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Hello! I’ve been using this plugin for a few months now and one thing I can’t seem to figure out is why my “similar listing” images move up when moused over and show a white space underneath. I tried changing with the size of the “feature image” to see if that would help but it did not. Is there code to turn off the functionality that is sliding the image up on mouseover? Could it simply lift-up instead? Or just not move at all? Jennifer

We will update the plugin with new design. Please wait 4-5 weeks.



Your directory theme non of the bookings are working. it says ‘Bookings are closed for this event.’ Is it fixable by admin panel. Can I get demo access to admin panel. Thank you

This is not a WP theme. This is a WP directory Listing plugin. You need to use 3rd party booking plugin.


Hello. Need to make sure your plugin works with the maps.

Basically you’ve taken care of everything with Google Maps.

We have many themes that use google maps and everything is taken care of by the developer.

Please advise.

Contact us page use iframe google map with single marker, without any API key.

Our plugin needs map API key. So It will not support.


You still refuse to answer the question. I have no problem getting an API Key.

WILL YOUR PLUGIN WORK ALL THE TIME with an API KEY like the page I provided????

I’ve been asking this question for 2 days now and you aren’t answering.

Your api is not ok. If your api is ok then our plugin will work . Thanks

Pre Sale Questions:

1. What I am looking for is a directory of psychologists and coaches. There will be two categories one for each. The categories will include listings. Each listing is like a resume with details about education, experience, specialisations, area of practice, locations of clinic and working hours for each clinic. Users should be able to submit a review for each listing.

2. I will need the experience, education and location fields to be repeater fields as in a user should be able to add as many of these options as they would like to add by clicking something like a + icon.

3. Experience and education would include multiple input fields. For example education would include: Degree, Year of Completion, University name.

4. The resumes / listings should be searchable based on multiple criteria’s like location, specialisation…

5. Locations (which will be a repeater field) from listings needs to be plotted on google map and should be searchable via the search form.

6. I also need the option to assign Coaches and Psychologists to an institute or centre. So the way it would work is that a institute can have multiple psychologist and each psychologist would have a listing. On the individual psychologist page, details about the institute they are associated to along with the link to the institute page is present. And on the institute page along with the details of the institute, the least of all psychologists associated with it and a link to all the blog posts created by the associated psychologists.

Of the above features, which one’s does the plugin already have and which one’s the plugin does not have.

It will not support.


Hello buddy,

1. Is there like a video tutorial to guide me achieve that?

2. Please email sample CSV too.

2. I want my directory to have a map display like this:

Please advise.

1. You can check the doc :

2. You find the sample CSV file here :!/csv

3. This is an old style map. We have added Marker Clustering e.g :


Hi how do I add a physical location to a listing?

Kind Regards, Jacques Swart

You can use listing addess field and you can add new fields from plugin settings on “Additional Info” section.



drrmx Purchased

is there a way to make fields in the listing entry required to fill in ex. phone?

No. It will not support.


Hey Guys,

the Map here shows only the developer-version. I think I have to renew the apikey. Where I’m doing this?

Best regards

Google map is now paid service. You need to add billing info on google map api service.


I see earliest post (3 years ago): Social Profiles – Is there any way to add more social profiles (other than Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Google+) to the listing page? and the REPLY states “Please give me the list of other social profiles, We will add next plugin update”. All of my business use YOUTUBE, how do I add this..

Ok. We will add on the next plugin update. Or you can edit the add/edit/display listing template.


Thank you will I will wait for update, I am uncertain how to edit as you have replied..Thank you

Hello, I am trying to set things up properly on my site but I am having trouble even though I am following your documentation.

Here’s my main page:

Whatever shortcode I put : listing_layout_style_1 [directorypro_map]

I get this same output:

No idea why the background is black! I have no map, no, search fields …

Do you know what could be the problem? What shortcode should I use to get exactly what you have here:

Thanks for your help.

Best regards

Guillaume Besson

1.Please create a page from wp-admin dashboard -> Pages then add then shortcode on the page content then view the page.

2. You can change the directory style from wp-admin > Directory Pro> Listing Layout


Pre-Sales Question Hi, can the listings displayed under the map go directly to a page I have created when clicked instead of the default listing page?


xprinta Purchased

Hi! How can I show all the companies in the main page of the directory? This is the page where I show the map: but It only appear 10 companies. Can I show all of them?


Please select “One page[no paging]” from plugin settings.


You are using style 3, so please go wp-admin dashboard -> Settings -> Reading -> Blog pages show at most =9999


Hi. Purchased Directory Pro a few days ago. I created a website on localhost to develop the directory, however, Directory Pro will not save data when creating a listing. Also, there are no clear instructions on creating categories for Directory Pro. Please advise.

Please install it on a web server and send me the WP dashboard access.


Hii, I was looking your plugin and I would to know if at the moment that the user share their profile, it let review and approve before share on the directory? ¿There’s any notification for admin about the new publication?