Display Product - Multi-Layout for WooCommerce

Display Product - Multi-Layout for WooCommerce

Display Product – current version 2.0.14 available for download!

WordPress 4.5.3 Ready!

WooCommerce 2.6.2 Ready!

If you have the problem concerning to product item display of WooCommerce plug in which can display as required.  Plug In Display Product for woocommerce with shortcode will be an auxiliary equipment which provides you can control product display in everywhere and every form as your desire.

For whom will this Plug-In be proper to?

  • It is proper for the person who wants display product item in beautiful and different form.
  • It is proper for the person who has a problem concerning to template does not support the display of WooCommerce.
  • It is proper for the person who adjusts the display of product according to the most your requirement.
  • It is proper for the person who wants to add position in the product display on website page.

New Features

Display Product Features

Filter Product

  • All Product
  • Only Featured Products
  • Only Sale Products
  • In Stock Product
  • Out of Stock Product

Sort Product by

  • Default
  • Popularity
  • Newness
  • Sort by Product title a to z
  • Sort by Product title z to a
  • Price Low – High
  • Price High – Low
  • SKU Low – High
  • SKU High – Low
  • Stock Low – High
  • Stock High – Low
  • Random

Over 36 animations

  • fadeIn
  • fadeInLeft
  • fadeInRight
  • fadeInUp
  • fadeInDown
  • rotateIn
  • rotateInLeft
  • rotateInRight
  • rotateInUp
  • rotateInDown
  • bounce
  • bounceInLeft
  • bounceInRight
  • bounceInUp
  • bounceInDown
  • elasticInLeft
  • elasticInRight
  • elasticInUp
  • elasticInDown
  • zoomIn
  • zoomInLeft
  • zoomInRight
  • zoomInUp
  • zoomInDown
  • jellyInLeft
  • jellyInRight
  • jellyInDown
  • jellyInUp
  • flipInLeft
  • flipInRight
  • flipInUp
  • flipInDown
  • flipInV
  • flipInH
  • shake
  • pendulum


  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • iOS 6+
  • IE10
  • IE9 (without animations)
  • IE8 (without animations, with static captions)

Future To-Do list.

* New display product skin (Grid Simple skin, Pinerest skin, Card skin ,Mansory) (V 2.0)
* Add Ajax Pagination.
* Filter by tags .
* Filter by Author.
* Filter by attribute.
* Filter by Best Seller.
* Multiple Layout and Layout Toggle button.
* Compare Product.
* Favorite Product.
* Social Share.

Change Log

V2.0.14 (17 July 2016)
[Fix] Product Title (font weight & hover font weight)
[Fix] Category (font weight & hover font weight)
[Fix] Price (font weight & hover font weight)
[Fix] Short descriptions (font weight & hover font weight)
[Fix] SKU (font weight & hover font weight)
[Fix] Stock (font weight & hover font weight)
[Fix] Image Crop
* CSS issues fixed.

V2.0.13 (13 July 2016)
[Fix] Box & Box Carousel Element 
[Fix] Box & Box Carousel Style
[Fix] Custom Field style
* CSS issues fixed.

V2.0.12 (19 March 2016)
[Fix] Frontend Sortable and Perpage
[Fix] Table Column width
[Fix] Table Column name
[Fix] Table Element 
[Fix] Table Style
[Fix] Custom Field style
* CSS issues fixed.

V2.0.11 (12 March 2016)
[Fix] Fixed Table Element
[Fix] Box Element
[Fix] Custom field meta element
* CSS issues fixed.

V2.0.10 (7 March 2016)
Compatible with WooCommerce 2.5.2+
Compatible with WordPress 4.4.2
[Fix] Error table Style.css
[Fix] Add to cart button
[Fix] Show hide frontend sorter and perpage
* CSS issues fixed.

V2.0.4 (20 August 2015)
Compatible with WooCommerce 2.4+
Compatible with WordPress 4.3 “Billie”
[Fix] Product Short Description Color Picker(Excerpt)
[Fix] Quantity box ,minus button and plus button not working.
[Fix] Quantity box ,minus button and plus button not work for quickview
[Fix] css attribute to button.css
[Fix] new JS for quantitybox
[Fix] Remove border-top line of box
[Fix] new excerpt function and dp_excerpt_max_charlength($dp_excerpt['lenght'])

V2.0.3 (27 June 2015)
[Fix] Default link to product in list template and table template.
[Fix] Quick view in  list template and table template.

V2.0.2 (31 May 2015)
[New] New Feature Filter Product by tags and by shipping class.
[New] New Feature Image Resize and crop.
[Fix] Pagination not working.
[Fix] Multiple Query by Taxonomy such as Filter product in Category (Music) + Tag (Rock)
[Fix] Switch add to cart button type
[Fix] Javascript error and conflict.
[Fix] Frontend Sorter Product.
[Update] WooCommerce Function.
* CSS issues fixed.

V2.0.1 (28 May 15)
[Fix] jQuery conflict with select template.
[Fix] Color management.
[Fix] Box Carousel and Grid Carousel management.
[Fix] Change icon (admin menu , visual Composer).
* CSS issues fixed.
* Minor Bugged fixed.

V1.9.6 (23 August 14)
[Fix] jQuery conflict with default menu sorter.
[Fix] Conflict with TGM plugin management.
[Solved] Compatible with premium theme from themeforest

V1.9.5 (22 August 14)
* [Fix] error load button.css
* [Fix] error javascript conflict premium theme
* [Fix] error grid column

V1.9.4 (18 August 14)
* [Fix] Replace WooCommerce Page Function
* [Fix] Shortcode Generator & Sort
* [Fix] Error Replace TItle Function
* [Fix] CSS Isuue

V1.9.3 (3 August 14)
* [New] One click Update

V1.9.2 (6 July 14)
* [Fix] Page redirect error

V1.8.3 (25 April 14)
* [Fix] Wordpress 3.9 Tinymce custom button disappear.

V1.8.2 (14 April 14)
* [Fix] dppage=1.
Note! -  if you want to disable dppage=1 please go to menu WooCommerce > Display product option > page setup. > Select "Disable" options.
* CSS issues fixed.
* Minor Bugged fixed.

V1.8.1 (31 March 14)
* [Fix] dppage=1.
* [Fix] CSS issues fixed for Quick view popup.
* CSS issues fixed.
* Minor Bugged fixed.

V1.8.0 (10 February 14)
* [New] Quick view popup.
* [New] Background color picker.
* [New] Featured tag background color picker.
* [New] Sale tag background color picker.
* [Tweak] Improve Shortcode generator.
* [Fix] WooCommerce enable/disable
* [Localization] Other minor fixes and localisation updates.
* CSS issues fixed.
* Minor Bugged fixed.

V1.7.3 (20 January 14)
* [Add] One Click Install for display product page.
* [Fix] Error @ admin page title.
* [Fix] Product per page.
* [Fix] Product Sorter.
* [Fix] Redirecting shop problems.
* CSS issues fixed.
* Minor Bugged fixed

V1.7.2 (13 January 13)
* Minor Bugged fixed

V1.7.1 (13 January 13)
* [Fix] Redirecting shop page problems.
* [Fix] Redirecting product category page problems.
* [Fix] Redirecting product tag page problems.
* [Fix] Redirecting search product problems.
* [Fix] Redirecting shop problems.
* [Fix] Exclude Default WooCommerce page in plug-in options page.
* Minor Bugged fixed

V1.7 (10 January 13)
* [Add] Frontend Filter Product.
* [Add] Auto Detect Category.
* [Add] Auto Detect Tags.
* [Add] admin option page
* [New + Cool] Compatible default WooCommerce Category Page ,WooCommerce Tag Page ,WooCommerce Search Page and WooCommerce  Shop Page.
* [Cool] Change default page style.
* [Cool] Compatible with hot theme.
* [Add] Product Category rewrite title.
* [Add] Product  Tag rewrite title.
* [Add] Product  Search rewrite title.
* [Add] Change Category Permalink in product detail.
* [Add] Change Tag Permalink in product detail.
* [Fix] CSS White Page
* [Fix] Force Remove wpautop
* [Add] Language Text Domain(Beta, not work now).
* [Fix] Minor bugged fixed.

V1.6 (24 December 13)
* Add Affiliate button text
* Add Carousel Arrow & Dot navigation
* Fixed Multiple Carousel in one page
* Fixed Multiple Layout in one page
* Fixed white button
* Add Unique ID and random element id number
* Fixed pagination of homepage
* Remove WPAUTOP
* Fixed Generator Color selector
* Test category page and tag page (beta version).
* CSS issues fixed.
* Minor bugged fixed.

V1.5.1(19 December 13)
* Fix button
* Fix css
* CSS issues fixed.
* Minor bugged fixed.

V1.5 (17 December 13)
* Tested with WordPress 3.8
* Added Enable/Disable Hover Image.
* Added filter do shortcode in widget text
          Display product for woocommerce shortcode Use in text widgets.
* Added Trim words.
* Added 19 Google Fonts.
* Added Color picker: 
        - Table Background color
        - Table Head Background color
        - Table Head Text color
        - Table Row hover color
        - Border color
        - Product name color
        - Product name hover color
        - Price color
        - Text color
        - Link color
        - Link hover color
        - Button color
        - Button hover color
* Added Button & Quantity Box Options.
        - Button default
        - Button & Quantity input box
        - Button Product Detail
        - Custom Button text & Button URL Ex. Call for price
        - Custom Text & URL Ex.  Call for price Tel. 120-2221-222-111
* FIXED: Redicare function name  (get_first_image to db_get_first_image).
* Fixed minor skin bugs.
* Table issues fixed.
* Remove Skin select options.
* CSS issues fixed.
* Minor bugged fixed.

V1.1.4 (3 December 13)
* New: Sort Sort by Product title a to z.
* New: Sort Sort by Product title z to a.
* Minor bugged fixed
* update for the those who have php error "Warning: Illegal string offset ‘height’ 
/'width' in woocommerce/woocommerce-core-functions.php on line 303";

V1.1.3 (27 November 13)
* Minor bugged fixed
* Rename function TGM_Plugin_Activation to DP_TGM_Plugin_Activation
* Compress CSS Code: Reduce Load-time.

V1.1.2 (27 November 13)
* Minor bugged fixed
* Rename function

v1.1.0 (26 November 13)
* Minor bugged fixed
* FIXED: Display Image issue on Firefox
* CSS issues fixed

v1.0.0 (24 November 13)
* Initial Launch of the plugin