Dippec - Sell Digital Products with Paypal

Dippec - Sell Digital Products with Paypal

Get started selling digital products quick and easy. And have all the process automated to you can go and play ball. If you are a freelancer, then this will make your clients smiling to the ear, and happily hand you their money.

DIPPEC is a PHP script for selling digital products. It connects with Paypal using the more secure Express Checkout API. The Express Checkout API, apart from being more secure from the Standard API, it also allows you to make use of Paypal’s mobile checkout interface and make payment easy for mobile users, as well as desktop users.

Here are some cool features about DIPPEC:

  • create unlimited products
  • add unlimited number of files for each product
  • easy drag-and-drop file upload (no need for FTP)
  • support for big file upload with chunk delivery (tested with 500MB file upload)
  • sell in 26 currencies that Paypal supports
  • automated creation time-limited download page for customers
  • automatically expire a download page for customers
  • resumable download that supports download accelerator softwares for faster download for your customers, much needed when selling big files
  • includes installation wizard for easier setup
  • works on shared hosting as well as VPS hosting
  • extend download period for certain sales if required
  • expire a download page early if you need to
  • sell digital products on your existing website—no need for a new website
  • includes customizable product page for each product
  • sales report
  • secure Paypal Express Checkout API
  • mobile-friendly checkout experience
  • mobile-friendly download page
  • customize download page, product page and product listing page with built-in template system
  • customize the email that your customers will get with email template
  • supports SMTP emailing, as well as PHP mail() function
  • supports Paypal Sandbox environment for testing
  • user-friendly interface for managing products, files, sales and customers
  • manual included for quick start and guide
  • turn on or off your digital product store
  • turn on or off products for sale
  • include or remove products for listing in store
  • visual yellow bar to guide you through setup


  • A Business or Premier PayPal account
  • PHP 5.3 or later
  • PHP Curl module
  • MySQL 5.0 or later
  • Web server, Apache 2.2 or later
  • PHP mail() or SMTP for emailing