Discussion on Digital Paybox - WordPress Plugin

Discussion on Digital Paybox - WordPress Plugin

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It says it can be translated, but I don’t see where most of the texts are. for example Your e-mail address is required. I can’t even use the translate plugin… where are the other texts translated?

All plugins are translated standard way. You need create .po and .mo files. Using for example POEdit.

The download link is not sent to the email address. Do I have to enter the license code in the settings?

It works without license code. Please extend support period (it’s expired unfortunately), provide access to WP dashboard. I’ll check what’s wrong.

Can Terms & Conditions be disabled? I’m looking for a simple plugin to add an email address, then click send to send out a simple download link. I’m not concerned with payment gateways or terms and conditions.

Yes. You can disable T&C checkbox.

this can do recurring payment?


Do you plan to update for WP 5.8? Make it compatible with Gutenberg?

Add new features like discount codes? I would like to use your PayPal Green Downloads – WordPress Plugin but it doesnt have Bitcoin Getaway.


It is compatible with WP5.8.

Hi, Do you plan to add Revolut or Coinbase(merchant) for payments gateways?

Hi. At that moment I don’t have such plan. But thanks for idea. I’ll learn more about these systems when I have time.

Hello Friend! In Brazil, a payment gateway “PagSeguro” is widely used. Do you have any plans to include it?

Hi. At that moment I don’t have such plans, but thanks for letting me know. I’ll learn more about this system when I have time.

Waiting for support to get back to me with the issue reported

Just replied. ;-)

Pre-sale question, is it possible to have the payment section appear in a modal popup (using shortcode) on clicking a download button?

Unfortunately, no.

Ok, no worries. Is there a reporting feature?

Pre-sale question: With this plugin, is it possible to display bitcoin price with the current currency price on products at the same time?


Hi there, I LOVE this plugin, however, after the user goes through and donates with PayPal, PayPal directs them back to the site and then it gives an error. The user still receives a link in their download, but they think something has gone wrong. Any plans to fix this?

Hi. I didnt catch exactly what you mean. I dont see any errors. Returning back to your site is out of plugin functionality. It’s a “relation” between paypal and your site. Plugin is not involved into it.

What sort of page should PayPal return the user to? You know how when you purchase something on PayPal, and you make payment, then it says “Returning to vendor’s page” – where should that take you with your plugin?

You can set your own return URL by adding “return_url” attribute to your shortcode. Like this:
[paybox id="X" return_url=""]

Hi. No .pot file in /laguages

Need last version Paybox.pot

Hi, interested in purchasing, a few questions:

1. can we customise the checkout page? Add own text, images etc. 2. if we can’t, can we embed current checkout page into our own webpages? Say we design our own checkout page with Elementor and just insert the current checkout page using shortcode anywhere we want on our designed page? 3. can we direct people to the unique thank you page URL? 4. lastly, can we eliminate the dropdown feature for selecting payment options and just leave plain card payments box (to purchase through Stripe only) ?

Great plugin, btw! Thanks


1,2) This plugin doesn’t generate checkout page. It generates payment box that can be inserted into webpage using shortcode.

3) Yes, you can redirect user to certain URL after successful payment.

4) No, you can’t remove this box. If you use one payment gateway (for example Stripe), it is still visible.

Hello, can you give customers a choice of the quantity they want to buy? The current inconvenience is having to pay multiple times if you want to buy many of the same products. Thanks

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Hello, two pre-sales questions: 1) Does this allow for coupon code field? 2) Does this have an option where a customer can select/upload a file?

Hi. No, there are no such features.

Hi, After installing the halfdata and digital paybox. I uploaded files and fixed halfdata settings, yet, i cant seem to view the homepage of my website. How do i view how it looks on the outside ( buyers or visitors view).

Hi. I don’t understand what you mean. Please provide access to WP fashboard and explain how to see the problem.


I have a problem with downloaded WORD files.

When you download the file to the computer after purchase and open the WORD file, an error message appears: “the file is corrupted”

I said that I checked the original file and that it does not have this problem.

Thank you

Hi. Please extend support period (your support expired unfortunately) and provide access to WP dashboard. I’ll check what’s wrong.

Hi Stripe is not working

Stripe Checkout can’t communicate with our payment processor because the API key is invalid. Please contact the website owner or

also paypal takes payment but does not release file please advise.


1. I’ve just checked – Stripe works perfectly. Please make sure that you put correct API keys.

2. Are PayPal transactions registered in your WP dashboard? Check it on Transactions page.

Hey. There was an update 24 February 19

And where can I see the update history, changelog, which files have been changed and what has been added?

Hi. I’ve just updated compatibility with new version of Halfdata Admin Panel. It’s related to non-WP sites.

Pre-sale question: in the features sections says “let your customers set their own price”; is it possible to set a bunch of suggested prices like 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or “Other” (0) usd where they can choose from?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.


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