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Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks alot

Nice woks 1/it is posible to translate in french 2/ it is posible to add new currency 3/ the script work online and offline or offline

Yes we can do that in extra cost. 2. yea we can add that 3. it just work on offline mode

Please display some more information about the app. A demo apk would be great

I have some question before buy. Can we use it on multiple device and synchronize it to backend so at the end we can get reports.

It can install on multiple devices. but dont have any backend

So it can’t be used in cafe or restaurant as there may be multiple managers taking order.

u can create multiple logins but its offline version

Nice… I think it would be better if you have payment options, like stripe, or bank transfer, or paypal. Although the problem would be that it is offline

we will do that in future

is there away to change the language to my language “arabic ” ans change font-family ? !!

u have to code as well. in RTL