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is there any way to upload to media player or android for stand-alone operation, in case of power failure?

If you are able to install your Wordpress installation on a media player or Android, then yes. You have of course to test this, here are a few servers + MySQL apps for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.kslabs.ksweb&hl=de https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.esminis.server.php&hl=de

Does this plugin require annual license renewal? Is there a screen/device limit?

Pro version from codecanyon does not require annual license renewal. 25 screen / device limit are included.


I am very interested in this plug in for my projects. I have a question before purchase.

I tested the free version than a slider with full screen on Firefox browser and Google Chrome had some black colored empty space on the top of all slides. Is it normal or should I do something to get rid of it? I have a plan to use this plug in as a digital display for my clients so it should display perfectly full screen of the slides.

Thank you.

I did test again and I realized my image file had some issue so please ignore my question. Thank you.

hehe, ok ))

Hello, again,

I have another question regarding the hardware requirement.

Do I need a computer to display the sliders or just TV monitor could be enough? I think it required some monitor that supported HTML5 and connected to internet. I have done several projects to display digital menus and contents for my clients than it is first time to deal with using HTML5 contents in WordPress plugin.

Thank you.

This is no matter what you use as a screen, it can be a monitor or even a TV device, mainly you have a browser for calling the generated URL. It is either via smart TV, or a normal web browser like Chrome, Firefox, etc. This is exactly the same on all Android devices, as they always have a browser.

что это такое? сложно было описаие текстом добавить, чтобы можно было его перевести???

А с картинки перевести сложно? Текстом не писалось потому что многие сайты просто напросто воруют тексты, что очень плохо для маркетинга.

Что такое Digital Signage: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Signage

А что это за плагин, так это плагин для цифровой рекламы которую вы видете на улицах городов, в торговаых центрах итд. Плагин позваляет вам управлять этой рекламой, от одного дисплея, до целой видео стены. В комплекте идут готовые 150 шаблонов, поддержка youtube, SMIL, эдитор итд. Плагин переведён на русский язык, в следущей версии планируем его интегрировать.

Hi a need to slide images + video youtube (pause until end) + text, is it possible to do that with the plug ? thanks

Yes, it’s all possible.

Hello, I can display news in the footer of each advertisement. I would like to integrate news, feed, rss … is this possible?