempt to use the list functionality, I am getting really messed up looking CSS.

I would prefer a refund. I am a EU citizen and this was a purchase for my personal site (not business).

Thank you in advance.



As a guide, for those additional EU rights to apply, the buyer must be located in the EU and purchased your item for personal use only and not in connection with business, trade or commerce. If the buyer meets this profile, then we strongly recommend a mistaken purchase refund be provided for a period of up to 12 months from the date the customer receives your item, even if they have downloaded it


Can you help fix a problem with the search? when I put more than one word in the search field it doesnt give any results.

I noticed that the search URL afterwards tries to search the words adding both strings together, example:

big dog = digdog instead of big&dog

Please help!

I finally had a chance to try this. I never got the search results working and the documentation is incomplete and vague. I do wish it would work as simply as it was made to appear in the video but that is simply not the case; Neither the Documentation nor the video tell you where to put the php code to properly work with theme files . I had some redirect issues but resolved it by NOT setting Woos pages to the new ones with shortcode. Still problems though when adding the shortcode as the instructions/video show the ability to set the skin does not appear because the panel does not expand. Even after adding it manually the skin still does not apply on the table setting.

Dear Support,

We have just purchased your plugin, and tested thoroughly. We are happy for it, but we have one question: we would like to display product attributes in the table view. We have seen before we purchased it that you have the option for adding a “custom field” in the product display, that can load a text/image/shortcode. How can the product attributes be shown here, if the “usual” field id (pa_attribute) is not working? Can you please help us?

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

Marta Marczell

hello, i installed the plugin and activate it. the wordpress showed it was a success but the plug in menu show the plug in still not activate. and there is no display product menu under wordpress menu.

We changed “SKU” in woocommerce to Product Number. We would like to do the same for this plugin. Any ideas on how to go about doing this? Thanks in advance.

Hello, I just bought your “Display Product for woocommerce”.

But… I have the latest version of WP (4.7.2)... And it seems your plugin could not work with this version.

Could we have a support on it please ? Or cash back instead, if the plug in is not supported by our WP.

Many thanks ! Stephane

Hello ! Can we expect a version for the latest WP (4.7.x) ? We just bought your extension, but can not install it :’( Thanks

No answers ? We wait for 5 days now, instead of the 2 days indicated by enveato !


feefyou Purchased

NEED custom CSS per ‘drag and drop’ item, or per list… PLEASE!

We are about to purchase your plugin – still hesitate though, as many questions regarding attribute filtering have remained unanswered… When is the next update going to be rolled out? Is the requested feature going to be included?

The plugin does not work properly in responsive design. Text on buttons are cut off, and formatting is not performing as it should. Please refund my money as I will not use this plugin. I was expecting it to be responsive friendly.

Any response?

I want to make a purchase for this plugin.

Can you confirm before is this plugin support RTL language? Cause my site is in Hebrew Lang.

Any chance for an update soon? Not working with WP 4.7.2 :(


tensorplc Purchased

It would be good if the default sorting would take Woocommerce’s ‘Menu Order’ value into consideration. I fixed this by editing displayProduct-shortcodes.php and setting the $orderby value to ‘menu_order’ on line 325.



Can you please reply to me . I need this plugin . just few questions. then i’ll make purchase.