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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Nice one! Good luck with the sales!


I have some functionality that I’d like to pay you to implement. Do you do custom work? I can pay you well.

Here’s what I’m trying to do: 1. Animate the loading bar 2. Make a sparkly intro 3. Fade out the cards when matched 4. Animate a twinkling star at the end 5. Make a mute button for music

You can see the current state here: http://solidgiantsites.com/svs_game/


Hi Josh, Yes I’m happy to do custom/freelance work. Please contact me via email with your requirements.

Hi there Fatticus, how can i get in touch with you as I would love to buy this game, but I have just one or two questions! Thank you! Stu

bb76309b-d727-4ecd-becc-fa3574cf0fa3 Hi have managed to customise the game for our gaelic comic and it works well on the pc but not on my ipad or iphone the link is http://www.rightlines.net/issuepairs/index.html?r=76 can it run on phones and ipads

Hi artsmiths. Yes the game will run on ipad, iphone & Android. The problem is how or what you have imbedded the game into. It does not appear to detect the rotation of the device. The game is landscape by default, and will attempt to rotate accordingly. When viewing your link on an ipad, the game locks in portrait mode.

The first click on difficulty selection doesn’t work and gives me this error: “Uncaught TypeError: this._unlockSource.noteOn is not a function”. The the next click is working