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Hi, I purchased this them and imported sample data – but having issues just setting this up so looks like your demo sample. Then I can remove / change things. I have made a child theme linked to the twentyseventeen theme as you say in your documents, but the looks are not the same – are you using a different theme?? – things I need help with 1). get Home page look the same 2). Top menu with logo like yours (I will change logo) 3). Footer bar 4).Same popup listing with the grey bar at top for next, X and forward to next advert You can see here: http://moffatmap.com.au/ WP user: myadmin WP password: Jake777#$ Can you advise

Please let me check the issue. Please delete the admin user/password.


I sent email earlier – I saw in your demo that you use ENDFOLD Theme – so I purchased and added child them for this. I have the layout page correct here – http://moffatmap.com.au/directories/ but I wanted to add content to the home page so I used your shortcode into the home page but it boxed up (see here: http://moffatmap.com.au/home) the map instead of full width like your demo?

Also on your demo page here: http://e-plugin.com/directories/directories/ if you click one of the categories – another page with all the listings in that category shows up with a bar at the top with < x > – how do I get this??

Thank you for your quick support and assistance – much appreciated. Great plugin. All the best.

Would you please give a review here : https://themeforest.net/downloads ?



lampm Purchased

Am I mistaken on how this directory works?

(1) Can I just add a business listing (and assign it a category) without having to create a member for that listing?

(2) I see nowhere to add address, phone, etc.when create a listing. Is this because got to create a member first for listing - and thus if have like 500 business (in a directory and each business is owned individually meaning only one member owns a business) have to create 500 members (one for each business)?


1) Yes. You can. Please go front-end “My Account” page.

2) No. Admin can create unlimited listing.


Hi there,

I am interested in getting this plugin for my site. I’m curious how many listings can you support? (i’m looking at 100k plus of entries)

This is WordPress custom post type. WP can handle 100k+ posts. You need a good hosting server.



Is there a way to add an Instagram field for social links?

The Instagram field has already.


Is there a way to edit the font for the listings? I want to use a different font family and change the sizes of headings and body text.

You need to edit the css. Thanks

Hi, how can I show all the directories in a category?

Map does not include with the shortcode.


Then there is no way to show on the map only the category that I want?

No. Thanks

Hi there. I purchased the directory pro plugin and am having a couple of problems. Firstly, the user registration page isnt showing (https://blacklivitychina.com/registration/) – the page just shows up blank

Secondly is it possible to completely bypass the payment section, as our directory is free.


Do you believe me now? It is listed as a BLOG POST, not a directory listing

The post you just created is showing up as a blog post too, it posted to our Facebook page because Blog posts automatically send to our Facebook.

Also, note that this problem happens when Non-admins create a directory listing and we try to publish it.


schildgen Purchased

Hi. I’m using your plugin for a client and I’m really happy with it.

But after changing the website url there are problems to display the directory correct. Please see: www.ig-schildgen.de/branchenverzeichnis/

The output in the overview is not correct, for example there are no pictures and also the output in a single entry is not correct. Also the display of the users backend is not correct.

Can you help me solving that problem please?

What is the issue ? please send screenshot. Thanks


schildgen Purchased

How can I send you a screenshot? Which email adress can I use for that?


drrmx Purchased

is there a way to check that the google maps adress is correct verified. some people not realize that they must click on the google adress to lock them…

Google API provides the system. If google change it then we will update our plugin.



pmcmg Purchased

Hi! I’m trying to install the Directory Pro plugin and it won’t show up in my wordpress account. I tried unzipping the zip download and uploading through the FTP but nothing shows up in the plugin area to activate. Is there a certain way to do it? Thanks!

Please send your admin dashboard access to my email address: aktar567@gmail.com


Hello. I have purchased your Directory Pro plugin from envato elements. It’s been some days I’m working on it for a directory listing I have to do but I can’t figure out yet how to make subcategories. Is there a way or I have to create only categories? Thanks in advance

What I actually want to do is depending what the parent category is to display a custom menu.

You can create sub-categories. But only categories will appear on directory page top filter section.



drrmx Purchased

is there a way to disable the remember me function for login! because i have some problems…some customers must press f5 to see that they are loggt in …

I’m not clear about the issue. Would you send a screenshot to my email address: aktar567@gmail.com ?


Quick questions:

1) Can I change “Any Category” field to say “Any County”? If so, how?

2) I turned off location + radius in the Directory Settings, but it’s still showing up on the front end. How do I fix this?

3) Every time I add a new listing the title at the top of my page changes to the new directory name. I’d like it to be a static “Find A Member” at the top. How do I add the plugin code just to a specific page or fix this issue?