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I just bought this plugin, but we have to had the enterprise instead of the pro. Is there any possible option to get the enterprise and change it with the pro version


oké thanks!!

So thanks for the enterprise, i have a problem with the weather if i entered the zipcode and the loction it doesn’t show the weather. It says “No weather data for settings”

any ideas?

Why ask questions about the Enterprise Edition here? Please ask the Enterprise questions only in the forum on the website.

Try it without location names, so only ZIP input. Since we refer to the weather values of an external provider like Yahoo, we have no influence and access to the database, but with ZIP only it always works.

Pre-purchase questions:

1. I want to know if you have a demo for Revolution Slider and or Layer slider? I want to test these features but only the enterprise version allow me to test.

2. I have just download and installed the free version to test but got a wp_rewrite_rules() on null in /home/public_html/mywebsite.com/wp-includes/rewrite.php on line 510

I have a google the error and on one thread it said the error caused from Genesis framework and Siteorigin. I have neither of these install on my site. I am however using Xtheme and WooCommerce.

I think this is a fantastic plugin for wordpress users and very affordable. I am more than happy to buy the enterprise version but hoping that it will work with my current installation!

We have now installed it on our Enterprise Servers. Unfortunately, you can not access the plugins in the Enterprise solution because the Wordpress navigation panel is locked. We made a little video how to integrate it, here it is:


P.S: In preview mode the preview does not work yet, since we can not parse the HTML elements two times.

thank you Digitalsignagepress…you sold me!

you welcome!

Hello, I need to know how you can manage the players?

Hello we manage the Players over cookies.

Do you man Devices? You Generation with the plugin on URL for your playlist, this URL you can Entertainer in your Device. Reqestment for all Devices is on Browser. .

Right now the images auto crop to your specified sizes and it is hard to figure out what those are. Is there anyway to have the images specified to fit in their containers instead?

You can put in the Jpeg over our HTML container

In enterprise version. Have option to touch any button in Playlist No.1 and navigate to Playlist No.3? and option when touch on screen playlist with stop, and after non-response 1 min. goto run playlist again?

yes that´s possible.


bilemi Purchased

Hi guys – this might sound silly, so forgive me. My question is, can this be used to create visual screens for social media platforms with mylti layers etc…?

Hi. Yes that´s right. It can used for it.


bilemi Purchased

ok that’s great thank you so much – purchasing :)


petrium Purchased

Hello. I have a WordPress in Spanish, but I see DS Pro in English. How can I fix it? Regards


there is no manual setting for this. The language is chosen automatically over a generic wordpress mechanism.

Could you please try the following: Go to your wordpress settings and inspect the wordpress language selector drop down (usually via right click, inspect element); open that one and look for the option tag with selected=”selected”. Which value does that one have?

If it has “es_ES” it should already work. If not try renaming the digitalsignagepress-pro plugin folder to digitalsignagepress


petrium Purchased

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petrium Purchased

Renaming the digitalsignagepress-pro plugin folder to digitalsignagepress. Thats it. It works.


petrium Purchased

Hello. I tested in lite version and know I have a license of Pro version, and I can’t limit the showtime by date for slide. I set a start date and a end date, but the sliders it shows after days. Nothing changes. regards

Hi we still working on it.

Hi mate. recently you posted an update but I did not see the Changelog. Could you tell me if this problem has been solved? Thks


petrium Purchased

Hi mate. Did you fix that?

Which player software to use on client side, for windows or Android,and content caching

The client uses only the browser. The plugin provides you an url. You have to enter this url into the browser and then it works. It doesn´t matter if its Android or Windows.

Then how data will be cached locally, if internet connection goes off, and some HD videos, will they stream on slow connection

When you upload the videos then it works without internet connection. Its cached in the Browser. When you stream live videos for example a youtube video, then it would not work without a internet connection.

hi, work with wp 4.8.x and woocommerce 3.0?

yes of course

WOW, wonderful project you created! Question: If we have a completely formatted html file, ready for DS from another program, can we paste the entire html into the editor as code? If so, and the assets (images, etc.) were previously called out in the root folder of the html file, is it easy enough to “replace” the missing/ broken image links with uploads from WP? Hopefully this question makes sense. Thank you!

Thank you very much and yes you can do it like this.

Hi, i bought the 1.4.7 version and have some problems with the videos. In your forum you said something about download the new version 1.5.2. Where can i access that file? Thanks

The 1.5.2 version is the enterprise edition.

Hello, we need a urgent help, it´s possible to activate my license in a local server? if is not possible with your method how can you help us with that? greetings.

PS: We write a several times to your contact e-mail, and we sent request for your web page too, exist some better and faster way to have answers?

Hi. Its done.

Hi. Good Product I have a question 1. If i buy the enterprise edition, is it hosted on your server or my server?

No that´s wrong. You make a wordpress multiside installation, buy the enterprise one time then and can then use multiple domains with one plugin.

so basically i can host a multiside installation on a single hosting and then use subdomains for making different wordpress which will work simultaneously i.e 2 versions of the plugins working simultaneously which will be used by different individuals?

Hi. So not for subdomains and also not domains. But its working with the multisideoption: subfolder. For example: mydomain.com/multiside1/ or mydomain.com/multiside2/

Hi. I’ve tested enterprise version of the plug-in. I like it and i have a question: Is there a method for triggered actions? For example; i want to create a HTML/JS code that checks for an url if the content changed and if so, interrupt regular playlist and display pre-defined slide/page. After this, go back the regular playlist again

Still no feedback :(

Sorry for our late reply. But we had to check this if it would be possible…So general there is no way to do it right now. But we put it on our roadmap.

Hello, it is possible to upload weather or others widgets in playlist slides with photos, text and video? Thanks in advance. Regards

Hello…No that´s not possible. Regards Digitalsignagepress

hello there Is the plugin include template and full source?

can I develop some other features on the plugin? Will all files be in my server and nothing on your server? can i add my own template as premade also?

i called to your phone number, during working hours but was answering machine, sent email also but no reply, seems you have no support! how can I purchase this plugin? please give me skype or another phone number i will call you, thanks

Is this plugin compatible with the latest wordpress 4.8.3?