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Can you programmatically jump to a position in the audio file?

I have one track with several snippets of music and need links to be able to start the mp3 at different positions on the same audio file. Possible?

Sorry, this feature does not exist in the player.

Facing player issue on page load , please have a look : Screenshot :

Link :

Hi, Access the WP menu: Disk Player > Settings
Change the option “Open Scripts Hook” to wp_head

Thanks hopefully it will remain fixed

You´re welcome

Does this player work with the “Easy Digital Downloads” plugin? I need to use the playlist for demos and then have an “add to shopping cart” capability…

Also, does the player have skins that can increase the height/width for each track?

Yes it is possible to use with the “Easy Digital Downloads” plugin. Just insert the individual EDD product link in the “Disk Player” link field (buy link).

You can change the height of the track by adjusting the CSS. The skins have a default height. The width is automatic, it fits according to the width of the container where the player’s shortcode is applied.

Hello Srvalle, How can i disable or Minimizing Shuffle and Repeat icons? I provide u a picture:

Thank You,

Hello, Is possible by adding the CSS below:

/* ----- hide toggles ---- */
.disk-player-container div.dap-audio .dap-type-playlist ul.dap-toggles {
    display: none !important;
.disk-player-container div.dap-interface ul.dap-controls {
    margin-left: 5px !important;
.disk-player-container div.dap-audio div.dap-volume-bar {
     margin-left: 205px !important;
/* ----- hide toggles ---- */

Thank You, for your support.

You´re welcome.