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what about adsense banners?? in the admin demo there is no such option.

Yes sure, just contact me using the “Support” tab.

ok thank you. i almost done with my choice of script, but first i need if is it possible a little design customization, i have a picture of what i need, where do i need to send it to you? which e mail?

Ok sent you an email.

when you click “list business” you get a message—” No input file specified”. i think this is a htaccess problem but just cannot figure it out. it is the 10.3 verson

I just did that and now all category links and showing “File not found.”

Fixed, the godaddy worked

All good, thanks-One thing. maybe integrate google captcha into reg and contact us

any mobile app for future updates? also what is plan for future updates

Hi msnetworks,

Any website can be pinned to the home screen of your mobile so being responsive, it acts basically the same as a mobile app. There are certainly going to be future updates but the exact features are still not defined yet.


olá amigo, estou com o erro abaixo, consegue me ajudar? Terminating script

Uncaught exception: SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table 'negocios_guia.places' doesn't exist
Olá por favor utilizar o formulário de suporte em: https://codecanyon.net/item/directory-app-business-directory-script-build-a-city-guide/16447338/support

Quanto ao erro aparentemente o banco não foi instalado corretamente.


Hi! If I buy this one will I get full access to all code (frontend and backend)? If no, what files don’t I get access to. Thanks!

Great. Think u got a customer here then. Saves a lotta of time for my projects.. :-)

I forgot. is the compatible with special characters in URL, like å, ä and ö?

Yes but å and ä will become ‘a’ in the url, ö will become o and so on… thank you for the purchase!

Look at the demo before the purchase and gives many errors php,

1. When you upload a new ad and click on button “Submit your bussines” this error message

Error Number: 8 Error String: Undefined index: last_submitted_place_id Error Line: 535 Error File: /home/thomaz/public_html/codebasedev.com/directoryapp/directoryapp_108/user/process-add-place.php Terminating script

2. Can not change picture photo change, only leave once

3. Can not re-edit my listing once published

Hello Yoithemes,

1. I can’t replicate this error, seems like the form was submitted in an unconventional way;

2. you can edit both profile picture and ad picture. Ad picture after it is approved by admin;

3. you can edit your listing after being published and approved;



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The changes are not trivial, it would require a few hours of programming work so it’s not possible to list here. And it would not be solving any problem, it would increase database calls, for example it would require a trip to the database to find the category id and another trip to find the location id. Having the ids in the url is the fastest way possible.


Hi. Thanks. I understand but the last characters in my example: n-0-521-1 is not url och seo-friendly. This as I see it must be possible to achieve without increasing the DB calls, or am I worng? /M

Hi Magnus,

The n-0-521-1 fragment is what saves 2 trips to the database. I think the URL is still SEO friendly because it contains the city/location slug and the category slug.




viantea Purchased


I have 3 problems 1—“all-categories” in the menu when clicked display blank page 2—search also display blank page when you search anything in the site 3—claim listing also go blank when clicked

any help pls

Hi viantea,

Do you mean a complete blank page or does it display some kind of error? If it’s a blank page, try hitting CTRL-U to open the source code window and scroll all the way down, the error is usually there in the source code.

By the way, your support period has expired.


If I want this to be a Directory of Websites, can I easily and completely disable the Maps feature?

Hi jtracy,

It would be necessary to remove some javascript/html code from some template files, even then I see that the breadcrumbs could be a problem because they show the location such as ‘state > city’ etc. To fix this would require changing core files OR generating custom breadcrumb code in PHP directly in the template. So doable but not so simple.



Your admin demo doesn’t appear to be working.

Hi KingfisherDesigns,

The server was probably down, it’s working fine now.

hi Codebasedev, can you do customization if i buy this script please? Thank you.

Hi liloo12345, sent you an email, thanks.

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Hi. Can you provide code from displaying total number sof places overall and by category, and by city? Thanks

Get this when trying to access pages through the paginator on search results page. Ideas? Uncaught exception: SQLSTATE42000: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting FTS_TERM or FTS_NUMB or ’*’ Terminating script

Hi magnusstrandberg,

Yes, please send an email so I can send you a fix.


Ok, thanks.

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HI FreakySteve,

Looks like the database was not installed properly or files were changed. I will send an email.



I don’t understand how to fix the contact button in the list page. The contact button is not working. When a visitor want to send inquiry – Contact Owner, and put his/her email and click submit. Visitor got this error

Uncaught exception: Expected response code 250 but got code “550”, with message “550-Your FROM address ( cintabali.com , Media Periklanan Bali 550-<visitoremail@gmail.com> ) must match your authenticated email domain ( 550 cintabali.com ). Treating this as a spoofed email. ” Terminating script

The Your Email field asking the business owner email?

Please help me for how to fix this.

Thank You

Hi ericxeckstein,

The error indicates that your SMTP configuration that you entered in the “Admin Area” > “Site Settings” page is not being accepted. Please make sure you are using the right SMTP information. Specifically you have to match your SMTP server with the corresponding email address.

Also, for support, please use this form: https://codecanyon.net/item/directory-app-business-directory-script-build-a-city-guide/16447338/support

thank you

Hi how customisable are the fields, I’m interested in building something very similar, but for skills and qualifications. so the businesses would be peoples names and companies.

Hi Jimitodd,

Will it still be location based? If yes, it could work, but to be sure, I suggest you try the admin area, you can create the custom fields to see if it works.


Please answer these questions in detail if allowed

1. Does the design Responsive smart mobile devices?

2. Does supports RTL?

3- Do you support ssl?

4. Do you support the Arabic language or multilingualism?

5- Is it open source code or encrypted? Can I customize whatever I need to fulfill my requirements? I mean, adding custom features or removing some unnecessary features etc?

Hi fekrait,

1) yes, design is responsive out of the box;

2) I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with RTL or what is required to support it but I assume it’s all done by modifying a few HTML code in the templates? All code is UTF-8 compatible though.

3) yes for SSL support

4) the script has language files, which contain simple php variables that you just edit the text between the quotes

5) you have access to the full code unencrypted. No encryption used, I think Envato doesn’t allow encrypted scripts. So yes, if you know PHP you can customize all you want.



does the script has an API that one can use to build mobile app.

Hi yerowo,

Sorry the script doesn’t have an API. But users on mobile can easily add the webapp to the home screen which is very similar to a mobile app.