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I bought the plugin there two days. Very good plugin!

Is it possible to generated download links directly after purchase (for example in the thank you page with a shotcode) without waiting for the customer receives an email?

Thank you

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.


I have a problem: the email is sent and received when you purchased the product, but when I generated a “Temporary Links” mail never reaches the inbox.

Thank you for helping me.

There is no such feature. If you generate link manually, you need send it manually too.

Nice project. May I know if there is anyway to include affiliate feature with this system.

Hi. Unfortunately, I don’t have such plans.

Big Problem: baught your plugin today but it wont send out any email. What did I do wrong? Here is it implemented: http://snapmeifyoucan.net/download/

1. Is transaction registered in plugin (on Transactions page). 2. What is the status of IPN-message in your PayPal account.

Please notice, plugins never send e-mails by themselves. They delegate this function to WordPress installation by using wp_mail() function. So, the WordPress is responsible for e-mail sending. If you don’t receive e-mails, it means that WordPress can’t send them. Why it may happen and what to do?
  1. By default WordPress uses php mail() function. Probably your hosting provider blocks this function. Please contact their support and ask if they do that.
  2. Some hosting providers don’t allow to send e-mails when sender e-mail address doesn’t belong to the same domain (where website installed) or doesn’t exists. So, please go to plugin’s Settings page and make sure that Sender E-mail address exists and belongs to domain, where website installed.
  3. Also you can configure wp_mail() function to use any 3rd party SMTP server by using free plugins, that adjust wp_mail(): https://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?q=wp_mail

HI! I purchased and installed and already generated a sale using this plugin. My question is, is there a way to see if someone has accessed the temporary download link?

Thank you

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Is the link generated temporary? that mean if I store a good on google drive it will too?

Files must be located in certain directory on your server. Generated links are valid limited time.

if the file is in the media (but store in google drive) can the plugin work?

Hi. Excellent work first of all Is there a possibility to add Coinable or Etherium in a future upgrade? Im interesting in being your plugin but I really want those options as well!


Hi. At that moment I don’t have such plans, but thanks for idea. I’ll learn more about these systems when I have time.

Sorry its Coinbase…Ok thanks for the quick reply

Hi, does it still require SSL? Also – is there possible to integrate one click upsale and trials?

Hi. 1. It never required SSL. 2. At that moment I don’t have such plans.

Paypal will move to the standard SHA256 September 30, 2016, Digital Paybox Will it continue to operate with PAYPAL?



ns99 Purchased

Is there a way to simply collect a user defined payment without a downloadable file (only making the payment, not getting the download email or a link). Asking because I need a way to collect user defined credit card payments for services as a way for clients to pay for work I have done.

Unfortunately, this plugin was created to sell files.

Not appear the buyer in history in the Transactions menu. Only appears after the download link expires or after the purchase?

Thank you.

João; José; ângelo, Aliça

I’m doing the translation plugin for Portuguese, then therefore I provide the translation.

1. Please send me content of IPN-message that can be found here: https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_display-ipns-history

2. Provide FTP-access to plugin’s folder.

Your plugin seems like what I want. I want to know a couple of things before I purchase it: 1. Can users on my website be able to make payments using their credit/Debit cards? 2. How do I link my own Bank account with the plugin so as to be able to receive payments?

Hi. 1. Credit Cards are accepted through Stripe. 2. There is no such feature.

@halfdata thanx for the immediate response. Okay so how do I then connect my accounts and collect the money received from the payments made using the plugin?

Payments are accepted through payment gateways (not directly to your bank account). My plugin support several of them. You just need choose appropriate gateway. Please go to their sites and learn more about each payment gateway. If you want to accept credit cards – start with https://stripe.com/

What is the CORE difference between this plugin and the “Paid Downloads Pro ” plugin found at…


Check demo how they look. Price might be flexible or fixed.

1) – Can we set limits to the amount of times a file can be downloaded ?

2) – Is the buyer sent an email? OR are they directly sent to the downloads page after payment ?

3) – Is their a way to “sandbox” test this plugin ?

4) – Can expiration dates be set for the downloads ?

5) – How do we URL link the plugin to the download file?

6) – Is the download link encrypted ?

7) – Can the download URL be linked to an external file that is NOT uploaded locally to the website ?

In other words, can the downloadable file be stored elsewhere besides on our site ?

Or should we just put the download link within a downloadable text file ?

8 ) – Can we use just a “standard” PayPal business account ? Using just our Username ?

Is there a screenshot of what the email would look like that has the download link ?

I did not see a “description” for questions 1, 3 and 7

There is no such screenshot. It’s plain text email. You can set text. https://0.s3.envato.com/files/75290900/1_Settings.jpg

iLen Purchased

  • 1) it support paypal pro?
  • 2) I can put a fixed price per item?
  • 3) exists to hook or filter where can add text, example: my own code license?
I await your prompt response.

Hi. 1. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with PayPal Pro, so I can’t answer this question. 2. Yes. 3. I didn’t catch what you mean.

I see the demo does not ask for Name, Address and so on, can these fields be set so the user has to enter this info as well, some gateways need that info. thanks

There is no such feature.

Dear halfdata,

I have bought the plugin 2 times so far.

I would like to use the plugin on a website with 3 languages. Do you have a solution for email and terms&conditions translation?

Thanks in advance, András

Hi. Unfortunately, my plugin doesn’t support WPML, but it is translation ready. You can create 2 files: paybox-xx_XX.po and paybox-xx_XX.mo (xx_XX is language code) and put them into folder languages.

Is this plugin capable to work with a bigger site with 1000s of products?


Nope. I think you need shopping cart for that.


Same question

Can I sell two or more items in one page?


You can put as many purchase boxes as you wish. They will functioning independently.

Does the form and buttons have other styles? (like minimalistic round corners)