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I bought the premium version and uploaded the codecanyon files to my wordpress site, but it still says “You don’t have any pro version yet!” under licenses.

How can I solve this?

Is blog page a page or a dynamic page? If page, then you set the changed menu from Dashboard => Pages => Edit that page.

For dynamic page, you can use url groups option.


What do you mean? It’s just on the Wordpress blog page that i can’t change my menubar.

How does a url group option work? Is this also with your plugin? Because I don’t see that option.

Hello Jorn184,

Sorry for the delay :(

You can check our docs where we have shown the way how you can use url groups option :)

H I bought the “Different menu in different page”(04ec61d5-44bc-43ea-b510-bef1b728c864_) but I got “you don’t have any pro version yet!” when I check the licenses which under DueGeek menu.

Please ignore the message, we have remove license verification in latest version, but left the message accidentally. You have the full version :)

why the main differnt menu in differnt pages and the addon isn’t performing any action my site is imseotools.com plz let me know all the instruction any video most welcome

Hi there

You can follow the doc that comes with the plugin. If that still doesn’t work, please contact support@duogeek.com


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I got your plugin, it works great but I also need the multiple-menu-addon that you mention on the product page.

Your website shows a database error. Can you help me to get the multiple-menu-addon? Can you send it by email?

Hi there

We are working on the website issue, it will be live again by today. Sorry for the issues.



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I have seen and solved this kind of problem many times, let me know if you need help. I can help you with database error and repair your website.

Thank you for your desire to help, pretty much appreciated. The site is backed up and running now :)

Sorry for the issue, as most of our staffs are on vacation due to xmas and new year so it got delayed.


Hi, i installed the free version to try it but unfortunately the metabox doesn’t appear on custom post type for Learndash lessons, which is where i want to use it. I though to try URL groups but i cant find it – perhaps its not in the free version? Can you tell me if there is a workaround for Learndash post type? Thanks.

Hello? pre-sales question! :-)


Sorry for the delay! Yes, free version doesn’t support custom post type. URL groups is also not available in free version. In free version it is only available for post and limited to use.

Thank you DuoGeek


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Hello, I just bought your plugin. I activated it, created two new locations. But when I go to my general menu panel they don’t show. Can you please give me a hand with this? I have not installed any theme for now.

-Best Jenna