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Hi giamocrop,

A patch is just submitted to envato.



glayson Purchased

Is there any chance for an update to be compatible with the official woocommerce membership plugin?? I understand that there is a login only option but this doesn’t work when peoples membership is up and they can still access the product download because they have a login to the site. Also impossible to manage a free trial/free accounts.

Hello glayson,

Thanks for your feedback. Can you send me an user to access your site? admin@kamalyon.com

Is not fully compatible, but I want to see what’s happening to solve this issues.



openstem Purchased


The Direct Download for WooCommerce plugin appears to have some problems. If the logic would work on the product base price rather than the woocommerce calculated price, it would work (at least on my site).

- the plugin does something extra: the usual Add to Basket button is modified to "Read more". That's not a desired behaviour. Rather than a client being able to quickly add a few things to their basket, they now have to click through an extra page for each item.
- The store pages work and offer direct download for $0 items. That's excellent. However, it ALSO offers direct download for items that are changed to $0 by our membership system, however those files require PDF watermarking and should not be made available for direct download.

- After activation I have major problems loading (for instance) the Products admin page (/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=product), it ends up as a 504 error. It just won’t load anymore. So this means the page processing is taking way too long and possibly doing way too many db queries (caused by the extra info the plugin needs). There are about 400 items in the store, which is not a lot I’d think. Also, I don’t see why the plugin should do anything for that page.

- Deactivate (in plugins page) does not work. After processing the page reloads and says Deactivated Plugin at the top, however the plugin is still in the list as Active. I had to move the plugin directory away to get the plugin to deactivate.  I presume there's a problem in the deactivation code.

So unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t appear to work for me right now. I haven’t as yet reviewed the code in detail, but it seems that the logic is a tad heavy (in the wrong places) and thus won’t work on a site that has a real-world number of products or other things going on.

I’d love to be able to use the plugin, and I’m happy to test things.

For ref, my licence code is 15615f1a-cd59-47d1-8058-8a8ae41eff04

Regards, Arjen.

Hello Arjen,

Thanks for your feedback. Can you send me an user to access your site? admin@kamalyon.com Regards

openstem Purchased

Because of the side-effects on the frontend I can’t enable the plugin at this moment, so I don’t think it would serve a purpose.

I’m happy to try stuff if you have an update.

Work with woocommerce Subscription?

And with Woocommerce Membership?

Hello liutecristian,

Is not compatible with them. I’m working to see If I can make It compatible with Woocommerce Membership.