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This is really cool! GLWS!


can i do multiple questions survey

No, each survey run to gather visitors feedbacks related to specific question.

Your forgetting one of the most important parts to a survey for a marketer… and thats to segment the list… I don’t just want to have customers take surveys for fun… I want to drop them off at the appropriate list after their their done… so I can continue to market to them… with the stuff I know they want. Because this is such a powerful way to market, and so few survey plugins offer this feature… it will help your plugin sell better as a powerful and rare selling gem. I highly suggest you include it… and I will be one of your buyers. :)

Think… choose your own adventure… drop you off at your segmented list.

Or segment the list via tags, and combine or export segmentation yourself.

Just thinking on the fly…


Hello d3rrol,

Your opinion is highly appreciated but surveys not for fun, each survey can be shown on one page or multi pages to gather customers and/or visitors feedbacks related to specific topic (eg. blog content, product, site design…etc). these feedbacks shown in statistics panel related to this surveys, marketer can visit and explore how customers interacted with his surveys and their feedbacks. Diker isn’t a full surveying system and it shouldn’t be, Wordpress can have three or four plugins run at the same time, no one need a plugin with tons of features that will slow down his website and if he needs, it is better to use other external application.


Nice plugin. Just what I needed.

A couple of suggestions though: 1. Option to make a survey visible on all pages/posts 2. Option to choose placement (bottom left/right, modal popup etc) 3. Option to save format (design) settings 4. Option to not show the “skip” button 5. Option to split/survey – show one survey to x% and another to y%

Also it seems like the date function is not working. When I choose a specific start/end date, the selected dates disappear as soon as I save the survey?

Hello MPStranger,

To use survey schedule (start/end). both dates must be in future. also pause date must be larger than run date and survey status must be run. if pause date less than run date, diker clear both. thanks for suggestions, you can get support through http://clivern.com/support/

Kind Regards.

Hi, but you can create surveys by different authors / Publisher? Or manage role to create a new survey?


Diker doesn’t add new custom capabilities or use custom post types but it is based on custom table. But it can turned easily to any custom capability your website supports.

Kind Regards.

Just wanted to say that I like this plugin. And with some tweaks you can make a better version of this: http://codecanyon.net/item/solver-wordpress-support-wizard/9117694 (this one is in the middle of a page, not a slide up.)

Have it on the site wherever the webmaster wants it. Allows visitors (members of a site in my case) to solve their own problems and if not, they can submit the problem via form.

Allow for the admin to insert text, images, HTML and videos that are the “answers” to the users’ problem.

Now I’d buy that plugin.

Actually dicker is for surveys and it is a large task to do such tweak. Thanks & Regards.