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What is the program? Eclipse? or another software? Thanks


there are any error after i import the project, how can i fix the problem? please reply my email. Thanks.

Hello sir, please let us know which type of errors you are facing ? also send us screenshot and on – info@viaviweb.com

Why not have a database?

We are selling apps code only with sample data sir..

How is the data populated for the meals? is it easy to add recipes? does it have to have just 7 recipes or can it have more for giving different menu ideas to different people?

You can add / edit / delete recipes easily.

and is it using a database or how does it populate the information? also about the random recipe so there is more variety is it already implemented or does it need to be implemented?

No it is not using database sir, you can manually add recipe from the app (Refer the documentation given) and more variety will be added later on.


Im new to this,

1. please can you tell me this is a just code to create my own app?

2. once i install in this in app store and i will own it and i can make any changes right?

3. How do i upload content, is there a backend?


Hi sir,

1. Yes this is a code to create your own app.
2. Yes
3. You can add content from the app( Documentation is given in the package)

hi, can you send me demo ?


Hi sir, please check your email, Demo has been sent :)

Let me know if you need any kind of help

Hello sir, Can you plz send demo of this app,i am new to this and want to purchase. If there errors after purchasing will you provide support. If nay buddy knows please email me at asad.naqvi89@gmail.com Thanks Asad Raza

Hi, please check the demo of the app here : https://app.box.com/s/d0d171oj427o393i5g65
if you find errors in the code than we will definitely give you support but please not configuration, installation and modifications are not included in free support

Thanks,Under which license should i purchase this app, regular or extended?

You are welcome :)
For multiple use please purchase extended licence

Before buying can you please tell me Is recipe or food name a sql database or in string file.

recipe name and text are static.

This is a great app idea. I just downloaded the app and imported it into eclipse. The file has errors. Can you help or point me in the right direction. Thank you.

Hi, let me know more information regarding errors

After I import the folder into Eclipse the src folder has errors. These are the messages below :

[2015-03-04 11:22:41 – DietPlan] Unable to resolve target ‘Google Inc.:Google APIs:15’ [2015-03-04 11:22:42 – DietPlan] Unable to resolve target ‘Google Inc.:Google APIs:15’ [2015-03-04 11:22:42 – DietPlan] Unable to resolve target ‘Google Inc.:Google APIs:15’

change api level above 15.

Many errors in the application, i send you an email from mr.atwi at gmail dot com

Yes please email me at- info@viaviweb.com or contact on skype : support.viaviweb

is it android studio ready ?

at now it is eclipse based but also can convert into gradle. Thanks

Hello, could be a variation of the app?, we want custom recipes that will be personalized for customer user, is there a way to modify it to make it personal, is more like for a nutrition doctor thanks

contact on skype: support.viaviweb

can translation to Arabic & RTL

Thanks for your interest on our app. It’s possible with customization.

hi, can you send me demo ? aribdiet@gmail.com


You can download demo form this link: http://apptific.com/APK/DietPlan.apk

BTW, the build works great! Faster to compile and debug… Minor bug in days_main.xml : it’s missing from the 3rd button: android:textSize=”15sp” in order to have all buttons be consistent…

Ok, will do it..

Thanks for the quick reply!

can i reskining this app with android studio ..?? pls rep

Yes, You can reskin this app and our other apps also.


stngrm Purchased

Hi. Just bought it and tried to run it in emulator but without luck. It shows this error

HI, Don’t test app in emulator. Test app in real device and we have to check your issue so try to contact on Skype: support.viaviweb

Do you support rtl arabic

it’s possible upload php admin to Firebase

Hi, It’s not possible.


Please, I have test APK file and I don’t see any admob banner and interstitial. why ?

Hi, admob banner and interstitial available but may be id expire so not show.