DIAMADS - Osclass goes mobile

DIAMADS - Osclass goes mobile

What is unique about Diamads? Is the only Osclass based mobile app here on CodeCanyon!

To test the app and the website, navigate to ‘For sell’ – ‘Electronics’. This is where we have submitted a few sample listings. If you want, feel free to submit your own listings on the website, to be displayed in the app.

Demo Web App (website to open on your mobile): WEB-APP
Demo iPhone (real app to install on your mobile): IOS-APP
Demo Android (real app to install on your mobile): ANDROID-APP
Demo Website: WEBSITE
You can add your own listings to test both the website and app.


We want to present our newest solution for running your own classified market – DIAMADS – Osclass goes mobile.

Do you have your own Osclass based website and you need a nice mobile solution too, here is what we have for you:

– Android and iOS package (Windows phone and more)
– Custom PHP API for the website
– Browse listings on mobile
– Image swipe gallery
– Multilevel categories
– Contact user (email / phone)
– Easy to set up (both website API and app – Documentation included)
– More features to come in our next versions.

- We can even build custom themes for your app.

What you should know:

Phonegap in order to setup and deploy the apps
Bootstrap if you want to change the app layout
Slim PHP if you want to add functionalities to the web API

The app is based on Bootstrap (frontend) and AngularJS (functionality), including a ui-router for the screen routes, and $http calls to get data from the API.

Many thanks to:

Slim PHP