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For some reason all the links on the page with this map viewer are opening in the pop up iframe! any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Hi tomoconnell,

Was mentioned a decent time back in comments but probably a bit buried now. To fix this:

You should change this line:




Within the index.html file (or where you are calling the script from!)

Hope that helps!

Great Script. Thank You!

Glad to hear you like it! Hopefully it helps enhance your site! :)

demo not working kit is asking for authentication ?? where can i see this script in work….

Hey all,

The Demo is back up now, unfortunately had to do a host migration of the demo due to some issues we were encountering with the previous host.

Very sorry for the inconvienience but I’m definately still here to support :)


First off, great script. Does exactly what it’s advertised to do.

However I’m not using the Fancybox. I’m using an iFrame to display the map.php file within a Tab on an existing webpage. The Tab/iFrame is 682px by 512px.

How do I resize the map so it fills more of the frame?

Are you planning to launch this for wordpress?

Great script!

Is there a way that you know of to be able to return the expected time for a route?

For example, the map would show the visual route, but would also allow me to display in text something like “approx. 5 minutes driving time” ?


Is it possible to get your map customized for mobile displaying?

Thank you

Any chance this plugin will allow users to submit their location and show all submitted locations as a marker on a map?

Hi there

Nubie here. Would your excellent plugin work on a wordpress site?


In Mauritius the streets are not well defined.

Is there a way for me to nevertheless place the Mark for the place of our Organization?

demo not working