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Hi, What happens if the device loses its internet connection, does the device shows anything anymore?

Hi, Is it possible to create another dashboard to client with user id and Password?


my client need 3 tv for menu, how many wordpress site i need?

I have installed the plugin. After I create a new device and save it , it don’t give me the url to the playlist.

Do you have a wordpress page with the [digitalsignage] shortcode? One called Digital Signage should’ve been automatically created when the plugin was activated.

I do but I still don’t get the url to the playlist after adding it to a newly created device and clicking save.


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Hello there, We tried to contact you couple of times on info@digitalsignagepress.com but no response came back from your end. We have an Enterprise Lic.


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Is this Project dead??!! as we are not receiving any replies here or email neither on your support forum!

How can i configure chrome to start automatically and lounch a device in fullscreen? like a player software? or a batch file?, i use a INTEL stick. tanks


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Their system needs a status indicator showing when the next slide will arrive. I hope they will update their plugin soon to show such a important feature.

Sometimes when you write in their wysiwyg wordpress systen it doesn’t change font or size.A really big problem.

I just buy pro version and installed a plugin but when i press active its go to the error page 500 (Internal Server) Error

Now i found another issue no video is playing if we use device link to any other device ?

Still waiting for feedback on my last issue

I’ve no idea what you mean by “device link to any other device”, can you explain?

Video is unplayable in any other device can you please help i have 6 month support but no one replying

What type of device are you using? If it doesn’t support video or html5 standards there’s nothing we can do.

Pre-purchase question does this plug-in work with all the current versions of Word press and is there any planed updates in the near future

So far it worked with all recent wordpress versions. Though there are some plugins that caused collisions (caching or modifying theme).

Is Digitalsignagepress still alive?

In android, youtube videos dont autoplay any help? i try to reach support and noting help

I am very interested in purchasing this plugin. A couple of questions:

1) When I click the device link in the demo version, the URL is still displayed. How can I get the playback device to play in FULL SCREEN without the URL showing?

2) Will I have to refresh the playback device in order to show an updated version of a playlist, or will the playback device automatically be refreshed?

Awesome plugin! Thanks in advance for answering my questions.



Very interested in this plugin. I’ve tried the demo (pro), and I’ve installed the lite version to test. I cannot find anything regarding fading one slide into the next (or any other transition). I cannot find any mention of this in the documentation or in the forums. Is this possible? Many thanks in advance.