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cop96 Purchased

Hi. When a user of my web fills the form, it does not receive confirmation of the sending. How can I configure this? Thank you

Hello, I have VC installed and uploaded DHVC Prestashop not found the modules for installation and activation. With FTP and with the module installator.

I revolved my problem, thx


Rabigh Purchased

HI i just bought this module. I have VC. Time 1 : i installed the ZIP file by the back office and i did not find the module to active it in myprestashop back office.

Time 2: I installed the module by the FTP and i open my prestashop back office to active it but not find the module in my back office.

What can i do ?

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Rabigh Purchased

Dear, My request (9480) has been updated But since tuesday 25 january, i have no news from you. Thank you for your help.

ok, i will look your issue.

I Had the same problem uploading the module. I solved the problem unzipped the folder and rezipped again, just because there is one more folder with the name of the module than it should be inside the original zip file.

Hello, I have checked vc and also DHVC they have proper zip file inside the main zip file. Which you do not need to re-zip. The difference than Prestashop addons is there you will find only zip file of the module. In Envato we provide documentation and other necessary file inside the main zip file.

Hello, i dont receive the email of confirmation when i complete et send the form. All parameters are correct. How i can fix my problem ?

Please open ticket in our support system our team will answer you very soon.

Hello, is it possible to add an image to the checkbox ? Thanks in advance best regards

Please open ticket in our support system our team will answer you very soon.

Can i use Prestashop Form without Visual Composer ? I ve bought Form only – do i have to buy another module ?

Sorry it is not possible as the form is extension of visual composer

This module allows to create a type of form where the user chooses an option and you have more options according to what he chose?

For example: in the Gender, if you choose man you get questions for men and if you choose woman questions for women, within the same form.

Thank you.

Please open ticket in our support system our team will answer you very soon.


dolec Purchased

Is this possible to get logged user info not to create email and name fields ?


dolec Purchased

so logged user needs to fill all data? it would be nice feature to get credentials from presta

Can you please share your idea we will try to update in our future update


dolec Purchased

To have posssibility of getting logged user data into the form fields. For example if the user is logged in : email field is filled with default value of prestashop user email the same fields like user name , surname and address get filled with logged user info stored in prestashop so if user is logged in and fill the form he doesnt need to fill email etc fields.

Another nice feature would be restrict form to logged user or not

Hello everyone,

I would like to know two questions.

- Conditional Logic, does it work for prestashop? I have followed the support threads, revised code and I would like to streamline my development not having to patch this function, sometimes it is better to customize the development, with a simple orientation that its operation is possible it would revise.

Class !! === > .dhvc-form-hidden

I´m Tested ==>

width="1/1"]dhvc_form_radio required="" disabled="" control_label="Coditional" control_name="coditional" options="W3siaXNfZGVmYXVsdCI6MCwibGFiZWwiOiJPcHRpb24wIiwidmFsdWUiOiJ2YWx1ZTAifSx7ImlzX2RlZmF1bHQiOjAsImxhYmVsIjoiT3B0aW9uMSIsInZhbHVlIjoidmFsdWUxIn1d" conditional="W3sidHlwZSI6Ij0iLCJ2YWx1ZSI6InZhbHVlMSIsImFjdGlvbiI6ImhpZGUiLCJlbGVtZW50IjoibGFiZWwxIn0seyJ0eXBlIjoiPSIsInZhbHVlIjoidmFsdWUxIiwiYWN0aW9uIjoic2hvdyIsImVsZW1lbnQiOiJjaGVja2JveDEifV0="/vc_rowvc_column width="1/1"I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo./dhvc_form_label/vc_rowvc_column width="1/1"/vc_column

- Attributes, it works for prestashop? I can only make the call through jquery, the indications

 "Add attribute for this form control, eg: onclick =" "onchange =" "or 'data- *' attributes HTML5, not in attributes: Placeholder, maxlength, id " 
end up becoming onclick =” ’’ ’’ ’”, an unpredictable syntax.

The intention to clarify my doubts is only to optimize my time, I hope you understand that I want to know if you have operated these two functions.

I have tested everything in a clean installation of prestashop, for possible interferences of my subject.

A cordial greeting and thanks for your time.

Sorry condition logic didn’t work in PS right now. We will try to integrated.


When i try to add or edit a CMS on the backoffice i get this:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Function name must be a string in /home/serversupplyco/public_html/supplyco.com.co/modules/smartdhvcform/smartdhvcform.php:942 Stack trace: #0 /home/serversupplyco/public_html/supplyco.com.co/modules/smartdhvcform/smartdhvcform.php(896): smartdhvcform::DoAction(‘mapcode’) #1 /home/serversupplyco/public_html/supplyco.com.co/classes/Hook.php(591): smartdhvcform->hookvcBeforeInit(Array) #2 /home/serversupplyco/public_html/supplyco.com.co/classes/Hook.php(546): HookCore::coreCallHook(Object(smartdhvcform), ‘hookvcBeforeIni…’, Array) #3 /home/serversupplyco/public_html/supplyco.com.co/modules/jscomposer/jscomposer.php(914): HookCore::exec(‘vcBeforeInit’) #4 /home/serversupplyco/public_html/supplyco.com.co/modules/jscomposer/jscomposer.php(2447): JsComposer->init() #5 /home/serversupplyco/public_html/supplyco.com.co/classes/Hook.php(591): JsComposer->hookDisplayBackOfficeHeader(Array) #6 /home/serversupplyco/public_html/supplyco.com.co/classes/Hook.php(546): HookCore::coreCallHook(Object(JsCompose in /home/serversupplyco/public_html/supplyco.com.co/modules/smartdhvcform/smartdhvcform.php on line 942

Hi there.

Can you please open support ticket for your issues. We’ve to take a deeper look on that.


opencart? pls.

We will do in the future


Xab Purchased

Hi ! Is possible to use prestashop translations for different languages on forms or do we need to duplicate forms on each language? Thanks

You can click the language bar and copy the same form element then translate that.


Surely I don’t have to pay $24.50 to ask a simple question! Such as when will this module be compatible with PHP 7.0 as it’s giving me an error message when I set my PHP to 7.0, Not forgetting the money I have already spent purchasing all your modules which in return have done nothing but only cause issues.

Not a very fair policy, to say the least.


Simple question, When will it be compatible for PHP 7.0.

Right now I am in tour , out side the country. Hope will back in Sunday. Then I can send you the code to fix the php 7

Thanks, I appreciate that.


I installed the ZIP file in the back office but i did’nt find the module to active it in back office. What can i do? Thanks

Please unzip the main zip file , inside the main zip file you will find zip doc and other resource file. Import the new zip file.

Module not working with php7, why? Update please…

Please open a ticket in our support system. Our team will send you the file to fix

Bonjour, Impossible de recevoir le Form par email ? presta version SMTP configurer mais vos formulaire ne fonctionne pas :(

demande de ticket N° 12135

Please open ticket in our support system for any issue https://smartdatasoft.zendesk.com

The demo does not work, I want to know if this form can be added to the Newsletter?