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Nice woks 1/it is posible to translate in french 2/ it is posible to add new currency 3/ the script work online and offline or offline

Yes we can do that in extra cost. 2. yea we can add that 3. it just work on offline mode

Please display some more information about the app. A demo apk would be great

I have some question before buy. Can we use it on multiple device and synchronize it to backend so at the end we can get reports.

It can install on multiple devices. but dont have any backend

So it can’t be used in cafe or restaurant as there may be multiple managers taking order.

u can create multiple logins but its offline version

Nice… I think it would be better if you have payment options, like stripe, or bank transfer, or paypal. Although the problem would be that it is offline

we will do that in future

is there away to change the language to my language “arabic ” ans change font-family ? !!

u have to code as well. in RTL

hi, question before buying,

can i use this application with any 2inch bluetooth printer? i checked demo version, in printer settings it is asking contact number and other things which is not relevant to printer settings can i edit source code? do you provide source code for this? i need to add my logo in screen?

no printer is not tested. we use it with epson. yes you can edit source code. yes you can add your logo in it

Hi, I would like to buy you app but need to knoe few things.

Q1. What epson Printer does it support? Q2. Didn’t find the demo to test on my Samsung Tab? Q3. Does your system ok to install any sumsing device? Q5. Can I Use Any Printer which can be installed on samsung device? Q6. How To import data are their any way to upload from CSV? Q7. Is it possible to add Special message before check out? Q8. Can I change the printing Layout?

Hi, I’m afraid I din’t receive anything yet!

sorry let me forward again. i am not well thats why replying now

this app print in printer bluetooth?

Please send link demo apk, thanks

please pm me i will send you apk

Hi demo apk ?

its core android project ? means its made from android studio??

yes its in android

please provide me demo app

Plzz provide demo apk for Epson printer as soon as possible

Please send link demo apk, thanks

1 – Could you release the apk demo?

2 – Could it be translated into Portuguese BR?

3 – To change the logo and colors do I do for some panel or will it have to tinker with the code? I ask because I do not know how to program, if the answer is that they have to program, would you be able to make the necessary changes?

4 – Skype?

Thank you very much in advance.

Is product installation support still available?

Demo apk, please

would you do the resking of the app? I want it in Arabic.