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Добрый день мне интересно ваше приложение , скажите есть ли возможность Русского языка, и как его установить?

Pre-Sales Question:

Your Script looks really promising. well done.

Is it possible to integrate any other 3rd-party OAuth2.0 provider?

Hello datatainment

For authentication, the script uses: https://hybridauth.github.io/hybridauth/userguide.html#index

There you can see which providers are available.

But other than Facebook and Twitter, you would have to customize the script.


I’m very interested in this. However, when I attempted to sign-up on the demo site an error is received.

Hello CodeSrc,

Are you trying to sign up on the main Live Preview demo or the Admin Demo? On the Admin Demo it doesn’t work because SMTP is not configured. Admin Demo is for testing the admin area only, if you want to test the user area please use the Live Preview demo.


Helllo, is it possible to have binary custom fields for places? I want them to upload two documents in registration process.

Hello melchinger,

Sorry it’s not possible to have binary upload for custom fields. Also custom fields are not tied to the registration process, only tied to each listing submission. Do you want to have document upload for user registration or listing submission?


Hi xphp, it would work for me on user or listing base – they should just provide a specific document before they get their listing published..

Ok please send an email to contact@x-php.pro with details of how you want this to work, I can a developer to do a customization for you.

There is a style bug when viewing on a mobile phone. Please see here:


The uploaded image have a line going through it.

Kindly let me know what changes in the css I need to make to fix it?

How do I disable the social logins?

This will be implemented as a switch in the admin area but meanwhile you can add this line in your css:

.social-login { display: none }

That worked… Thank you!

Hello, I have two questions, - How many files is there in total for this script? - Do you offer basic content with a real company? if so, what is the price and how much business listing? thank you

Hello Miami63,

There are 1,735 files but around 1,000 are from third party libraries. Regarding content, we don’t offer basic content at this time.


Best thanks for the script I am going to use it in the Netherlands, however, I am using the payment module. in the netherlands the payments via ideal are supported by stripe https://stripe.com/docs/sources/ideal how can that be added? tanks

Hello edgitgel,

Sorry integrating Ideal through Stripe seems complex, it seems they use another API for that, so only credit card through Stripe is supported.


I sent you an email regarding disabling the hamburger menu on mobile (but still displaying the links (Create Listing, Categories, Change City, etc).

Hello, please check your email.

Hi, Does this have automatic recurring payments with paypal and stripe?

Hi mod7,

Yes recurring subscriptions are available for both Stripe and Paypal.


Hello! Is it possible to turn off the Reviews?

Hello sonicbr,

Yes it’s possible by removing the html code from the theme file.


hi is it possible to translate the script to Hebrew? (rtl)

Hello play2,

The translation files are plain UTF-8 files, so very possible but I’m not sure whether the design needs some adjusting.


hello, i love the script, please how do i input cities of my country in the system

Hello DigitalGong,

What is your country? I have the SQL file for some countries.


OK I can generate a CSV file for Cameroon cities.

please does the script support multiple languages?

It supports translations but multiple languages in the same install is not possible.

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Hello, It is possible (or simple to make) to allow unlimited subcategory (in fact i think 10 subcat max ) ...

And is it possible/easy (with basic knowledge) to convert this script in classified script ?



xphp Author

Hello gnark,

I’m planning to release a dedicated classifieds script in the future, I think it’s better than trying to convert this script into a classifieds script.

Subcategories 3 levels depth is supported.

For the futur features , if possible :

—Email alert for expired listing for example 1 month before expiring , 15 days before , and a final mail when item is expired

—grid or horizontal (user choice) , when listing is viewed

—if i’m user and add an second business/ad , the possibility (or no) to re-inject (from the database) in the form , my adress , name etc ...

—possibilty to force a name city when the autocompletion do not find a city


xphp Author

Ok will consider these features in a future update.


Can it work on debian with nginx ?


xphp Author

Hello khumaer,

Yes but the script uses .htaccess so you would have to translate the htaccess to nginx configuration.


1.How many featured listing I can show for a niche? If I have four featured listing a niche i.e A, B, C, D and I want to show Listing A to the first visitor, listing B to the second visiter so that I can show my all featured listings in a rotation. 2. Can I create the micro website (2-3 page website) for listing? 3. Can I create a user with limited rights? (i.e. they can post the entries but can publish without permission of admin). 4. Can I check how many entries created by a user in a day?


xphp Author

Hello Deepakdev,

1. You can have unlimited featured listings. But not possible to control the order of the featured listings, it will show featured listings by date added (new first). So if someone drops to the bottom of the list, they can submit the ad again.

2., 3. and 4. Not possible


Hello, your script looks very nice. Do you plan to add Bitcoin Payment gateway?


xphp Author

Hello hoeczek,

Yes it’s in the plans, maybe though the blockchain.info api.


Perfect! Good to know. I will watch you script and buy once ready. Thank you.

under paypal payment, there is Paypal merchant id. Is this the email address of the paypal account or the Merchant account ID (numbers)? and the Paypal Bn if I understand correctly, this is the company name?

Hello hallmall,

The Paypal merchant id field accepts the paypal account email or the id(numbers), either will work. But it’s better to use the numeric id if possible to avoid having your email address harvested by bots.

Yes the ‘bn’ field is the company name, without spaces or special chars. You can capitalize it though.