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is this form supported in chrom and FF and IE?


Hi, and thank you for spotting form. Be aware this is only styled form.

This form is using: css3 gradients, box shadow and text shadow.

Browsers that support 100% this features are:
  • Firefox 4+
  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Chrome 10+
  • Opera 11.1+
  • Safari 5+
In other browser versions it degrades nicely. So answer would be, yes, it works in all modern browsers (new versions). For any other help feel free to contact me via my profile on codecanyon on right sidebar form.

Thank you.

Is this form customizable? I’m looking for a nice, styled form I can use for an Application. That being said, I would need different fields: IE: Dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.

Does this support that?

Thank you.

Hi LRRoberts0122,

This form has styled only input elements (input and textarea) but we were considering to put more elements like You suggest: dropdown, radio buttons and rest in next update.

But in overall you can combine it with other form elements riight now with a little bit of CSS knowledge.

Here is how it would look like: http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/9350/dropdown.png

Customized in 30 seconds, just added select tag into CSS and copy&paste properties from input field and change few values.

If any more help is needed feel free to contact us.

Im looking forward to buy this when you add dropdown, checkboxes and etc. .

Im interested for an extended license..

Also, is this created using tables and css3 ? or just div’s ?

Hello and thank you for your interest in forms. We already work on checkboxes, dropdowns and other form elements. In next update we will for sure include them. We will release update as soon as possible because last buyer also wanted this option. And second answer is: forms are made with CSS3 and 1 div. This div is used to hold the form structure, and each form label (name, email etc.) is span element. Whole form is wrapped inside list elements.

One more question on licensing, that you may not be able to answer..

If i buy this under extended license, Im allowed to use this form for my contact form generator sold here in codecanyon, Am i right?

Extended Licence a website template for sale (including on ThemeForest or ActiveDen). For further information click details button on Extended Licence panel or contact envato support. We are not sure, so you better read the details. Thank you!


var Purchased

Solid 5 Stars for this great product.. Its extremely easy to configure, and set up on an already developed product..

Thanks, glad that you like it!

Hello! I have 2 questions… 1. Can you make it in MODAL window? I need pop-up form ;) 2. What I must write in form tag for AJAX (background) sending results?


Hello. 1. It’s easy to make it modal with JS, we will send this piece of code on your e-mail. 2. We can’t help you in this field right now because we didn’t have on mind to make it functional.

Thanks, please send me code for modal window to alexeybunak@mail.ru

Thanks for solution. I try it. Good support, 5+ to rating ;)

Thank you again, we are glad we help you.

Nice form bro. So dont be leasy and make all other elements people want it. All regards, Anno1313

Thank you. Yes, indeed, we will make all other elements by end of this week. Problem was we focused last month on creating templates so other projects weren’t supported well.

By the way send me notification when you done that job, please :D

No problem.

is this work with your Flexible Contact Form (Wordpress Edition)?

can i just copy the css files into your Flexible Contact Form (Wordpress Edition) ?


Yes it works with Flexible Contact Form. But be aware that maybe Flexible Contact Form has some extra CSS .

Hi, I bought this form a few days ago, whilst i am impressed, there is one element I am unable to get working correctly.

I would like to add a image upload to the form but when I do it does not follow the same style.

Can you help please ?

Hello, thank you for purchase. This element was not styled in form, but we will take a look into it and apply this in new update.

is it possible that I can hire you to do this for me asap ?

Yes we can do that, send us details via our profile page.

Not bad; Only took me a few minutes to modify the classes to match those used as default by Drupal.

Thank you ! Great you could set everything to work

Sorry for possible stupid question, but does this come with the HTML? I’m unfamiliar with more advanced forms….

Thank you


Yes, these forms contain HTML and CSS files. They are just styled versions so you will need to do some PHP to make them work, or change some other premade form.

Hi i am purchase this form is not right to left for support my language. Please send me one version this form RTL. Thanks