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when i generate apk i see a lot of privacy permission as: find accounts on the devoce use account on the device recieve data from internet

they are not specified in manifest file but are automaticly added

what’s wrong ?

Hi, how can I make the side drawer close first time the app lunch , and make the dictionary the main activity

Bought Kids Memory Game from him. Kind of person who will ask you for more money when you ask for help

Hi, could I get a demo version to look at please?

demo links are dead. please provide demo apk again. so how many words in demo & full db ?

Hello, can you make this app for me in ios and android a to z development top submit in app store?

What is the sub dictionary (subdict.db)? Copy and paste in there what I did for wordbook.sql?

I tried to use SQLite program on documentation to import the .sql and it would not import at all, just wondering what one does from here or maybe I am doing it wrong?

hi can we change database with an other french english database in Microsoft access file ?

Where is demo?

Please provide me a demo apk

hi can i delete the subdict?

in app AdMob interstitial ?

I was considering purchasing this, but after going through the comments and saw how users are chasing the developer to get answers, I am not going to buy it. Seems there is no support whatsoever.

Hello Can I see a demo?

hi, have any demo apk?

Watch out!! The app is outdated and Admob ads do not work, i contact this person by skype and asked me for 25 dollars for the update, after paying and say that he delivered the work in 24h not answered, after a week said that she forgot … , days later said that I definitely could not update that app … that would give me the reimbursement but I’m still waiting

¡¡Cuidado!! La aplicación está desactualizada y los anuncios de Admob no funcionan, me pongo en contacto con esta persona por skype y me pidió 25 dólares para la actualización, después de pagar y decir que entregaria el trabajo en 24h no contestó, después de una semana dijo que se olvidó .. ., Días después dijo que definitivamente no podría actualizar esa aplicación … que me daría el reembolso, pero todavía estoy esperando

can i have the demo? the link you provided is dead