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Hi there!

I am interested in buying this plugin.

I just have one question.

Will this work on visual composer? i use that for building my pages.

Hi! Yes, the plugin is compatible with Visual Composer.

Hi there. Does your player support full server file paths for mp3 files, or just http://?

Hi, just http://

quick question .. how can I prevent the player to automatically starting the next track?

this file? Editing disk-player/js/jplayer.playlist.js (inactive)

    return false;

No, this is the line 223. Look just above, you will see it here.

// Create an ended event handler to move to the next item
   $(this.cssSelector.jPlayer).bind($.jPlayer.event.ended, function() {;


How can I customize the height and width of the player?

The height is automatic and depends on the number of tracks that you add.
The width is “responsive” and adapts to your site container width. If your site has the columns feature, insert the shortcode of the player within a column. If your site does not have a column feature, you can also limit the width of the player, placing the shortcode inside a div with a defined width (on the WP editor – Text Mode). See example below.

<div style="max-width:600px;">
   [disk_player id="12345"]

Thanks a bunch!

You’re welcome!

How long till you add force downloads?

Downloaded the newest version and the force downloads still does not work.

The new version was not yet approved, is in queue for review… when approving I write here again.

The new version (2.1) is already available for download.

is this possible to add track from link rather than uploading ?

You can change the height of class ”.viewport”. Place the code below in a javascript file. Replace the number 12345 with the ID of your player. And also change the height (‘498px’) according to the height of your player.

Also place a high value on the admin option “Display how many items for the scrollbar”. This will hide the scrollbar.

(function($) {
    $(document).ready(function() {
        var diskplayer = $('#disk-player-container_12345');
        var viewport = diskplayer.find('.viewport');        
        viewport.css({ height: '498px' })

got it thanks for support

Ok. You can put this code in the “jplayer.playlist.js” file. Or you can put in other javascript files as well. Regards.

Does it continue to play music when I load another page? Or does it stop?

The music will stop.

Hi, can you download the tracks with this player? I only see a text download option…?

Hi. Yes, you can add a download option. For this, you add the mp3 link in downoad field. The cart icon appears automatically. Optionally check “forced download”.

Hi, Can I add the player in the product page. Example, I want to sell an album and have an option for buyer to buy single track like itune..which I like how you display the “add to cart” next to the track? Will this work on the product page?

Hi. Yes, you can add the player to any page of Worpdress. Each track has an option to buy (external link). You add the store link and automatically the icon “add to cart” will appear. When the icon is clicked, opens a new window to the virtual store (the link that you has added).

Any Possibility to show view stats for each track ? and download counter ?

No sorry, the plugin does not have these features. Regards.

Please add it in future updates :)

I’ll do some tests and think about it for future updates :) Thanks for the sugestion.

Im getting “404 File not found!” on force download tracks , though links are perfectly working

Ok, sent… :)

Thanks for quick solution :)

You’re welcome :)

Hi Is It Possible To Embed Audio Files From Google Drive ?

Hi, it is not possible to play the MP3. Because Google Drive hides the extension “MP3”. If there is a trick to play I really do not know…

But use Google Drive for downloads is possible. Regards


Are these integration ideas possible in the near future: 1. Woocommerce (including on shop archive page). 2. Porto | Responsive WordPress + eCommerce Theme (found at: 3. TheFox | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme (found at: 4. Visual Composer.


Hi, answering your questions.

The Items 1 and 2 are compatible if these plugins provide a link. For example: If I’m not mistaken, the Woocommerce plugin provides a link like this for each product. I believe that with these links you can add to the cart, using for each track individually (In the Disk Player options). I have no plans to make greater integration at the time.

The Items 3 and 4 are already compatible. Visual Composer has been tested and is compatible. About TheFox theme, I do not know, but the Disk Player plugin should work with any theme.

Best regards.

Just an additional info. You can find some articles explaining how to add products through links using the Woocommerce plugin. See the link below.

Hello, love the app! Can I set the tracks to only play 30 sec of each song?

Hello, sorry I had not seen your question here in the forum. I think I already answered your question via email some days ago…

But answering your question, the plugin does not have this feature to play only 30 seconds of each song.

I purchased this audio player about 6 months ago. We (and others) suggested that the author improve it to include “force download” which he did. It is now an EXCELLENT player. Highly recommended.

Many thanks for your comment!

Hi, presale questions, can i have multiple playlist in one player?

Do you have an example?

Hi. No, each player has 1 playlist only. But you can have unlimited players.

Does this plugin support the default WordPress [audio] and [playlist] shortcodes?

No, the plugin has its own shortcode.
Example: [disk_player id=”1”]

So if I have posts with multiple audio tracks attached to them, how can I programmatically display playlist for those post the way the WordPress [playlist] shortcode does?

The plugin working is different from the default shortcode of Wordpress. The disk player has its own posttype. You create each player separately and can configure each one differently, with any audio tracks, regardless of whether they are attached or not.


frimija Purchased

Hey, When I added more than 67 audio files, the playlist is distorted. I tested it in another server but nothing!

Hi, It should work. Try to increase the available memory on your server. Regards

Just purchased the plugin and like its functionality. Have a problem as I am first trying it out. (1) The Shuffle and Repeat bar over laps the ‘Previous Track’ button. (2) The Volume progress bar overlaps the ‘decrease volume’ speaker icon, so the formatting is wrong. Also, when the player loads it auto-plays, but then the Play button, Pause button and Stop button don’t work! The only buttons that work are Previous and Next Track. I am using QODE Elision theme and Visual Composer to build my pages

Hi, I’ve seen your link and the player is working properly. You managed to solve the problem, as I said in the email, right? Any questions, please continue the support via email. Thanks


I have a presale question from the envanto account. Does this app have continuous playing when navigating to other pages in the same site?

Hi. No, you can do this if your site opens content with ajax (eg: or your site is built with frames (little used), or your site has only 1 page. Content needs to be opened without refresh…

PS: I do not know if there are themes in Wordpress that work with ajax (page navigation), but maybe some developer has done it.