Discussion on Disk Audio Player For WordPress

Discussion on Disk Audio Player For WordPress

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Hi I have a problem I need background music, but when I open another page or a portfolio I would like the background to change according to the page that opens, and of course the previous page must be stopped, is it possible to do this with you?

Hi. Sorry, this plugin doesn’t have this feature.

Hi, does this player work with m4a or flac?

Hi. Yes, it works with m4a

hi, can player be loaded boomplay? And also albums and playlists from boomplay?

Hi. Sorry, not possible to use with Boomplay.

Hi, do you have any documentation where I can see how to use categories?

Hi, the categories in the plugin is only used in the admin part for organization purposes. To show the players on the site there is no category option.

Could you please give some example?

Sorry, I gave you the wrong information. This plugin does not work with categories. This happened due to the latest Wordpress update, which is showing the categories option automatically. Please just ignore this option, I will make an update to remove this option from categories, It doesn’t make any sense with this plugin.

Hello Friends, how can I bulk select Mp3 files in “Add tracks” instead one by one?

Hello, this option is not available in the plugin.

Will the future development route allow for sticky paste in the footer? And switching pages without interrupting playback?

I don’t understand what sticky paste in the footer is. If you are talking about putting the player in the footer, yes it is possible. Just insert the player’s shortcode into a Widget of type Text.

About not interrupting the audio playback when changing pages, it is related to how the structure of the site is made. In this case as far as I know, it is done with ajax technology, which allows opening content without changing the page. I don’t know of themes made in Wordpress with this technology, but of course it can exist. This way it depends on the site and not the player.

What is the problem that the autoplay option is enabled in the background, but it does not play automatically in the front end?

This is a restriction of new browsers, which no longer allow the audio to be autoplayed. It only works with user interaction. It’s not a plugin error, it’s just browser rules.

Can I set it to automatically play individual files or lists as soon as the page is opened?

Hi, I have audiobooks for sale, but I don’t want the user to download the audio file when I bought it. Is it possible to restrict the download and the user to listen to it from my website?

Hi, I used the Soundcloud site to open files that could be listened to but the user could not download the files. But they changed the way of access and at the moment there is no integration with my plugin. I think you will have to look for a solution like the Soundcloud website or a service similar to theirs which you will be able to restrict access to the file. It has to be a solution that doesn’t show the name and address of the file and doesn’t let it stay in the browser’s cache.

Hello, why when you press rewind or forward does it skip to the next track? The rewind button should go to the start of the song, then to the previous track if it’s pressed twice.

The only way to restart a track is to press stop, then click the track again.

Hello, the default behavior of the rewind or forward buttons is this way, go to the previous or next track. To restart a track you can click on the progress bar, which is below the buttons.

Thanks Srvalle, I actually just edited the javascript file instead. It was more important to have the track restart than for it to play the previous track. Surprisingly simple once I found the code. I’m sure i’m not the only one who is used to Spotify functionality of play, pause and rewind buttons. I’m sure it would be a great addition nonetheless for your js player. Fyi, this isn’t a complaint as it works fine for my purpose, but it’s probably a good addition for future functionality. Likewise for having to add and name each track individually… I thought this was a drag and drop admin. 7 hours of data entry on 500 songs isn’t a great use of my time. Thankfully i’ll get paid for it but not super useful for maintenance.

Thanks drewevans, I’ll think about this functionality. You were the first user who asked me about this feature. Glad you were able to edit the code. One way I use to add a feature that doesn’t exist in the player is by editing the Custom Javascript and Custom Style fields in the player’s admin. But if you have knowledge you can edit the code directly in the file.

how to display count views on player ?

The count views are only shown in player admin.

HI there, on some disc players the header and interface sections are scrambled, they overlap. I went through every parameter, they are the same.


try leaving the option “Disable Header” unchecked and put at least one image in the option “Default Image (80px X 80px)”. See if this works because if the Header is enabled, it has to have at least one image.

If that doesn’t work let me know. I believe that adding an image solves the issue.

You can reply to me only in the email. Regards.

Add Tracks button is dead it’s impossible to use this plugin with WP 5.7.2, I try on 2 differents web site with many browser, without others plugins, with php 7.4.

Hello, with the new version of WordPress, 5.5, it is also necessary to update to the latest version of the DiskPlayer plugin, 2.9. Please follow the procedure below.

- Download the latest version of the Disk Player plugin on the CodeCanyon website.
- Disable and delete the current version.
- Install and activate the new version.
- Important! Delete your browser’s cache. Perhaps the old script will be in the browser cache.
- And if you use a cache plugin, delete this cache as well.
- Existing data is not lost.

Regards, Sergio

Good luck with your sales

I’m having difficulties to scroll down the list of tracks on mobile… is there any way to make that bar easier to grab?

Hello, there is a configuration option in the player admin to remove the scroll down/up for mobiles. For the current script I would recommend this option. I intend to make an update and change this scrolling, but while it is not updated as I said above, I recommend the option to remove the scrolling for mobile.

I’m having trouble listening to audio on mobile devices though all files play perfect on desktop. Any ideas?

Hello, in my tests it works normally on mobile too. Please send in my email the address of the website that is having problem with mobile. I will check what may be going on. Regards.

Ok sent. Thank you

I’m finding it really hard to create a global style for all players (approx 30) on my site. It’s not sustainable to edit and maintain the look & feel of each player individually. But all styles are already set to !important, coming from your customizer, so we can’t event overwrite thme neatly within our global CSS. What’s the deal with this, please?

Hello. If I understand your question, you can remove the css from the Custom Styles fields and place the codes in your global css. Then all players will be affected.

And you can put all the codes inside the main css class called:

I tried that, but for some reason the native CSS already has !important set to most styles, making them impossible to overwrite… or am I missing something?

Unfortunately I had to put some !Important commands because some themes put your css globally without any criteria. And it affected the player’s settings.

Have you already tried to put the !Important in the properties you want to change? So should override other !Important… If you’ve already done this and it didn’t work, then you need to remove the !Importat from the property you want to change in the native CSS file. What property do you want to change and what class is it in?

Hi, I am looking for an audio player plug-in for a specific need: I want to create and sell audio books which site users can stream directly on my site after they buy. I need the following features: 1. Audio books archive page; 2. Audio book single page where book can be bought and/streamed; 3. Search and filter bar where users can look for specific audio books; 4. Category pages and option to organize audio books by category/genre/subject; 5. Option to show audio books organized by chapters, with introduction, conclusion and special audio and/or text note from author (is any); 6. Option to set book featured image or thumbnail; 7. Option to specify audio book language (a custom field to specify book language); 8. Option to specify trough custom field the publisher name 9. Option to add audio book short text description on audiobook single page; 10. Possibility for site user to listen to introduction and/or first chapters for free as a trial; 11. Audio files are going to be hosted on third party site called Publitio and link embedded on chapters/sections; 12. Option to specify audio book total length and chapter length in minutes; 13. Integration with BbPress so user can go learn more about audio book author(s) on author page, and also more about reader on reader page; 14. Integration with WooCommerce to sell audio books; Integration with Membership plugin (Ultimate membership Pro); 15. Integration with RankMath for SEO optimization; 16. Integration with TranslatePress for page translation; 17. Integration with ultimate affiliate Pro, so users can refer new users and get commission for doing so; 18. Integration with Gutenberg blocks; 19. Bottom bar with current playing book; 20. Users can’t buy chapters or sections but just the whole book; 21. Auto generated post type called Audiobook;

Can this be done using your audio plugin? Thanks in advance, Kindly, DC

Hi. Sorry, many of these features that you want my plugin cannot do. I believe it will be very difficult for you to find a plugin that makes all these requests, maybe you will have to hire a developer to create/adapt all these features working together. Best regards.

No longer can ADD or EDIT new tracks. Using v 2.2. Any help?

Hello, just download the new version of plugin. With the new version of WordPress, 5.5, it is also necessary to update to the latest version of the DiskPlayer plugin, 2.9. Please follow the procedure below.

- Download the latest version of the Disk Player plugin on the CodeCanyon website.
- Disable and delete the current version.
- Install and activate the new version.
- Important! Delete your browser’s cache. Perhaps the old script will be in the browser cache.
- And if you use a cache plugin, delete this cache as well.
- Existing data is not lost.

Can this audio audio player autoplay with time intervals? Something like one same track playback automatically every xx minutes and having a short code for this? Thanks!

Hello, it is not possible due to the auto click restrictions in modern browsers. There may be some way to do this bypassing these restrictions, but this plugin does not have this feature. Regards.


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