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Hello running theme in all osclass? Which works on the theme?

Hello. You can apply any Osclass theme to the website. Thanks.

As for the app, there is one standard theme, but we can create a custom theme on your request. If you are familiar with Bootstrap and CSS, you can create your own theme easily.

Hi Tnx for Developing this prodcut. I have some Question : 1- I test mobile app (Android) but i didnt see product in app. (app & website not sync) 2- Mobile app have search 3- Can i develop Payment system in this script?


1. I can add anything you want, on request. It means you will have to pay for any customization. 2. The script can be easily set to support RTL languages. 3. To add Ionic is possible, although there is some work involved.

tnx How many cost of search feature? Please give me Admin panel username and password to see admin panel of site?


You can test the backend here: https://demo.osclass.org/general/oc-admin/index.php?page=login. Is the Osclass demo admin. And about the price, please send an email to we@swepps.com and my team will get back to you. Thanks.

Hello this is a pre sales question. If we will buy http://market.osclass.org/market-demo/548 this theme and buy this mobile app can we implement them ? I mean will search terms and other specifications will work like in web site ?

Hello. The website will work like any Osclass website. In fact, the app can be setup on any Osclass website, not only on a new one. Let me know if you have other questions. Thanks.

what is the difference of this in opening the osclass website in mobile browser and using the phonegap browser?

Using phonegap browser is easier to debug errors, this is the main advantage. You can read more here http://phonegap.com/#benefits

Pleaae, the apk dont work. I want know if this work with api or is a webview. Thanks

Hello. I will check the apk. This is not a webview, it uses an API to get data from the Osclass database.

There will no updates as usual!!

all of your project is without any update!

I’m not gonna purchase this until i see updates!!

I don’t know why you are so upset. We are Swepps Team, not one developer. We made a partnership recently with the one who was behind this account. So your insults are not welcomed here. Have a great day!


Thank you :)

You’re welcome.

The app download files for ios are not available. The link does not work. Please check.

hello. it works, i just checked. send me an email at we@swepps.com and i will send you the files.

Right, the link works from my computer.. though did not work from my iphone. Will check soon, thanks

Yes, don’t know what the issue is. Let me know.

A few pre sales questions - 1.) Is this built completely on phpslim, angularJS and phonegap…or does it have some parts of WebView too? 2.) I see there is no search function in the app? – i really think that is important for a classified website. Thanks

there is no webview involved in this app. the api on the website is built using slim, the app is based on angularjs. and this is a simple app to display listings from osclass. no user management, no search, only categories and listings info. if you need any customization, we can discuss about it. thanks.

i would want to know , how for it to develop iOS or Android ? i dont think $15 is for all , definitely 15 is for the responsive WEB osclass isnt it ?

hello. this is not a responsive website or anything like that. this is a real mobile app + osclass API. is a light app, only displays categories and listings, no search, no user management, no listing submission, but is a starting point.

Hi I’ve already a website running Osclass , is your script will help me to take current content of my website to your app ? my osclass website : http://niooni.com

yes, you need to upload to your server, where osclass is installed, and to input your database details. and you need to setup the app with your server url address. not a big deal. let me know.

ok I’m gonna try

good, keep me posted.


I like your app but the demo is not working. Are you still developing/maintaining the app?

Pre-purchase question:

1) I have no CSS or PHP experience, can I still use it? or do I have to hire a developer just to get the App installed and working by default?

2) I want the App to look just like my current theme (colors …etc) Can your App match my theme automatically or do I have to hire a developer to customize it (PHP and CSS) ?

3) From the App will users be able to register/login > post an ads > edit/delete their own ads? or is it simply limited to reading available ads already posted on the website?

4) Is it compatible with OsClass 3.7?

- GM

congratulations ;)

how can i see the demo of the websoftware mobile apps

how can i see the demo the site seems to be down

yes we will switch to a new server.

Any news on the demo?

somebody have this app working realy ?

Hi i have my OS classifieds website with paris theme, i am curious that whether your app would work with this? And would the user can upload photos by taking photo from camera and upload from memory using this app? and will this support all the plugins of osclass? and am normal person with our codiing knowledge how easily i can change the settings to my website and looks? I Would require your prompt and quick answer