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Nice idea but I think you should fix couple of things.. When I mouseover a tab it flickers and displays half image.


Ive found a bug on Firefox users, updated the live preview. Does this fix your problem? Otherwise, I’d like to know your browser and version.

Thx, Johan

So clean and nice design. Would love to have the grid target developped by you too. I mean when we tap/click on one of the elements we should have an animation and another frame should come with the content inside it (video, html, photo..). all without changing pages. I am sure you could do a create work evolving this file…

I will definately look into this!

I am having a problem. I got all the pictures and menus. Now when I show on the internet using firefox. Its not showing me how it should be. Its just coming as going down. please help me

Hi, is it possible to set a link in the text behind the pics (a clickable link)?

When I open the index.html file the images are all in a single line down the left. Can you tell me what I’m missing for them to float up into rows (for wider widths)?

Definitely great work. Goodluck

live preview link broken and unavailable