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Hello, can we see a demo of this add-on? Thanks!


You can drop the signature field into the form in the backend. Currently busy with my front end demo of everything.

Please let me know if that is sufficient.

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Great work GLWS :)

Thank you :)


Can i the Signatur-Line more thick and soft ?

Thanks. Will see what we can do about that

Hi Im using your NEX forms Version 4.6.1 I can’t see an option to upgrade it to a newer version. I need to add a digital signature field to the form, will this add on work with the version I currently have installed?

If not, how can I upgrade to a newer version of the form, without breaking the existing for on my website? It is big a 3 step form that I don’t want to have to fix or rebuild.

Hi, please check your ticket.

Hi thank you for your help so far, however it still isn’t working.

If I try to display the signatures using the shortcode for them in the email:



I just get errors coming through in the email where the signatures should be. I need to be able to recreate the forms that they have signed to be emailed through with the signature in the correct place to be printed off, the editing doesnt work at all in Safari on a Mac, but I can edit the form using Google Chrome on a Mac, I noticed that they are still showing under the heading of “Text Areas”. It has been a long time now that I have been working on this problem and I really need your help with it please.

Hi, please refer to your ticket. thanks

Hola he comprado el plugins y no salen las firmas en el correo electronico. Necesito ayuda urgente por favor. El error es cuando uso una tablet o un iphone. Podeis ayudarme?


Please go to for support. Also, please use english in your ticket :)


Does the signature come together with the email. If I get the PDF Add On can the signature be on the PDF aswell.


Yes and yes :)

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Definitely great work. Goodluck


Cannot erase the signature while use nag an iPad .

Thanks will take a look at this.

is there a way to make the signature area stay steady on a mobile phone ? The phone screen moves up and down as we are trying to write our signature.


Please check your ticket.


Hi Basix,

don’t think it is part of support, so I post it here instead

just bought signature plug-in but signing signature through mobile phone isn’t as easy, like the other user comment

the screen moves up and down as we are trying to write our signature.

Is seems it is the nature of the situation…..or do you have a solution?

Hi, not sure what that means ;) Please go to so we can help from our support platform.


what I mean is now nobody can sign anything under mobile phone using this plugin at this point :<

docsign has a good alternative for user that you can copy their idea

hope this help you provide a faster solution for us


Thanks a lot.

Hi Basix,

I just realize you have a bundle package…..but I already buy this signature, do you think is it possible I can refund this item so that I can go purchase the bundle?


Hi, sure no problem. Please create a new ticket and we will take it from there:


Hello, I would like to know if this system is similar to docusign, if yes I will buy, would it have translation into Brazilian Portuguese?


Unfortunately I am not familiar with docusign but you can check out the demo here:

Forms can be in any language.

Kind regards

Hi there, I am wondering if you solved the “the screen moving up and down” problem. I just bought it as an add-on but unfortunately it’s not useful for our customers at the moment. Thanks in advance for your response.

Hi, working on it, trying to get v7 released at the moment.

Hi, is the v7 update released by now? Thanks.

Hi, I can send you a beta version? You can go to for it.

Has this plugin ever been updated? ive stil got version 1.0 installed with the NEX Forms Version 6.7.3 are these the latest and correct versions?

As has been the case for well over a year, the signatures do not save or get emailed if done using a mobile phone or tablet. If the field is marked as required, you simply can never get past that stage of the form using a mobile phone or tablet. Our support expired without our problem being resolved.

I have tried creating a new simple form with a signature in to see if it will work without the rest of the original form. When the form is completed using a desktop the signature works and is sent via the email, however if you use a mobile or tablet the email arrives without the signature field in it.

The theme that the website is using is called Brooklyn (this might help you in your troubleshooting). Also the NEX Form backend doesnt work using Safari on a Mac.

The website that has been using your form has not been working correctly ever since we first started to use your digital signature plugin.

We provided you with admin login access to the website, if you need these details again, please ask.

You have offered a refund, but we dont want that, we need to get it working, and in the long run that is the best outcome for you too.

Hi, please check ticket 1184878. Thanks


NED13 Purchased

Hi, i’ve just bought this signature addition for the nexforms and uploaded and activated it in WP. Somehow the nexforms doesn’t recognise that it is active because it keeps saying that i need to buy it. I’ve the latest Nexform + latest signature plugin downloaded form codecanyon. Thanks in advance!

Hi, sent you an update via ticket #1286124