Discussion on Digits : WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login

Discussion on Digits : WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login

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Is your plugin supports textlocal India SMS gateway API?

Hi there,

Right now we only support MSG91 gatewat from India. In near future we’ll consider adding this one :)

is it possible connect WordPress + Digits with my 3rd party service for user registration auth by Phone? Your Digits have a API and WordPress Json Auth Api will be enough?

Hi there,

Can you please send us a mail on with some detailed information so that our support team can guide you properly. :)

Can i implement this on ionic mobile app for wordpress

Hi there,

Yes you can, but you’ll need a developer to integrate Digits properly to the app. We can also do that but the service will be chargeable as it will be a custom development.

You can also get in touch with us on

hi there. I am very interested with this plugin but when I try the demo site, I see that the Try Creating Account with Mobile is not working, it leads to an empty page. Will like to try the following.

1. Register with a phone number. 2. Login with a phone number. 3. As we trying to make this run with woocommerce subscription, does it works with Woocommerce checkout? Such that account is created after payment is successfully made?

Thank you.

Hi there,

Custom login form and the default one, both of them works similarly. Its just the type of form and preference to chose for the site owner

We understand that you want to use it for membership website, so can you please tell us the plugin you are using on your website to sell memberships so that we can test our plugin on that.

Please mail us on or use the below form

Hi there.

The sales process for membership is only through the checkout process of a woocommerce product. Membership or a product, you can treat it the same for testing purpose. We wish for account to be created only upon successful payment.

The membership access is control by another plugin but that is not handling the payment so it should not be a factor to consider.

Hi there,

We can’t commit without the plugin, as woocommerce perfectly works with Digits but solely WooCommerce doesn’t have this feature to create an account only after payment and for this functionality you are using that plugin so without testing that plugin we can’t say anything.


it work with wordpress reset api ? can post mobile number to api and get sms for verify?

Hi there,

No currently this is not supported.

Do you do custom integrations or coding?

Yes we do but that service is chargeable. Please use the below form to contact us on our email

How does the facebook integration work?

Can you be please more specific, what do you want to know!

hello is the product support by woocommece rest api .. for example I have ionic app accept login through email and user name [normal wordpress login] here the user number will be user name ??

Hi there, right now we don’t support this. For Ionic App you will particularly need to integrate the plugin to that app, which can be easily done with the help of any developer or we can also do that but it would be a chargeable service.

Just purchased this on; where is the Purchase code?

Nevermind I found it, thanks.

Congrats :D In case you have any issues in future you can get in touch with us on

can you make mobile numebr field better now first write number then see country code better if country code there like we have standard +381 and placeholder text like write here mobile number in this format 6xxxxx

We are working on adding the placeholder. You could see this feature in one of our future update.

I have created signup page with shortcode [digits-registration] , but when I going to open signup form it nothing shows

Hi there,

Right now the shortcodes only work for creating menu item or button, which opens a modal login or takes to our login page. You can also use your theme’s login/signup page as digits is compatible with most of the popular themes.

We are also working on adding form shortcode in one of our future updates.

Can I use it with UserPro Plugin for social media login, Or suggest me any plugin which works with this plugin for Social media login and registration

Hi there,

Digits is compatible with almost each and every social login plugin, just make sure to use some reputable plugin (free or paid).

If you still face any issues in compatibility after purchasing, just get in touch with us an we will solve the compatibility issue :)

Hello, is it possible to make this plugin work without Signup ? Not sure why, but the plugin require signup before login. From my side, I need to login directly with the OTP without Signup. Thank you for your support.

How can someone login without signing up ??

What I meant is an authentication without having to signup. The simple fact of being able to login without signing up. 1) You enter your mobile phone number, 2) you receive SMS 3) You enter the right code 4) You grant access to the platform.

No this thing is not possible. User will need to signup first before logging in.

1. I want to add social media login with this plugin. 2. Also I want to mobile number is must verified if user have signup with social media.

3. Also which plugin is support for social media login with your plugin. 4. When I insert shortcode in my new created signup page, then it shows only register link, but not shows signup form, but when I click on Register it shows me signup forms.

Please help me to solve this.

Hi there, let me answer your question in points

1. Yes you can have social media login with this plugin, for that you’ll have to install some other 3rd party plugin (free or paid)

2. If you want to have mobile number verified with the social login then it will be a custom word as we do not have social login functionality in our plugin and if you install some plugin for that it will show the social login buttons in our form too, they are totally compatible. But the feature you want is something else as you want users to input there mobile number too, it can only be done via custom coding for which you’ll have to hire a developer or we can also do that but the service would be chargeable

3. You can install any plugin, just make sure to install some reputable plugin.

4. The shortcodes right now are only for menu, they dont create form, you can use the shortcodes in menu to create a menu item. As most of the theme login forms are supported by digits and we have our own login page so right now there is no form shortcode, but we’ll add this feature in near future.

Can you say me social plugin name? Also can you say me how I insert social login shortcode in your form? Also can you say me how I use theme default login and register with your plugin?

Please use the below form to contact our support representatives, they will help you out better

is this support betheme

Yes :) Go ahead and buy it :D

HI! I’ve Setup the Facebook follwed by documentation. But Getting error while signup. ” A system issue occurred. Please try again.” please help me asap

Digits plugin is translation ready, so you can easily translate the plugin in any preferred language.

For more information or how to translate please use the below form to contact us.

HI! I’ve added digits-ar_AR.po File on language folder with translation, now How to activate. In WOrdpress setting Arabic language already selected

It gets activated automatically, you don’t need to do anything after adding the translation file. There is definitely something that you’ve done wrong.

I send tickets through website but waited for hours without any reply. My plugin works with ClickSend API, text sent to registration phone number, but the OTP never worked. It kept saying Oh Snap, invalid OTP! I tried with different phone number, my phone number, my wife, my second phone number, all numbers received the OTP code. However, every time I type in the code, it says invalid. Also, tried to uninstall the plugin, reinstalled. No help. Someone here help me please?

Hi there,

No the issue is not with Betheme, there is something other than this which is causing the issue. But don’t worry I have informed my team to take this on priority and solve this as soon as possible. We’ll be continuing this request on email ticket for your privacy.

I am writing my new comment now as I satisfy with UnitedOver support. They fixed my problem. I would buy this product again for my next project, also consult my clients with this plugin as well. After fixed, it works smoothly. I love it.

Thank you very much for your kind words :)

Is the archive for download here up-to-date? WordPress is telling me version is out but the latest ZIP file here is for 4.1.9…

Hi Jffbrwn, we release only major updates on CodeCanyon that effect each and every user (which come under 2 decimal places like 4.1.9), all the minor updates that are generally user specific or does not effect anything are released via our servers, so to receive them your plugin should be activated (those update versions are of 3 decimal like

But as of now ver 4.1.10 has been released and as mentioned in our changelog, Envato(Codecanyon Parent Company) takes some time to make the update public on Codecanyon, so in this mean time that update can also be downloaded via our server using the plugins page on your WordPress Admin Panel.

We have also received your ticket on our email and have also replied to that :)

Oh thanks one more thing thus its support social login too including same login page

Hi there,

Yes it supports social login too, you can install any social login plugin on your website and the same login page/form will include those automatically. :)

thanks as soon as i confirm my theme i will buy your plugin

Sure :) If you have anymore questions or feel some issue, you can easily contact us at

can i use this to send order updates and tracking number to customer after he buys a product in my woo store ?

Hi there,

No this plugin can only be used for Login and Signup purpose.