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Clever idea.

Best of luck with sales Steve :)

If you were to add one or two more dice, it would severely increase the level of complexity from brute force. While still being simple to solve.

Possibly the ability to define the amount of dice?

Hi Headchoppers,

Thanks for the suggestion, I’m working on an update which would allow the site owner to choose how many dice to use (up to 10). It should be available soon.


Very nice idea! Good luck with the sales! :)

A like this item, this deserves more sales!

Thanks for the comments, if you’ve got any suggestions how I could improve it to get more sales, let me know.

Hello. Is it possible to use this dice captcha for comments of a Wordpress blog?

Hi. In theory it would be, as it can be used to check any form submission. I haven’t done much work with Wordpress so don’t know how the comments work so can’t give you any more information.

I’ve run into problems. This line loads the generator which creates a new session. <img src="generatedice.php" alt="captcha" height="50px" />

However the form is part of a larger site that already has a sesson. If I understand what is happening, the IMG is a separate session that loads after the main page and it’s session has loaded.

This causes random failures on my live site but not my test server for some odd reason.

Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?


The captcha uses a session variable called total, could your application also be using a session variable with that name? If so, try editing the following files:

In generatedice.php – find this line near the bottom of the file: $_SESSION[‘total’]=md5(SECRET+$total);

Change it to something like this: $_SESSION[‘dice_captcha_total’]=md5(SECRET+$total);

Then in the process.php file (or wherever you’re checking the submitted form change the session check to the same variable, eg change:

if (md5(SECRET + $_REQUEST[‘answer’]) $_SESSION['total']) {

to if (md5(SECRET + $_REQUEST['answer']) $_SESSION[‘dice_captcha_total’]) {

If this doesn’t work, could you give me some more details about what failures you’re experiencing.

Thanks Steve