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Can you programmatically jump to a position in the audio file?

I have one track with several snippets of music and need links to be able to start the mp3 at different positions on the same audio file. Possible?

Sorry, this feature does not exist in the player.

Facing player issue on page load , please have a look : Screenshot :

Link :

Hi, Access the WP menu: Disk Player > Settings
Change the option “Open Scripts Hook” to wp_head

Thanks hopefully it will remain fixed

You´re welcome

Does this player work with the “Easy Digital Downloads” plugin? I need to use the playlist for demos and then have an “add to shopping cart” capability…

Also, does the player have skins that can increase the height/width for each track?

Yes it is possible to use with the “Easy Digital Downloads” plugin. Just insert the individual EDD product link in the “Disk Player” link field (buy link).

You can change the height of the track by adjusting the CSS. The skins have a default height. The width is automatic, it fits according to the width of the container where the player’s shortcode is applied.

Hello Srvalle, How can i disable or Minimizing Shuffle and Repeat icons? I provide u a picture:

Thank You,

Hello, Is possible by adding the CSS below:

/* ----- hide toggles ---- */
.disk-player-container div.dap-audio .dap-type-playlist ul.dap-toggles {
    display: none !important;
.disk-player-container div.dap-interface ul.dap-controls {
    margin-left: 5px !important;
.disk-player-container div.dap-audio div.dap-volume-bar {
     margin-left: 205px !important;
/* ----- hide toggles ---- */

Thank You, for your support.

You´re welcome.

Hello, Is it possible to change font? I can’t see it in the settings


Just complementing, to change all fonts: playlist, title and artist.

/* playlist */
.disk-player-container .dap-playlist-item {
   font-family: Times;

/* title */
.disk-player-container .dplayer-title {
   font-family: Times;

/* artist */
.disk-player-container .dplayer-artist {
   font-family: Times;

This is amazing, thanks for the fast support!

You´re welcome!

Hello I purchased the player and it is not visible on the page. hope you can help?

ok I will try that now. Thank you.

I got it fixed. Thank you for your support and quick response time!

Ok, great! You’re welcome.

im having issues with ios 11 playing using the diskplayer for mp3—my developer had long back used your plugin – im happy to upgrade – buy again – as i dont have any details of license – but can you help – has anyone else reported issues with ios11?

Hello, so far no user has reported any problem about ios 11. What problem are you having in ios 11?

i figured the problem incase someone else also has – u can suggest them the below -i was using dropbox links for the mp3 files and post ios 11 the dropbox links didnt work-they are still working everywhere except ios 11

Thanks for posting your solution. I believe it’s a limitation (or permission setting) of the Dropbox app. I did a test and it did not play a song that I submitted, because the link they provide is not self-executing. The link created in Dropbox App opens in the Dropbox Player (which is not browser default), and is not self-executing. I may be wrong but I think this is the problem.


GhostGX Purchased

Hello, for some reason the scroll bar doesn’t work

Hello, please send me your page in my email, through my user profile. I’ll check what may be wrong.


lvzz Purchased

Hello, how to play a list through the mouse wheel, and how to touch the playlist on your phone

Hello, In the plugin there is no mouse wheel option. For phone/tablet, you can scroll your finger up and down to see the playlist, if you chose a setting to have a scroll in the playlist.

PS: You can also check the option “Hide scrollbar if mobile / tablet”, to hide the scrollbar. Choosing this option the entire list is shown in the browser if you are viewing the site on a phone / tablet.


I want to buy the “Disk Audio Player” plugin, but want to know a few details before:

1 – Does the plugin create the Playlist by selecting ”.mp3” files directly from the WordPress media library or do I need to insert the songs one by one into the plugin?

2 – Can the plugin be translated into Brazilian Portuguese?

Thank you.


1. You have to insert one by one, but it’s a very simple process because you only have to open one page. And you can also duplicate songs.

2. The plugin is already pre-translated, with only a few adjustments left. If necessary, I can make these adjustments very quickly, in Brazilian Portuguese.


Does this work on mobile?

I wanna use it on a modal box (pop up window) so I’m thinking to put the html code into a text box, does it works for this plugin?

Yes, it works on mobile. Also works in text box (Widget Text). You need to put the shortcode that is generated in a Text widget.


it is possible to stop the music when close the window? I insert the code into a popup window but when I close it the audio still playing on the background, I have to open it again and click stop.

Hi, this should happen normally, perhaps the popup window is only hidden and not deleted when it is closed. But you can do this by putting the code below inside a javascript file of your site, or inside the “head” element of the “header.php” theme file. And you need to change the “stopsoundID” ID in the code below by the ID of the close button of your popup.

(function($) {
    $(window).load(function() {
         $(document).delegate('#stopsoundID', 'click', function() { 
             $.each($('audio'), function () {

If you have questions, send me the link of your page via email, through my user profile, so I can check.

Hi we are using you plug in for the first time on our site..

We have used your add buy link and add additional info text box’s for product variations (.Mp3/.Wav).

Is there a way to change the icon’s to reflect the change. maybe even use text instead of icons?

Regards Rob @DTA

No problem, your question makes a lot of sense.

To change globally for all players, change the css file (jplayer.dplayer.css).

If you are going to use the player with predefined templates (grunge, etc), also change in your css files.

What would i do with the disk-player-container_12345 oviously these are specific to each player if i was to update the CSS file

If you change directly in the css file, you do not need to add these codes in Custom Style. As you said, these codes are for changing / customizing the player individually. And in the css file is where the default is set.

I am having some problems, seems to not work properly on Wordpress 4.9

It is actually a conflict between this plugin and Ultimate Addons for

Please send me an email through my user profile. I have a new update of the plugin to solve this conflict.

The plugin is great but I can’t believe the scrolling is so bad in mobile. You keep mentioning that this works with the swipe up down but is horrible, when you try to scroll up or down the whole page scrolls of course. Explain how you are supposed to scroll up or down without the whole page scrolling? You should enable the focus, meaning when the finger or mouse are on the playlist area only that will react to the scrolling

Hi. For mobile, the focus on the playlist already exists. If you drag your finger on the playlist, the scrollbar will go down or up (see the demo site: But really for small devices such as mobile it is a little uncomfortable.

For this reason, there is an option (Hide scrollbar if mobile / tablet) to remove the scrollbar if the device is mobile. My suggestion is to check this option. So will ignore the scrollbar and show all the tracks, if mobile or tablet.

Thats is incorrect and you have not really address the issue. The problem is that focus does not work. Even if you are inside the playlist and even after disabling the scroll bar the scrolling pu and down scrolls down the whole page not just the playlist.

Got your mobile and try that in our site you will see how annoying it is.

I tested it and it works perfectly.
Most likely you’re putting your finger on the blue element of the scrollbar. This will not work for mobile. You need to slide your finger in the center of the playlist. Please reply only to the support email.

Hello! Just found your plugin and I am interested in buying.

1. Where can I find the documentation?

2. Does the Soundcloud API access work WITHOUT having a Soundcloud API key?

3. Is Mixcloud also supported?

4. How about adding audiomack songs?

Many thanks!

Hello, answering your questions below.

1. The documentation is inside the download file.

2. No, you need to have an API key.

3. Mixcloud is not supported.

4. I found no way to integrate this site into the player.

PS: Mixcloud and Audiomack has embeds for Wordpress, with its own player opened via iframe. However I did not find a way to integrate them into my plugin.

Regards, Srvalle.

Good afternoon! Help solve the problem with the plugin. When I click on the download icon for the song, the song does not load.

site – http://xn----7sbbalp7a0bairaoe.xn--p1ai/audio/

screenshots –

Hello, In the “Icon Link – Download URL” option you need to put the link to your MP3 file. You have placed the link to a PNG image. So you’re downloading the image.

PS: The download icon is created automatically, there is no need to have an image link.

Regards, Sergio

Thanks for the answer, it worked out!

You´re welcome!

hi, i would know if there is a way to hide all controls and skins whole, to get invisible on frontend so when i load a page i (and the users of my site) see noothing, but they only hear music as a background

Hi. Yes, this is possible, hiding the interface with css, through the admin player. If you buy the plugin I’ll show you an example. Any doubts, I give support through email to buyers. Regards.