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I just bought the item but it didn’t seem to protect the directories, I want to make sure so one question. Does this stop public access to an index of a directory so essentially not needing the index.html in there.

If so mine doesn’t seem to have worked.

Send me a message and I would be more than happy to help you bud. This adds an index.html file to the directories you have chosen to protect.

Fixed it for me and works like a charm, thanks very much.

Sorry it took so long bud, thank you for bearing with me!

Hello. Can I have access to the Documentation?

Thank you

The documentation is fairly basic, but if you send me an email I would be happy to give you any details that you would like :)

I am currently working on v1.2. Hopefully they get v1.1 approved fairly soon. Trying to stay ahead with updates and v1.2 is going to work with .htaccess protection, so directories will have dual layered security.

hi when the v1.2. version come???

Sorry, I have undertaken a huge project, but will definitely work on getting out in the next week or so :)

Just waiting for approval :)

Hi can I use this with Jplayer, hiding where the song is coming from and being able to play the song on jplayer ?