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when using this plugin, the downloaded file is empty, size = 0. If I deactivate it and buy the same file the normal way, the downloaded file is ok.

Any ideas?

Hi ukremmin,

Try to set download method choice, select “redirect only”.


I’ve got it installed and working correctly. But, how do I remove the image that is seen when the virtual box is checked?


Hi davidk62,

Add this in your style.css:

.dfd-download-buttons { background: none; padding: 0; }


Hi Kamalyon, I’ve a pre-sale question: when a user downloads a file after login, will that appear in the order history?

Hi dabesa,

No, It doesn’t appear. This plugin don’t follow the usual workflow of a purchase in woocommerce.


Hello , Is there any way the download button appears when a product has a price and that we only see for examples subscribers ?.

Thank you


frospe Purchased

Downloaded files corrupted

In the case your files are corrupted and you use Woocommerce , go to Woocommerce/settings/product/downloadable products. On the uploading method choice, select “redirect only”.

Solved the problem for me

Hi, frospe,

Thank you for your input.


Hi, I just brought the plugin and it’s buggy.

a) In WP Dashboard, it’s not showing anything after the plugin is loaded.

b) In console, I am getting following error: `https://market.edugorilla.com/wp-admin/index.php# Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 ()`

I am using HandyStore theme with WC Vendors Pro with server configuration as 4GB RAM, Google Compute Engine. Till now everything was working fine.

Hi @kamalyon, waiting for update.

Any update please?

Still waiting

Hi There,

I was wondering if direct downloads comes with any reporting features? I would like to track which resources were downloaded and when.

Hi justbecuz,

In the edit product page, there’s a section that shows a counter of downloads for the current product.


“Add to cart” feature should have been disabled whereever there is a download button. However “Add to cart” button is still visible https://market.edugorilla.com/product/cat-general-knowledge-solved-mock-test-paper/

It’s creating confusion to users.

Any update please?

Hello rohitmanglik,

This is an extrange case.

You can add custom CSS to disable the “add to cart” button for downloadable virtual products.

Try to add in your theme style.css:

.product.downloadable.virtual .cart { display:none; }

Hello! I am using your direct download plugin, and it’s working great!

I want to add functionality that will require users to subscribe to my mailchimp newsletter before they receive the download.

Please let me know how to do this. I appreciate your help!

You can see one of my download pages here: http://vmdesignlab.com/product/free-photographer-facebook-timeline-cover-profile-photo/

Hi, I have installed Direct Download for a client. She sells downloadable meal plans, but also wanted to offer a free sample download.

I am facing an issue where the user is being redirected to our My Account page instead of being able to download it directly.

Is there a way around this? We need people to create an account for paid products, but not for direct downloads.

Hello MegVitale,

This plugin doesn’t interfere the login process. Maybe your site is redirecting all URL’s to your my account/login page?

Anyway yout can send your website and access to support@kamalyon.com and we’ll take a look.


is it will bring the product purchased to my download in woocomerce and store on it like this website?

buenas, necesito ayuda con su plugin, al parecer todo va correcto menos en el botón que me aparece el nombre de la categoría del producto, donde le puedo enviar una imagen?

Hola nanomania,

Puedes enviarla en support@kamalyon.com

Everything Works fine but the button text isn’t displaying. Any ideas?

Where is this “Documentation” where I can find a menu to put my button text? This is seriously frustrating.

Hello Wheniwashigh1,

You can find the options page under the Woocommerce menu called “Direct Download”. yoursite.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=direct-download-terms


I installed the plugin. Changed to redirect only. The products are set to virtual, download, $0. But when I click the download button it redirects to my home page instead of downloading the file.

Hi czablockis,

Plesase submit your website URL and an admin login to support@kamalyon.com We’ll take a look to find what’s happening.


Pre-Purchase question: If the product is only free due to a woocommerce memberships discount on that product for the user would it still allow a direct download?

Hi jmarr83,

This plugin only replaces the default “add to cart” button with the direct download button avoiding the check out process. If the user can access to the product page then he could download the product.

Good afternoon, I installed the plugin and I have a problem with the preview of my products.

If I have the plugin activated the music preview is hidden on the product page. What can I do?

Thank you for your support and for creating this beautiful plugin

I still waiting for your support..

I have installed the music plugin for woocommerce, when I have your plugin activated the music player in the single product page disappear. please it’s urgent..

Hi dendro85,

Plesase submit your website URL and an admin login to support@kamalyon.com We’ll take a look to find what’s happening.


Hello, I´ve a question, all my downloadable files are in pdf. I would like them to open in a new window instead of forcing download. Is that possible? I tried to comment out pdf in direct-download.php but with no luck XD

Hello dostdesign,

To achieve this, you must edit the woocommerce-direct-free-download.php file and at line 194and line 197, add target=’_blank’ in the tag.


Hi, I am interested in purchasing this plugin IF I’ll be able to modify it to show the download button on products which DO have a price in effect. I am trying to bypass checkout for free voucher downloads, but the way my theme (KUPON on themeforest) displays the voucher deals uses the regular and sale price. Can I make this work even when there is a price?


Hi mossmanpete,

I’m sorry. This plugin isn’t useful to do this.


Hello, I found a vulnerability on direct download for woocommerce.

I’ll write to your support account with detailed info.

Hello Alexabravo,

Thanks for your feedback! I really appreciate it I think I found the way to solve this vulnerability.

In the next days I’ll upload an update with the patch.