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New Release/Updates There hasn’t been any updates over a year any plans for new release?


Thanks for your interest, we are planning big update with mobile app, but no ETA, but definitely it will come :)


Hello, great job, how the drivers reiceve information to pickup people? thanks

Hello Ams

Sorry, it has no driver module.


in this system, can the passenger monitor the live movements of the vehicle / cab until it reaches the passenger location to pick him ?


No, If you want we customize , you can contact me on Skype @ digital.vidhya


Need urgent response web portal is not working .The DOVBS return to me there’s an error on the pick location and drop location field and I can not enter the place. Kindly sort as early as possible


Can you add me on Skype @ digital.vidhya ?

It is due to Google API key, I’ll help you now


During installation no choice login and password for an administrator. How to enter the admin section?

Can you send me your FTP Details to digisamaritan@gmail.com ?


Check the mail, sent the data.


location tracking is not working in demo…. google map api is missing


It has some issue with google API we already fixed it.

If you want I’ll send you an updated files.



bfurphy Purchased

Love the script. Great work! I am having 2 issues. Getting errors with pickup and drop off location “Oops!” and when logged in as administrator I am unable to save any changes to Site Settings. Please advise.

Got it

Can you add me on Skype @ digital.vidhya ?

Just drop me cPanel details to digisamaritan@gmail.com , I’ll check and update you


Love the script. Great work! I am having 2 issues. Getting errors with pickup and drop off location “Oops!” and when logged in as administrator I am unable to save any changes to Site Settings. Please advise.

Please Sovle this Problem As soon As possible urgent requirement please

its in localhost ( pls connect through teamviewer)


Add me on Skype @ digital.vidhya

I’ll check



Hi All

Thanks for your support during these days, we just back to work, and resuming the the 5 star support.

We are working on brand new support forum along with Video Guides , we will inform you very soon.

Thanks -Noah and Team

hi my friend, nice work, i have questions before buy.

1) is it have choice for Return Journey with 10% discount on price

2) can i have only 4 places in 1 country journey and fixed cost for each one, not based by kilometers

3) is documentation good can i see it before buy

4) do you support fast if i have some problem

5) your demo not working i cant pick location

thank you!


1, 2 are not available , needs some custom work .

Please drop me a mail to digisamaritan@gmail.com , I’ll share documentation

You can have support via Skype / Email and WhatsApp @ GMT +5:30 timezone.

Thanks -Noah

Hello. admin demo does not work. can you please check it. i want to test it before buying.

hello . actually i like your work and thought i should buy it but when i was going to buy it , i thought i should try demo for it but as a reached live demo page “source” and “destination “is not working in web portal , on the other hand all admin panel, user and executive working fine but in admin panel i reached too “add booking” page there’s again problem with “source” and “destination” field ,,, i messaged uh in Skype too but not responded….. and plz provide a documentation too … thanks..

responded on Skype , Apologies for delay. Out of office .

Hi, How the driver and client will be updated which vehicle assigned? Any options for sending auto generated sms? Android apps included in the price? Admin, User and Client demo link not working, plz active for test purpose.


We have no plans on it , if yes, I’ll get back to you.


may i have admin and user login for UAT? your shared link not working

Your demo autocomplete doesn’t work, is this still working?

I want similar to this plugin https://wpgurus.org/products/vehicle-booking-engine/

But it is very expensive.

Hello Meonex, thanks for your interest , email me your number Samson@Conquerorstech.net , will give you excellent product in WordPress.


Hello, I am interested to purchase this. But no demo of all three logins.

Please update. Thanks

hello Friend ,

Demo is working fine , check here and Purchase and let us know if any queries.



Any updates??? Really updates are too late

Hi Do you have any particular feature in basket ? Kindly let me know , I’ll try to implement.


Need to implement SMS Gateway, Driver Login, Notification after Booking to Client(SMS) and Detection from GPS Where Car is running..etc

Thanks , we will check them.

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Hi DigiSamaritan, is it possible to have a depot where the cars are stored? The fare should include the distance between the depot and the pick-up location (rate per hour), as wel as the distance between destination and depot (rate per hour), when the driver returns. How would this work in DOVBS? If this is not included, would you be willing to make this feature for us (commision)? Thank you

Sure, we do under paid support , kindly add me on Skype digital.vidhya or say Hi digisamaritan@gmail.com

Thanks -Noah

Hi, nice script,

Is it possible to offer monthly membership plan to customer?

Demo not working for admin : http://booking.digisamaritan.com/

Thank You/

Hello Asraras,

Thanks for interest , check demo here http://projects.cmdemolabs.com/bookings/en/auth . It is possible with customization , if interested purchase it and let us know.



Thank You for your reply.

Yes i will purchase no problem but what you mean purchase and let us know ? the customization will be free or paid ?

Thank You.


WordPress version of this script is just released, Kindly check it :